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Rep Wasserman Schultz and Her Unyielding Position on Impeachment

Ed Schultz's interview with Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz on impeachment was very revealing. Just as the statements made by Rep. Nancy Pelosi a month ago, Rep. Wasserman Schultz comments contained clear contradictions and unbelievable conclusions in the face of the facts.

Ed Schultz Interview Part 1

Ed Schultz Interview Part 2

Local Progressive Radio Host Nicole Sandler on 940 AM in South Florida also interviewed the Congresswoman.
Listen Here

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We elected Congress to do their job, and "A-1" on that list IS THEIR OATH of OFFICE!

Congress took no Oath to end the war.
Congress took no Oath to formulate health care.
Congress took no Oath on alternative energy.
Congress took an Oath to the Constitution, guaranteeing to WE THE PEOPLE a bond of TRUST!


Support and defend the Constitution!
Allegiance to the same!
WITHOUT mental reservations!
OR purpose of evasion!
To faithfully discharge the duties of that Office!

Anything less is a breach of that trust.
Anything less is treasonous to our Liberty, Justice, and pursuit of happiness.
Anything less is criminal.

Debbie has argued against this Administration time and time again. One could interpret that she wishes to keep this Administration in it's place out of convenience for argument's sake... just so she has an opposition to be against.

Does Debbie seek unity?
Does Debbie seek healing?
Does Debbie seek a better America?

If so, what does putting OTHER business BEFORE her Oath of Office say about her allegiance? And to whom does it apply? She demonstrates MUCH reservation in her allegiance to her Oath, almost as if the agenda is to evade accountability for criminal action thus failing in her ability to discharge her duties, FAITHFULLY, to defend and support the Constitution of the U.S.A.

2008 is a Congressional Job Performance Review.

Debbie Wuss-erman Schultz provides good cover for the criminals in Office... NO?

One has to wonder what she's afraid of? We have seen how this administration uses cowardly tactics to silence critics, impede investigations. I can only ask what do they have on Wusserman? Who has she been in bed with? Again we see what might possibly lose the election for the Democrats and that is all out cowardice. If Cheney is innocent isn't the best place for him and Bush to prove that is in full view? Oh that's right she probably like Bush and co. have convient "loss of memory". Would say she should be ashamed as should Polosi but then shame doesn require character a concience and integrity. Guess that goes to show cowardice knows no gender.

Polosi who proudly proclaimed that a New Congress was in town and in control seems to have turned out to be no better. The election for democrats still can be lost.

Well they still think this one is in the bag, it is not. Wasserman is not going to support impeachment in fear of Cheney testifying to the fact that this is Israels foreign policy and many Jewish Americans especially the extraordinary number in senate and congress could also be prosecuted. It is time to stop calling this just a Bush/Cheney (mistake?) problem and put the lobbies and their representatioon in government on trial.

Nancy told her to do it... in fact, she called Ed Schultz to get on. She was not a scheduled guess. Ed said that later. So she was doing what Nancy told her to do... and I hope she gets the message from you that Nancy was/is wrong!

i am very disapointed in debbie wasserman shultz. she has turned her head away from us and is not doing what we have asked. we want the impeachment to go forward and if she is not with us, then she is against us. when she runs again, she may not get the democrats vote. i hope someone runs against her who will listen to us.
she has to stop handing us bull, we know the score and it is to impeach. get it done.
sandi bernstein

Wake Up Florida ! a very old law that has never been removed is the wright of recall.Can remove anyone from office from Congress to dog catcher.

I strongly second and applaud "MAX 1" position and statement. Max 1 could not have express better, the opinion shares by the vast majority of "We The People."

This just sickens me !!!!! Why are you in Office? Who all did you sell out the Constitution of this great country to? Your Oath ????? was spoken for what reason??????? If impeachment is not for now then ther never is a time so never ever put it back on the table. The lieing ,crooks we have in office have somehow even stole the last election when their party lost. They still have the weak no spine Debbie here willing to rollover while every law in the land is broken. Stand up! Stand Firm! Grow a few!!! or get a spine.
What a SAD SAD Day!!!!

I was appauled when I heard DWS mimmic Speaker Nancy Pelosie that impeachment was off the table.

Where are these elected reps comming from? They were elected to defend the Constitution just as I vowed to do when I was an active duty military officer.

DWS is also a poor listener who constantly interrupted and spoke over ED Schultz.

She manipulated the conversation through her non stop diatribe as to all the reasons she and her colleagues should not move toward impeachment.

She also needs to work on her speach impediment that at times is a distraction.

she is an up and coming Pelosi "leader in training" and Nancy's teaching her how to mind right now. She has given her ability to think and to represent the people of her district to Nancy, her leader!

It's not rocket science kids... it's BS, BS, BS, BS DLC beltway girls and boys... find someone to replace her Florida!

to call her office and register a complaint? Complaining to us who agree with you won't accomplish much. If she gets 10,000 calls she might have a talk with the boss... and you know Nancy told Cindy Sheehan to give her 10,000 people crying for impeachment and she would put it back on the table.

Do it! Call her DC office TODAY please!

Nancy Pelosi and her husband have benefited greatly from the Iraq war. I think that she took impeachment off the table because she and her husband are guilty of war profiteering and maybe other things. If impeachment were allowed, she and her husband's complicity might come "to the table". She lives in a mansion and does not like the creepy protesters hanging out there. Paraphrase "if they were not protesters I would have them arrested". FOLLOW THE MONEY!! Diane Feinstein is another (just voted for Mukasey) who has made millions by tacking on benchmarks to bills so that her husband could get contracts. These people and many others (including Hilary Clinton) are owned by the corporations that own America! We are not a democracy we are a corporatocracy. We are in the last throes before the death of our free country. FOLLOW THE MONEY!


I don't buy her arguments against impeachment, which are:

1) Americans didn't vote in Dems in 2006 to impeach Cheney.
(Well, we voted Dems in to protect and defend the Constitution and provide accountability to the Executive branch. If this means an impeachment process, so be it.)

2) Impeachment would tie up Congress and nothing else would get accomplished in the next 12 months.
(The impeachment process could be done in less than 2 months).

3) Impeachment would be used by Republicans for political advantage.
(When you are pointing out all of the wrongdoing done by Republicans, how is that advantageous to them and why didn't they do it themselves when they were in power if it's so great for them?)

4) Dems need to accomplish things on other important priorities like healthcare, stopping torture and FISA in the next 12 months and impeachment would take away from those goals.
(Not with Bush vetoing everything you pass over the next 12 months).

These arguments she makes are not even logical.


Her position completely allows the facts to avoid the light of day. I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH! about the secret meetings with Oil Co executives, the vested interests that caused us to turn away from Kyoto, the Geneva Convention, the ABM treaty,...

The Bush administration is completely emboldened by her, Pelosi, Reid, and Feinstein. These folks have yet to understand how alternative web-based media will soon enough trump main stream media. They have traded expediency and vested self interest in place of respect, principle, justice.

Perhaps Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Speaker Nancy Pelosi underestimate how far down the road towards a Fascist state we have gone. With the aid of Congress habeas corpus has gone, Article IV has gone, we have the equivalent of the black shirts and brown shirts called Blackwater and just recently Congress has virtually authorized war against Iran. Perhaps there is no way back to the Constitution and perhaps the only argument against impeachment is that it is too late. Fascism is here to stay. Lived under Fascism in Italy and I will die under Fascism in America. Lucio Chiaraviglio an 81 year old US citizen.

This poor deluding woman thinks we are stupid. Send her back to wherever she comes from .

....very clearly on what I think about all but a very few of the Democrats in Congress where impeachment is concerned. So other than saying BRAVO Kucinich, I'll leave well enough alone before I say something really offensive that would be bound to hurt someone's feelings.

The political party I belong to is the entire body politic of the United States of America and our Constitution that I support without bias that neither states or implies any allegiance with any other socalled organized political party.

You are spot on with your affiliation. WE THE PEOPLE must wrestle control of the reigns of power in this nation and get it back in OUR hands ASAP. This is not advocating overthrowing anything as that has already been done by the treasonous actions of the corporate asskissers in the Democratic and Republican "parties"!

Our treasury is not their bottomless money pit with which to satisfy their every whim and vice.

I proudly join you as a member of the party of the entire body politic of the USA. Anyone who is not should be stripped of his or her citizenship because they do not deserve to enjoy the fruits of citizenship.

Thank you for your gracious but unnecessary compliment.

My friend and fellow citizen, mine is only to try and assist in any way I can the people of all political parties, independents, and voters of any and all catagories, the entire body politic, drawn closer together and stop fighting with one another before we DO lose this nation to an inside/outside government ruling class Plutocratic Oligarchy; which we are just a few steps away from.


The political party I belong to is the entire body politic of the United States of America and our Constitution that I support without bias that neither states or implies any allegiance with any other socalled organized political party.

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