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Cindy Sheehan in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO Cindy Sheehan met in San Francisco today with a member of Senator Dianne Feinstein's staff.

Sheehan is trying to bring attention to her belief that the war in Iraq is sucking away resources that could be better used in the hurricane ravaged Gulf Coast.

Sheehan is the mother from Vacaville who camped outside of President Bush's Texas ranch, waiting for a second meeting with him that never came. Her son died in Iraq and she wanted some answers.

Feinstein was not at her office and did not meet with Sheehan.

Some Sheehan supporters hugged her and presented her with flowers. She won't be in town long. She's headed to the airport to hop a plane to Los Angeles to visit her ailing mother.

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One very concrete action would be to start flooding the offices of politicians sitting on the fence like Feinstein. Lets ask Kerry, Hillary, Biden other dems where they stand on the war and on the cuts to our social programs, education, and medical care
Why are they so "silent"??? They need to hear from us.

Can we post a matching list of zip codes required for e-mailing Congressmen and Senators? Their web sites require them. Is it legal for these politicians to so effectively block comments from the public which is suffering so much from their policies.? With this list of pols with their zip code numbers we would be able to rapidly email politicians like Sensenbrenner, Delay, Hasstert and other influential members of the bushco regime who are instrumental in passing the laws which are stealing our resources,killing our troops, increasing the danger of terrorist attacks and undermining our domestic programs like Medicare, Education, Social Security.

Do people realize that next week they will be voting on more cuts to our domestic programs while they repeal the inheritance tax for the wealthy few ?

People who dont have a lot of time can see a link to say Delay or Biden with a zip code listed so when they go to that website they can access it.

What else can we do except continue to educate people and pressure Congress.?? Every day bush is in office more damage is done and more wealth and power is consolidated. Thank you To David Swanson and staff for this very educational, supportive website.

Working Assets provides several free calls to DC a month with their long distance/local service. They donate to good causes.

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