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Kucinich on the Constitution

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I'm a 70 yr old Republican and I'm outraged at what's happening to American democracy at the hands of Bush, Cheney & Co. I'm extremely concerned for our future. One reason is that
phrases and words in the attempts at ridicule and smear of Kucinich reveal a disheartening degree of ignorance and poor citizenship. This man has a grasp of "Root Cause" issues and is not dazed and confused by the storm of "symptoms" that branch from them. Kucinich is knowledgable in our Founding Documents and has a moral compass that precludes politics of convenience or "practicality". He should be asking the questions to the other candidates instead of media pundits and hacks.

In regards to the above gentleman's statements, particularly the last sentence where he observes that Kucinich is on target, but should direct questions to other candidates rather than media pundits, I agree. If Kucinich isn't doing that then he should because I believe two candidates and only two are qualified for president this time around. One is Dennis Kucinich and the other is Ron Paul. To my knowledge, both have not waivered or changed their stance which all along has been against unjust war. I am a registered Democrat but believe in voting for the qualified candidate rather than voting for a party. Both parties offer good ideas... it's just that the people representing those parties actually misrepresent and distort things for their own agenda like the Bush regime has for almost two terms now. This mis-logic is not relegated to Republicans. Al Gore I believe will lose credibility if evidence keeps surfacing from sources like scientist August Dunning, who I heard on 'We the People' Radio station, where he describes how Gore's observations are misleading due to the cyclical nature of warming and cooling on earth. Michael Moore I believe did an equal injustice and disservice to the health care crisis in America, and instead focused on making himself a savior, like he sometimes does, rather than focusing on the many sides of the issue. Moore did not show Cuba's actual poor conditions for the common citizen in Cuba which Hannity & Colms and 20/20 actually did show. Our health care system is broken and insurance companies need to be targeted for influencing doctor patient decisions. So maybe in this light Moore has addressed that element. But all too often people running for office or showing movie propaganda miss the actual cause and do not have our best interests at heart. The only people who have our best interests at heart is 'we the people' as the individuals that we are. So go vote because things start at the grassroots.

Before 2000, 2002 and 2004 I would agree with this post about "things starting at the grassroots"! I think that the experiences with 2000 and 2004 especially the grass has been cut off at the roots so to speak. Things have happened which skew the collective "voice" of WE THE PEOPLE.

When thousands of voters are denied the franchise. When districts are given voting machines which are either too few in number or too unreliable to be certain to work. When machines are used which can not be audited by a paper trail. All of these and many more conspire to taint the electoral process.

It would be wonderful to believe that "things start at the grassroots", but it has become ever more apparent that things now really start in the partisan halls of think tanks supported by the wealthiest economic beings inhabitating this country. The United States is their exclusive plaything. The rest of us, you know the tax paying citizens, are just supposed to sit back and allow the raping and pillaging of the public treasure to go on unabated for their amusement and profit.

Think a little more before you continue to believe that the playing field is level. Open your eyes and see reality for yourself. When the re-count was abated in 2000, the rules changed and not for the better.

See this video and you'll be shocked at this.

The UN is part of the NWO and so is everything else and they are working significantly and silently for a North american union, if this happens, the united states of america is at risk

that's why I Support and endorse ron paul for president.

Aren't you shocked that we have to talk about just these two candidates who honor their oath of office? Every Republican and Democrat should abide by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It's not a party issue. Their duties are clearly written.

The administration wants to make their own rules and form a mega-country union without the vote of the citizens (of any country). Ya...that's democracy and freedom? More like Fascism to me.

I watched as the Democrats voted to impeach Cheney and then changed it. All Republicans voted not to impeach Cheney (even after all the lies, secrets, and "accidents" such as the stand down on 911, the no-bid contracts, robbery of Iraq oil resources, etc.) What cowards. Who made them little tyrants and Lords? What kind of person commits treason against their country (one who has been so good to them)?

Yet again they do not listen to the people who want Cheney held accountable and outta there. His poll ratings sinlge digit by now.

Did we have an election in 2006 or was it a movie of the month? Seems like it never happened. What planet are they representing?

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