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Anti-war tour hits Cleveland on way to D.C.

Friday, September 09, 2005
Grant Segall
Plain Dealer Reporter

A war protest launched in Texas is coming to Cleveland as it spreads across America.

The Bring Them Home Now Campaign will arrive today at the Federal Office Building on East Ninth Street, and fan out Saturday to Akron and Oberlin.

The protesters, including Iraq war veterans and relatives, ended a monthlong protest last week at Camp Casey (named for the slain son of founder Cindy Sheehan) when President Bush left his nearby ranch.

Now they are touring the country in three groups and planning to converge for a rally in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 24.

"Hear it straight from these military families," says Norman Robbins, a local campaign organizer.

"The longer we stay, the worse it'll get."

Since the beginning of the war in March 2003, 1,895 U.S. military have died and an estimated 26,000 Iraqis.

Here are the tour's public events:

Today: 2 p.m., bus arrives at the Federal Office Building, 1240 East Ninth St.

7 p.m., talk at Congregation of St. Joseph, 3430 Rocky River Dr., Cleveland; 7 p.m., talk at Church of the Saviour, 2537 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights.

Saturday: 11 a.m., vigil for peace, rear lot, West Side Market, Lorain Avenue and West 25th Street, Cleveland.

Noon: Vigil at southeast corner of Tappan Square, College Street and Ohio 58, Oberlin.

2 p.m.: Talk at New Covenant Community Church, 981 W. Market St., Akron; 6 p.m.: fund-raising potluck, Cleveland Heights.

For more information, call Laurel Hopwood, 216-371-9779, or visit and click on "Stand w/ Cindy."

To reach this Plain Dealer reporter:, 216-999-4187


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...on Monday September 12, please join us at Busboys and Poets for:

A reader’s theatre presentation of stories from Iraq and Guantanamo


8:00 P.M.
at Busboys and Poets
14th and V St. NW
202-669-3927 for more info

a benefit performance for the Democracy Cell Project


(please come before 7:00 for dinner at the restaurant)

Readers: Elise Alper*, Fe Bongolan, Danielle Drakes, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, Marietta Hedges*, Victoria Main, Bruce Nelson*, Andy Shallal, Gary Sloan*, David Stutzer (music)
Directed by Joe Brady
Compiled by Karen Bradley and Marietta Hedges

A panel discussion with representatives from human rights organizations will follow at 9 pm

*Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity


These stories are both true and touching, both enraging and motivating. Join us for a very special event.

Looks like September is gonna be a very busy month. I'm having a hard time deciding whether all the diverse activity is good or bad.

On the one hand, if handled well, it could build momentum toward a major climax and give the media lots of intersting fuel along the way. On the other hand, it could also turn into a lot of minor irritants, losing focus and detracting from the main event.

We finally could locate Cheney.LOL

Bush dispatched Vice President Dick Cheney to the region on Thursday amid persistent criticism of the sluggish pace of the federal response. Stopping along a street of splintered homes in Gulfport, Mississippi, Cheney said much progress is being made in a relief effort he termed "very impressive".

And see the video of " F up Cheney" Here

AmyGoodman on did a peace on the lucrative contracts awarded cheney's halliburton in the Gulf this week. Another story covered PatRobertsons fund raising efforts for his "Christian faith based, relief.. blah blah blah billions.

Iraq or Mississippi; profits is profits. These guys know how to line up for that corporate profiteering the minute the dust settles. Corporate welfare is respectable. Feeding, housing, and providing medical care to impoverished devastated Americans is socialism.

Bushco's plan is to steal as much as they possibly can before a sufficient number of Americans wake up to stop them. Then with a phalanx of lawyers they will pardon themselves. Excuuuusssssse Me.Its like living in a 3rd world country except here the media reveals these stories?. Say hello to the third world. Its here.

There is a photo in Time or Newsweek of old people languishing/dying on airline baggage conveyor belts, literally gasping their last. That photo needs to be broadcast world wide like the children napalmed in Vietnam. Katrina gave us a quick look into the truth of bushco policies before they had a chance to hide them Now they have dropped the curtain. DemocracyNow did a story on the "embedding" censoring and threatening of reporters in our Gulf states. The same censorship policies which have effectively blacked out the horror in Iraq have been brought home. This is a serious threat to an already endangered freedom of the press and it will probably go unnoticed or reported.

Listening to Amy is like tuning in to reality; I guess what they used to call the truth before that word was distorted beyond belief. Truth and love are our nature and mind and heart are their expression says Nisargadata. A democracy can die from too many lies says Bill Moyers. Mommy what was the truth like??? Anyone who loves America and what we had,better get their asses in gear. We are losing our democracy piece by piece. Bushco does more damage; consolidates more wealth and power on a daily basis.
God help America. Citizen G

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