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Iraqi: U.S. Troops Not Needed in 2 Years

Iraqi: U.S. Troops Not Needed in 2 Years
By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer
53 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said Friday he believes that within two years, there'll be no further need for U.S. forces there.

Praising U.S. forces for contributing to Iraq's emergence from hardline rule by Saddam Hussein, Talabani said, "We need American troops to intimidate our neighbors."

He warned that a quick withdrawal of American and multinational forces "could lead to the victory of the terrorists in Iraq and create grave threats to the region, the United States and the civilized world."

Holding a news conference after giving a speech at the Saban Center for Middle East policy, Talabani said: "We, and you, cannot afford to cede Iraq to the evil forces of terrorism and religious fanaticism. In two years, there will be no need for American forces."

President Bush's Iraq policy has fallen into greater disfavor in the United States, several polls have shown, and anti-war demonstrators led by Cindy Sheehan shadowed the president during his August vacation at his ranch in Texas. Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis., actually has called for setting a deadline for the removal of U.S. military forces from Iraq, the first member of the Senate to do so.

On Friday, Talabani described Iraq's quest for stability as a difficult one, and he was skeptical of Iraq's Arab neighbors. "All Arab media without exception are supporting terrorism," he asserted.

"Such states need to engage with us against terrorism," Talabani added.

The Iraqi president, who will meet with Bush next week, was upbeat on the prospects of all ethnic groups together for the country's sake.

"In the new Iraq, unlike the old regime, the state is based on the principle of inclusion, not exclusion," said Talabani, a Kurd. "Iraq will be for all Iraqis who have the vision of a democratic, pluralistic, federated country."

Reaching out to Sunni Arabs, many of whom questioned the provisions of a newly written constitution, Talabani said, "We will make any reasonable concession and use very waking hour to bring all, particularly the Sunni Arabs, into the fold."

But, he said, "we cannot bend so far that we break apart Iraqi democracy."

Talabani thanked American citizens for kindness and generosity in Iraq's postwar reconstruction. And, he said, "We honor the sacrifices the United States has made."

As of Thursday, 1,896 U.S. troops have died since the Iraq war in 2003.



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Another piece of promo for the continued occupation of Iraq. What about those permanent bases the U.S. is building? The U.S. selected corporations can make billions more in 2 years. And after 2 years, a very long time measured in the lives of our military and Iraqis, what?? Another two years????

Actually, he certainly does need American troops -- mainly to keep him alive, never mind staying in power.

Even so, he must have had a hard time choking out some of that speech. I wonder which neighbors he had in mind. So far they've been cosying up to pretty close to Iran.

Maybe he was thinking about his Green Zone neighbor called Iraq. Getting a bit nervous about the internal reactions there perhaps?

...then two more years...then two more years...then two more years - no way, it's time to cut the cord. No more of that bullshit, "If we leave, there will be turmoil". What the hell do they have now, if it is not turmoil? The Iraqis are competent enough to rebuild and run their country. We may not like what they will come up with, but afterall - it is their country. As they say, they have "skin in the game". It's time for us to leave, Mr. President.

They are lying again>>> PNAC WANTS THE DRAFT

And these idiots are the signatories to above letter in link:

Peter Beinart
Jeffrey Bergner
Daniel Blumenthal
Max Boot
Eliot Cohen
Ivo H. Daalder
Thomas Donnelly
Michele Flournoy
Frank F. Gaffney, Jr.
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Lt. Gen. Buster C. Glosson (USAF, retired)
Bruce P. Jackson
Frederick Kagan
Robert Kagan
Craig Kennedy
Paul Kennedy
Col. Robert Killebrew (USA, retired)
William Kristol
Will Marshall
Clifford May
Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey (USA, retired)
Daniel McKivergan
Joshua Muravchik
Steven J. Nider
Michael O'Hanlon
Mackubin Thomas Owens
Ralph Peters
Danielle Pletka
Stephen P. Rosen
Major Gen. Robert H. Scales (USA, retired)
Randy Scheunemann
Gary Schmitt
Walter Slocombe
James B. Steinberg
R. James Woolsey

....Anymore at all, and the OIL WAR is going to end.

Military National Guard deployed in Iraq HURT response to Hurricaine disasters

The official news Donald Rumsfeld WON'T let you hear since he is not part of the reality community

National Guard deployed in Iraq hurt nation's largest states

Admin plays political points again, tries to save face by pulling the national guard home and out of IRAQ: While Bush talks about never withdrawing troops and spins lies, 2500+ soldiers return home to spurring chaos

National Guard withdraw from Iraq

"Brigade commander Brig. Gen. John P. Basilica Jr. said Friday that the more than 500 soldiers who'd sustained losses in the storm would be sent home first. Some 200 already have returned to Louisiana, and the rest should return home by Saturday night.

"Some will require more services than others," Basilica said, speaking by video link from Baghdad. "Either way, we will come up with a plan and come up with the support that they need to help them get their lives back together."

Basilica said soldiers who'd volunteered for hurricane relief work would be sent home next. The rest of the 2,500-person brigade is scheduled to return to Louisiana between Sept. 20 and Sept. 23.

Basilica said returning troops would be given the choice of remaining on state active duty or returning to their civilian lives. About 800 have expressed interest in serving in some capacity when they return, the general said. Another 1,500 have said they plan to return to their civilian lives and the rest remain undecided, he said."

Ok Bush you've permanently failed on all accounts, as has Cheney. Will you RESIGN NOW BASTARDS BEFORE WE IMPEACH??!???

Doug E.

The U.S.of A can't leave just yet.Our new best friends in the "Iraq Government need a little more time to get the torture thing down.You know you have to keep the peasents in line.Halliburton still needs to sign a few more contracts just in case they might have missed a dollar or two.We have to privitize the whole damn place and thats going to take another two years,so just get over it.Who knows we might even be able to start a war with Iran if we are lucky.If not with Iran we can always go to Venzuela.They have an evil dictator there too.Although he was voted in by 70% of the people.Is it me or does it seem that all the evil dictators of the world are sitting on a pool of OIL.

Does the great wazoo have a sense of humour of what???
the new neocon meat puppet is named Talibani
Only Franz Kafka could come up with that one
Its like a politician named Delay
speaking of congressman "blocking up the halls"
bob dylan is on abc concert for Katrina relief tonight.
maybe he will sing
masters of war "even jesus would never forgive what you do"

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