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It's Time to Impeach Cheney

By Congressman Dennis Kucinich, special to

As a member of Congress, I have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution and the laws of our nation, and I have pledged to represent the views of my constituents and of all Americans.

That’s why I feel both duty and sorrow in pursuing the path of impeachment against Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

While the impeachment movement has generated intensely strong sentiment and activism, there have been only two polls published on the question of impeaching Vice President Cheney. In a national poll, 54 percent of Americans favored impeachment. In one state poll, 64 percent of Vermonters favored impeaching the Vice President.

Twenty-one of my colleagues have heeded the public demand and signed on as cosponsors of my resolution, H Res 333. Others in the Congress have claimed they have more important priorities, but have told their constituents they will keep their views in mind if the matter ever comes up for a vote.

Well, the issue is coming up for a vote this week on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the “distraction” will require members to balance their priorities between Constitutionally proscribed justice and recourse and the alternative: Constitutional abuse and
dictatorial power.

Only by taking up impeachment can we reinstitute a balance of powers and slow down the rush to launch a new war of aggression against Iran.

I am urging my colleagues to recognize that impeachment will not create a crisis by briefly disrupting their schedules on Capitol Hill. The crisis, as Americans outside the Beltway know, is upon us. Congress, the first branch of our government, to which the first half of the Constitution is devoted, has been reduced to almost a bystander as the policies of the wealthiest nation and the largest military ever known are set in secret by the Vice President's office. Under Bush/Cheney, we have become a nation that illegally threatens and launches aggressive wars for political – not national security -- reasons. For this crisis of confidence, this denial of our Constitutional beliefs and rights, impeachment is the only cure available.

I urge you, my fellow citizens, to share your sentiments with your Members of Congress and with your family, friends, and the news media in support regarding the rule of law and the imperative of impeaching a vice president who has misled both the public and the Congress about the gravest matters possible: war and peace. Please join with organizations like in making your voices heard as soon as possible! Every individual Member of Congress will have to decide within days where they stand.

On Tuesday, when I introduce my privileged resolution to force this issue to a vote, some other member of Congress will almost certainly move to table (kill) it. A Yes vote to table is a vote to delay the enforcement of the rule of law aside. A No vote to table is a vote to give impeachment a chance for a full and fair hearing. Please help me get this message out.

And, please help me sustain and expand YOUR platform on this and other issues by voting for me in Democracy for America's presidential poll:

Right now, before the primaries and the caucuses and February’s Super Tuesday, your vote – TODAY -- can change the tenor and direction of public debate by letting the other candidates, Congressional leaders, and political power-brokers know that some issues are too important to side-step, table, or ignore. You know what you believe and what you stand for.
Now, today, your vote may mean more than ever again.
Thank you for everything you are doing. Now is the moment to step forward, whatever the challenge or struggle. Now is the moment in which we must preserve and defend our Republic by using the tools that its authors provided. Tell your Congressional Representative what you think. Tell the nation – through Democracy for America -- what you believe. Let's save our pessimism for better times.


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will save it from the evil doers who care only for death and destruction. Those blinded by lies must be saved by those with eyes to see. Cheney must be impeach to save America. Thank you Dennis. You are the man of the hour. How will the media cover-up your courage? It is getting very hard to do.

for those not aware, the TV show Supernatural, which i saw last night on Australian TV, had a bit on Dick Cheney:
Casey: “Dick Cheney.”

Dean: “He one of yours?”

Casey: “Not yet. Let’s just say he’s got a parking spot reserved for him downstairs.”‘
NOTE: Casey is a female demon…

Citizens Complaint and Disclosure Alleging Violations of the U.S. Criminal Code by Vice President Richard B. Cheney

There is reason to believe that Vice President Richard B. Cheney, may be guilty and therefore should be charged with the following crimes which are violations of U.S. code numbers: §1001(2)…false statements…, §2340A(c)conspiracy to commit torture, §2383 insurrection against U.S. authority or the laws thereof, §1901 carrying on trade and business in the funds of the U.S., §208(a)acts affecting personal financial interest which have affected the integrity of his office, §203(a)(1) …accepted compensation…, §1341. Frauds and swindles,§225 continuing a financial crimes enterprise.


§225 continuing a financial crimes enterprise, §1341. Frauds and swindles.

The Following statements, which include sources, make it clear that it is reasonable for an average American, who may be called as a jurist in the criminal trial of V.P. Richard Cheney, to believe that Halliburton should be defined as an ongoing criminal enterprise within US Code, TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 11, § 225, Continuing financial crimes enterprise:

One U.S. Congressman accused the company "of undermining American foreign policy to the full extent allowed by law." The good Congressman did not mention that Halliburton and subsidiaries paid billions in fines and civil penalties to avoid criminal charges. Halliburton has broken laws and been allowed to pay its way out in what amounts to nothing less than bribery. Halliburton has continually traded with nations, which our government tells us are our enemies. Halliburton has been accused of international human rights violations, but the US ‘officials’ refuse to be subjected to the authority of any world court proceedings. Halliburton's overseas operations included controversial projects in Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Nigeria. Source: Kenny Bruno & Jim Vallette,, websites which contains a list of their sources,

§1001(2)…false statements…, §208(a)acts affecting personal financial interest which have affected the integrity of his office, §203(a)(1) …accepted compensation…

CLAIM: “But what I'll have to do, assuming we're successful [in the election], is divest myself, that is, sell any remaining shares that I have in the company.”
– Dick Cheney, 7/30/00

FACT: A congressional report found that Cheney still owns “more than 433,000 Halliburton stock options,” including “100,000 shares at $54.50 per share, 33,333 shares at $28.125 and 300,000 shares at $39.50 per share.” – CNN, 9/25/03

CLAIM: “I severed my ties with Halliburton when I became a candidate for Vice President in August of 2000.” – Dick Cheney, 1/22/04

FACT: Along with the 433,000 stock options, “ Cheney still receives about $150,000 a year” from Halliburton. – CNN, 10/25/03

§2340A(c)conspiracy to commit torture, §2383 insurrection against U.S. authority or the laws thereof

November 04, 2005, Cheney's Office Implicated in Torture of Prisoners:
Vice President Dick Cheney's office was responsible for issuing the directives which led to U.S. soldiers to abuse prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a NPR interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson says he traced a trail of memos authorizing the questionable practices through Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's office directly to Cheney's vice presidential staff.

Wilkerson paraphrased the directions given to U.S. soldiers: "We're not getting enough good intelligence and you need to get that evidence, and, oh, by the way, here's some ways you probably can get it. And even some of the ways that they detailed were not in accordance with the spirit of the Geneva Conventions and the law of war."

Source: Posted on Mon, Oct. 31, 2005, Cheney's new security adviser linked to bogus information on Iraq, By Jonathan S. Landay and Warren P. Strobel, Knight Ridder Newspapers:


Article VI Clause II is the constitutional decree being the basis of this complaint, the authority of the laws themselves is supreme, greater than the authority of individual office holders. In a nation rich with democratic principle, based on constitutionality, no one is above the law, not even members of the President’s Administration, the Vice President, or even the president himself. This has been proven in cases such as: Clinton v. Jones 520 U.S. 681 (1997), and United States v. Nixon 418 U.S. 683 (1974).

Considering the facts and information supplied above, I_________________________ a Citizen of the United States of America, expect one or all of the several justice agents and/or law enforcement agents to bring an indictment against Vice President Richard B. Cheney containing as many of the code violations indicated above as they see fit.

Print Name:______________________

Thank You, Ken,

bush and cheney should be tried for war crimes

I encourage everyone to contact their Representives to declare a No-Table!
And if you can, watch it live on C-SPAN!
Or if you're Online watch and chat to others with C-SPAN-Interactive.
Provided by

"yes" "Yes" "Yes" Finally someone is going to step up to the plate and take a swing at this corrupt administration. "Finally"... Gonzales, Rumsfeld, and Rove are gone. "Yeah!!!" And it looks like Cheney has one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel too. "GEORGE BUSH IS NEXT" "Oh" how I pray that he is so next!" We have just got to get these two morons impeached!

You are a man of courage and conviction.

he has enough money for an attorney!
oh impeach, my bad I thought you said arrest!

The talk of impeachment made my day. Someone needs to be accountable for the war in Iraq I think the bucket does not stop with Cheney but President Bush as well. Lets impeach both of them

I'm 44 years old, a moderate republican if you will. I have never taken a stand or become proactive about anything in this country. But I have had "enough" feeling as if this country is off course by it's political leadership. I have never sent an e-mail or done anything except vote in this great country. I'm fed up with the system and lack of accountability. I want leaders! The powers that be better take notice of the many people like myself who are finally willing to do something for a better future. Bush & Cheney or anyone who holds office should be held accountable for their actions if found guilty of crimes against this country and constitution. May justice prevail regardless of party! Leadership & accountability start @ the top!

Finally....are you Americans now awakening? And after cheney hopefully the next lunatic: bush? Way to go! It's time to stop the madness and war and care for your own people (healthcare for instance?) instead of letting power-hungry f*ckers play their dangerous games! Europe is watching closely this turn for the better.....

the time to impeach this lying mass murderer has come and gone. leaving the evil son of a bitch in office till the martial law declaration happens is wrong. it is criminal. it is insane.

and the dinocrats will let it happen like that. they'll let these monsters take this nation fully into a full blown dictatorship.

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