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The Daily Mining Gazette
To the editor:

I am responding to a letter in last Saturday's Gazette from Jaime Spigarelli. The letter objects to protesting the Iraq war because it dishonors our men and women who have fallen in the war: It says

"Protesters such as Eunice (Carlson) and Cindy Sheedan are forgetting that these soldiers have lost their lives because of choices they have made themselves. They are doing it for honor, respect and the country they love. For people such as yourselves to hold signs and protest what they found to be so important (as to die for) is completely dishonoring everything they fought for. They joined because they believed in the cause."
But we now know that the cause that our soldiers have fought and died for was a lie. The "Downing Street Memo," prepared by British Intelligence and made public this past May, makes clear that the Bush Administration was intent on "regime change" in Iraq and was grasping at ways to rationalize an invasion to accomplish it.

The memo states, "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD." But Bush knew that Iraq was not allied with Al-Qaeda and was not involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack. He also knew it did not have any WMD. They were merely pretexts for an invasion decided upon immediately following 9/11.

Cindy Sheehan's son Casey joined the Army for all the reasons that Jamie Spigerelli's letter cites: "For honor and respect for the ... country (he) loved and because he "believed in the cause."

And now Cindy knows and we know that Casey joined to fight a war that did not need to be fought, a war that was premised on a lie. She knows that Casey did not die, in her words, for a "noble cause," but for "oil and greed."

In her grief, she has dedicated her life to enduring the war. So we have to ask ourselves who really is dishonoring the 2,000 brave men and women who have died in Iraq. Is it the protesters who want to end the war so that lives of more American men and women are meaninglessly sacrificed? Or is it a president who deceived the American people in order to lead them into this immoral and unjustified war?

Let's honor our troops by protesting and helping Cindy Sheehan bring an end to the war.





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I don't believe any of us could have said it a well as you did. Lets honor our soldiers by demanding our congress investigate the downing street memo' is their obligation to our military. Scott, thanks for your input.

I get angry when I hear people say, "They joined because they believed in the cause." What cause? My son joined before the present war criminal who runs this country stole his first election. He is being held hostage to this man and his designs.

US, Iraq forces push into Tal Afar

Iraqi and US forces have killed 141 armed men and arrested 197 others in the past two days in the northern city of Tal Afar, an Iraqi minister said.


The discussion of patriotism/loyalty and our right to dissent while supporting our troops is not only complicated, it is also highly emotional. It has been manipulated and distorted not only by bushrove, but others. Historically it goes back at least to the 'War' in Vietnam.

It is difficult to think clearly and logically about this issue but not impossible.
Emotional or ideological extremes will not allow us to have the kind of discussion which can move us forward.

The central issue here is not honoring troops. Its honoring the Constitution. This whole "honoring troops" crap is such phoney issue anyway. We are supposed to be honoring the Constitution and making sure the government is doing what they're supposed to be doing per the Constitution. Since Vietnam, the issue of illegal wars should always be a major red flag for any American who has any shred of common sense. When Bush morons make these ridiculous arguments about honoring troops, they should be exposed for the mindless phoneys that they are. It's not about honoring troops, its about honoring the constitution, thereby making sure that troops are not abused by the whitehousse and sent to illegal and unecessary wars.

All I can say is my Uncle Scott Rocks and he was one of the 50 arrested with Ms Sheehan in DC (way cool).

David thanks for posting his letter.

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