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Katrina Comes to the White House

If I were to characterize today’s gathering outside the White House, by identifying one single cause, one single thing that has made these Americans angry, I’d be hard pressed to do so. There are a lot of different people here today, and they are here for a lot of different reasons.

Many of them are motivated by the massive governmental failure that the world witnessed with the Katrina disaster.

It’s clear that some people here also see the Katrina debacle as yet another blow to the already reeling masses of American “have-nots.


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Four Videos


-Rumsfeld-Too-many-troops ( I call this Rumsfeld on dope)

Cheney_ F off ( Presbyterian tells Cheney to....)

cnn_pelosi_kyr a_defends_Bush ( Pelosi slams CNN Kyra)

Scotty-Blame-Game ( Scotty gets bombarded by a reporter)

I've come to make things clear. Now, the whole world can see your gross incompetence. You're done, Mr. President.


It’s over. The New American Century proudly proclaimed by neo-conservative theoreticians has ended before it’s hardly begun.

This was supposed to have been a golden age, the time during which the United States of America would add its name to the roll call of great empires of history and assert its unchallengeable hegemony over the modern world.

This triumph of American will, the final culmination of its manifest destiny to extend its reach beyond its bordering seas and encircle the globe in its grasp, was to have been ensured by the force of our arms and the irresistible power of our capitalist economy. But the mighty colossus that aspired to stand astride the world has been unmasked as a feeble old man unable to take care of his own people.

This unmasking has been accomplished by the triple catastrophes of the war in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, and the presidency of George W. Bush.

Iraq was supposed to have been America’s warning shot to the rest of the world. It was supposed to have said, “We are the top dog now. Mess with us and this is what you will become, a country reduced to rubble and run by our corporate thugs.

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