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Bill Maher: 'America Must Recall George Bush Now'

Guest blogged by David Edwards

Here are a few video highlights from the latest edition of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher.

In particular, Maher's weekly rant made the case for the removal of George W. Bush from the Office of President. Instead of calling for impeachment directly, Maher suggests a "California-style" recall election...

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Subtitle: Oil for every excuse wheel and enough grease to go around to cover their mistakes! This must stop!

If there is one thing I give the BUSH/ROVE/REPUBLICANS credit for is that they are good at burying their old bones. Some are buried so deep we will have a hard time finding them, some they forgot where they even buried them, and many more they will continue to be hidden from the American public. From military records, records of their nominees, dissenting opinions about Iraq war, dead body counts in Iraq and New Orleans, criminal acts of outing a CIA agent for revenge, Downing street Memos, UK Briefings, and government agencies altered or changed data, Poppy’s big time cover-ups, its going to take some heavy machinery to dig up the truth about BLUNDERS, SECRECY, BAD APPOINTMENTS, NO PLANNING, EXCUSES, COVER-UPS!

Torture, Abuse, Rendition, are three big meaty bones that the government and the media will never totally reveal. Abu Ghraib heads the list.

“Ever since the world learned of the illegal detentions and brutal behavior at American military prisons, the Bush administration has bet it could outlast public outrage with phony investigations and stonewalling. Just before Congress went on summer holiday, Republican leaders actually yanked the military budget from the Senate floor rather than face two amendments intended to impose the rule of law on the camps.
One measure would define the nature of detainees taken in antiterrorism operations according to constitutional principles and international treaties - and prohibit abuse and torture. The other would create a panel like the 9/11 commission to finally give Americans the truth about how the administration's prison policies led to out-of-control camps like Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib

...behind all of us who want him to resign, immediately. No cutting in line! Impeachment will take too long.

Why is it the truth is always so upsetting. Truer words were never spoken by Mr. Maher. How can this President so stupid? Why does he think we are stupider than he is? This is just the lastest in disrespect for ethics. . Not only is he giving his cronies first crack at the federal money, he's going to allow them to make even more obscene profits.

This is disgusting. I hope he's giving up and just trying to get everything he can before he's ousted. I can't believe he would $hit in our faces like this.

God in heaven, I can only pray, please help us, and rid us of this material sickness.

Peace! Back by popular demand!

Colossians 3:23


This is the point that I had to make a stand. Torture is unexceptable!!!! George has to go! GEORGE IS DUST!!

The one that stands behind his President and his country. Yes he has his short comings but I like the guy that everyone underestimates. There was another President in the U.S history that received more then his fair share of criticism from the people of that time and had a very simple and direct manner in which he orated during his administration; Abraham Lincoln.

Quote: "If there is one thing I give the BUSH/ROVE/REPUBLICANS credit for is that they are good at burying their old bones."

I can't think of one administration that didn't have damage control and PR. You just can't operate such a large insitution and get it right all the time. There will always be backlash and there will always be spin control.

Quote: "BUT Few adults in the United States are satisfied with how George W. Bush is dealing with the coalition effort"

This American is satisfied with how the President is handling the coalition effort. Most people just won't know any better because the press by and large is very depressing in their coverage. Nothing but body counts and platitudes to the insurgent activity. Yet, we are taking control of the situation. We are taking the power base away from those that are trying to hurt western civilization. Since 9/11 we have not seen an attack on our soil so that must say for something. We are all trapped on this planet and not everyone that lives on this world plays nice. I'm sorry but unfortunately wars happen. For a great many people the only way you can get your message across is with that jailhouse mentality. You have to find the biggest guy that you think you can take and just walk over and deck that fool in the mouth as hard as you can. That teaches a rest of the people that are trying to formulate their own power base that they best not mess with them. Here in Texas we have a much shorter and simpler expression to convey that message, "MESS WITH THE BULL, GET THE HORNS!" Its not nice, its not proper, but dammit the world isn't fair and to go off into a little fantasy world and pretend that it is just speaks tons for your infantile views of the world.

Quote: "25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes About Hurricane Katrina And Its Aftermath"

1)Yes there were people that would speak of the problems of the levee's but you have to understand that in Louisiana that the levee's are very intricate and span through several Parish's. The way they have their zoning setup over there is that each parish that has a levee going through it is in exclusive control of that levee system. So, while one parish might say oh its a disaster waiting to happen and we need 200 billion dollars another would say the levees are doing great but go ahead and send us the 200 bilion anyways and we will look and see if they need some improvement. So, you see lots of mixed messages lots of people wanting there handouts and it is hard to put any real accountability on making sure the money was going to be spent wisely. Fact of the matter is that New Orleans has received by far more money then any other American city in construction and maintenance of their levee system. Any problems with the levees were most likely the result of mismanagement of funds by local officials.

2)That is a former first lady which means dittly squat in what she says. She doesn't have PR managers and speech writers and the like to make sure everything she says is PC and touchy feely with the rest of the world. I think what she was trying to say is that it is scary that these people find Texas to be so friendly that they actually want to stay here instead of going back to there home in Louisiana. Also, the fact that these people feel like they are the untouchables of society and that nobody cared about them but their perceptions were being deconstructed and that things were working out for the better after all.

6)The director of such a large bureaucratic institution is more akin to a CEO of a corporation. Where I work we make semi-conductor chips. I don't expect the CEO to be able to haul off and don a smock and start churning out Intergrated circuits. In fact if he did do that I would think he didn't know how to do his job right. Its his job to manage the business structure and see to it that there are people put in place around him that know how to put people in place around them to put people in place around them to do that job. By that point they are so far removed from the actual business nature at hand that it really doesn't matter if they haven't any formal experience with disaster recovery per se. A Masters in business administration however would be a nice skill set to have in that situation.

7)At that point I don't think anybody really knew what was going on at any one place unless you were really there. Sure there were news cameras on the scene and I'm no doubt certain they were picking and choosing there images to convey the message they wanted you to hear. My girlfriend is a nurse and happens to be working at the Dallas Convention center helping the people dislocated by the hurricane and flooding. While the media was saying that people had no food and water there were people she talked to that said that even while there were flood waters outside that several bars on bourbon street were still open and serving alcohol. I guess some people just chose to let themselves become down graded and turn into an animals while others took it upon themselves to become more human and find the courage to persevere.

8)I really do think it is the medias fault that we got ourselves into this position. Every hurricane that blows through is sensationalized to be the storm of the century leaving behind a wake of destruction in its path. This rhetoric often leaves people jaded and they become unbelieving in the fact that things are really going to be that bad. That region hadn't had a storm that bad in 20 years and not many people thought things would literally get so bad that the city really needed to be evacuated. I would say that even if the mandatory evacuations had been ordered and buses utilized to their fullest extent that you'd still have about the same number of people to contend with rescuing after the fact. Again, its just a fact of nature that is impossible to avoid. Even to this day there are people refusing to leave the area.

Quote:"More Ineptness when Mr. Bush uses the recess to appoint, or in his weakness SNEAK, the unqualified Bolton, as Ambassador to the UN which Bolton has always devalued! Now our British Allies are complaining!"

The U.N is screwed up beyond all belief and I think is in need of a major ass kicking to get them straightened out. Can you blame us for wanting to go in there and get them back in line. America after all puts almost 40% of the budget into the U.N. and yet has sat idly by while nothing but anti-american rhetoric and hate spews out of that corrupt institution.

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