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George Bush’s ‘Moral Truth’

George Bush’s ‘Moral Truth’
By Lisa Finnegan

09/08/05 "ICH" -- -- Prior to the war in Iraq President Bush said he was a “compassionate conservative


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Americans have killed 100,000 plus Iraqis and (NOT) counting and no one in America seemed to care very much.

But now we witness that when Americans become the victims, a large portion of the American public actually wake up to the slaughter.

As outraged as I am at the callousness and evil of the Neocon scum that have totally infiltrated the US government I cannot help but feel a growing revulsion at the US in general.

It is so obvious the life a single American is regarded as far more important than the lives of countless people from other countries.

It is now very evident that Non-Americans can be slaughtered indiscriminately. They can be tortured and imprisoned without trial. They can have their homes destroyed and be denied basic amenities such as water and electricity for years at a time. They can have their homeland polluted by depleted uranium which will deform and main their children for future generation. And no one in America will bother too much.

But when Americans are killed, by the incompetence of their own regime, then all hell breaks loose.

Do you have any idea the message that has sent around the world?

America's reputation has been destroyed by Bush and I doubt she will ever get it back.

Americans need to have a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.

Because what the rest of the world is seeing is one ugly, arrogant country, that is quite happy to see them killed in vast quantities if it suits America's own selfish interests.


I wish I knew who you are. As an American, I completely understand how you can harbor the feelings expressed in your comment. I love the America I grew up living in but this America is not the place in which I grew up.

There are way too many Americans who trust that whoever their leader is that leader will act in the best interests of all Americans. Sadly, this leader does not! Even more sadly, so many Americans are unable to face the fact that Bush is (choose one, or more, or all):

a. aloof
b. arrogant
c. evil
d. incompetent
e. indifferent
f. greedy
g. negligent

We Americans need our collective arrogance exposed by honest folks like yourself. If we are supposed to be part of a global community, we need to know how our neighbors perceive us and why.

Feel free to contact me privately at
to discuss matters. I appreciate your honesty and candor.

I see callousness & greed in very young adults today that I did not see in the 'hippie era'. Yes , young people could be mean and cliquey to each other back then like the ususal hen-pecking order, but the youth of the '60's & '70's still seemed to care about the world around them much much more. That is why I was not surprised that Princess Diana and Caroline Kennedy were of that seventies generation, even though both were born wealthy, both had and have heart.

Reluctantly and sadly, I am forced to agree.

Even more sadly and despite the best efforts of many good and decent Americans, I am not optimistic about seeing the systemic changes that would be requirted to put the U.S. back on the track that its founders intended for it. Mere unthinking swaps between Tweedledum and Tweedledee politics ain't gonna do it; that's for sure.

I hope I'm wrong, but every day that goes by (such as today's court announcement on the Jose Padilla decision) adds to my pessimism about success through "working within the system". And most Americans today seem to lack anything like the revolutionary spirit that established their country in the first place. Fomenting civil wars in foreign lands for monetary protection purposes is, of course, something else entirely.

Despite everything that has happened, the "general public" is still too comfortable in its blissful ignorance -- and arrogance toward the rest of the world as you quite rightly say.

We Americans are taught from a very early age that the United States is instrinsically better than every other country.

We're taught that Americans are always the good guy. We're told over and over about how we're so rich and so benevolent. Many Christians believe that God loves the United States more than any other place.

This is deeply -- deeply -- embedded in our culture. Look at our mythology: The Lone Ranger, Superman, Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Neo.

Moreover, we believe that there is no higher crime than that of treason. It is the only crime mentioned in the Constitution, and it is punishable in the Constitution by death.

So we're especially susceptible to figureheads like George W. Bush, who tell us exactly what we want to hear and reinforce the corporate message.

We are long overdue for a "family intervention." When it comes, I hope you march us through Guantanamo Bay, like the German citizens were forced to march through the concentration camps at the end of World War II. It would do us some good.

Just when you despair along comes an answer that makes you think again.

Change comes from within.

so true.

I hear you.
My revulsion of the "US in general" is growing by leaps and bounds. This Katrina scenario, as it relates to the "system", put me over the edge.
Very, very disheartening.

Katrina should show Americans that our current government does not care if you are poor and powerless.The courts have ruled it is O.K. to hold an American citizen indefinitely without charge!We are now on that slippery slope.Who will be next?You,me?We have become what we have hated.We are now the "EVIL EMPIRE".Mr Bush I am sure has made Hitler and Stalin proud.The German people thank Mr Bush for now they have passed the EVIL baton on to us.

not just their "underling" scapegoats.

That "moral clarity" thing is in the PNAC Statement of Principles:

"...Such a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity may not be fashionable today. But it is necessary if the United States is to build on the successes of this past century and to ensure our security and our greatness in the next."

And it "may not be fashionable today" for a reason... the Swastika went out of style decades ago.

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