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A Poem Against a War

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Double Trouble,
Foil and Bubble

Now to give aggressive
while not a smile
a less hostile look, U. S.
leaders took back
aggressive attack & they
made it somehow
redemptive by trading
aggressive for pre-
emptive just so it doesn’t
smack as harsh as
aggressive, not that pre-
emptive attack ac-
tually lacks in the sense-
lessness as well as
the virulence of violence.

Now how about innocence
vis-à-vis violence –
how to chill killing innocent
civilians losing that
outrage over The Lusitania?
Call them collateral,
y’all – do they matter at all
once they’re labeled
as collateral damage? Let
lives fall; let murder
coincide w/numbingly num-
berless erasably face-
less mountingly unaccounted
for bodies damaged on
the side with nothing to hide.

Ennoble the ignoble: elect to
resurrect insurrection.
Beware of daring and twisted
terrorists. Spearhead
dread & fear: let them know
war’s unending, never
bending. Or befriending. And
never resting with con-
quest still professed in Amer-
ica’s Manifest Destiny.

To rule is to fool followers
into swallowing lies
that appear true and wise–
it’s certainly no sur-
prise that our leaders have
no trouble speaking
double, spoiled in a bubble
using&confusing w/
beautiful euphemisms won-
derful punditry well-
versed reversals all done a-
gain and again in un-
ending spin, so tellingly Or-
wellian in selling war
for peace. War for freedom
& democracy. Then

there are Clear Air & Clean
Water Acts irrefut-
ably open to industrial pol-
luting. And national
park lands– privatized for
development. And
no child left to shine while
no billionaire’s left
behind w/ his share of fair
taxes. So the fact is,

what we hear and what we
have here are instead
the opposite of what is being
said. What we have in
fact smacks of Doublespeak
and double trouble…


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If one believes in a Creator God called Allah, who loves the Biblical people of Iraq so much that He buried some of the world’s richest oil reserves below their barren deserts, then one would have to believe that He planned to care for their needs.

Poverty in such an oil-rich land, where many of its inhabitants want for the basics, can only be understood in the light of mismanagement and the greed of its ruling class. As an American I am ashamed to admit that even though our wealth is accumulated differently, we too have large numbers of disadvantaged and impoverished families. Those who have more always use overt or covert methods to suppress those who have less; and when the status quo is upset, many are willing to fight to the death to regain their previous advantages and social standing.

Because we failed to exercize that freedom we now try to impose upon them and as such, how can they put any faith in us or our form of government when THEY observe first hand that this system appears meaningless?**HUMPHREY**

They dropped the peace

From sky

thrust their "freedom"

to men and women

With children; Shared the toys

and mines

And Pepsi

a boy got the mine first

The sound of sirens

And cries of mothers

Over grave of their new borns

Filled the night

Sky burned

land shook

Under the boots of new comers.


Guardians of "life"

Were dressed

For funeral

And dropped the peace from sky.

Those who come at night

are bearer of naught

are caitiff

who sell iniquity for just

Deaf to

cry of young brides

That their man never arrived that night.

And night stays

messiahs of the night

brougth "peace" and "freedom"

by Shahram Vahdany

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