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Kucinich rides wave of improving poll results into Presidential debate

From Kucinich campaign

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich goes into tonight's Democratic Presidential debate riding a wave of positive polling results that put him in fourth place nationally, second in a major California straw poll, and leading among declared Democrats in an online survey sponsored by Democracy for America.

His strongest showing to date is in the ongoing DFA Pulse Poll, which has drawn more than 100,000 respondents in the past week. Among declared Democratic candidates, Kucinich is leading with more than 24% of the vote as of noon today. Senator Barack Obama is second with about 18%, and former Senator John Edwards is currently in third place with about 15%.

In New Hampshire, site of the nation's first Presidential primary, Kucinich is tied for fourth place with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson with 7%, only seven points behind Edwards, according to last week's Rasmussen Report. Also, the Survey Center at the University of New Hampshire just released polling data showing Kucinich and Sen. Hillary Clinton gaining momentum, while support for the other Democratic candidates appears to have peaked and may be in decline in New Hampshire

Last week, in the largest Democratic straw poll in California, Kucinich finished a strong second to Edwards. Official results from the San Mateo County Democratic Party showed that Edwards received 29% of the total votes cast, Kucinich received just under 24%, and Obama and Clinton came in third and fourth, with 22.5% and 16.8% respectively. The other Democratic candidates were all in low single digits.

In a Zogby America poll earlier this month, Kucinich was fourth, six points behind Edwards, and ahead of Richardson and Sen. Joe Biden. The Cook Political Report/RT Strategies poll last month also had Kucinich tied with Richardson, and ahead of Biden and Sen. Chris Dodd.

Kucinich's success is even more striking when viewed on the context of campaign war chests. He has raised about $2.1 million this year. Edwards has raised more than $30 million, Richardson $18.7 million, Dodd $13.6 million, and Biden $8.2 million.


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Dennis Kucinich won the approval of Democrats in the last Presidential election. People voted for Kerry instead of Kucinich because the media refused to give Kucinich any credibility as a candidate.

Edwards and Kucinich were favorites. Kucinich gave his delegate support to Edwards to run for VP (defeating Howard Dean).

Kucinich says what we Democrats want to hear. If we get that type of government when we elect Democrats is another story if one looks at their performance since the last "majority" win.

....and then he ruined it by talking about UFOs at the debate! What an idiot! EVEN if it was true (which is up for debate) you do NOT talk about that while debating on tv with thousands if not millions of people watching you!

Regarding Kucinich's UFO response at the debate, the previous post says, "you do NOT talk about that while debating on tv".

Tim Russert knew that when he asked the question. Russert even prefaced the question by indicating to Kucinich that it was "very important". You'd have thought he was going to ask about Iraq or impeaching the Vice President. On top of this, the question was asked during the so-called "lightning round" giving Kucinich only 20 seconds to try and explain himself. Kucinich had no choice but to attempt an answer. So don't blame Kucinich, blame Russert for attempting to smear him. I don't think the question even had any business in the debate at all.

As far as fending off a blatant political hit-job, I think Kucinich did very well. He still has my vote.

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