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Tomorrow, October 27th, I'm Marching With "Bloody" Hands

The media is focused on the peace movement after Desiree Fairooz of CODEPINK confronted Condoleeza Rice in the Senate on Wednesday. Desiree, her hands stained red with faux "blood," accused Rice of having the blood of thousands of Iraqis on her hands.


The Bush administration has murdered and maimed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in our name. We've all been bloodied by it!!

Tomorrow, on October 27th, I'm marching for peace with red "blood-stained" hands. Until this war is over and these murders are stopped, I, as an American, am culpable, too.

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We should all stain our hands blood red to support Desiree Fairooz during all protests of these war criminals.

We should not let Desiree Fairooz stand alone in jail when we all know we are just as guilty for letting Bush, Chaney and Pelosi continue this illegal occupation.

I support you Desiree. You are a true patriot fighting for this country!

When will America stand up and support you?

As long as Desiree is in jail no American can now consider themselves free people.

These corrupt democrats are just as guilty as the bush administration.

America, when will we stand up and fight this filty administration.

We must elect Dennis Kucinich President to free us from these corrupt democrats and these filty republican leaders and their corrupt friends.

The democrats have fooled us once don't let "war queen" Hillary, obama and Edwards fool us again with thier false promises and thier guarantee the nightmare will continue in Iraqi.

Stand up America with Dennis Kucinich to rid America of this corrupt administration and these lying traitor democrats.

WHEN WILL AMERICA STAND UP AND FIGHT! You have a fighter ready to take on the fight, Dennis Kucinich. You must support him?


"Blood on their hands" from murdering the Constitution. LINK at Animation on YOUTUBE. "WE all know the Bush gang is murdering the Constitution. This video says it all. The Constitution-RIP"

this whore of bush and slut of cheney knows that someday, she'll be in the dock at the Hague, facing war crimes charges and a death sentence.

just like the rest of these mass murderers in the illegitimate U.S. feckless government.

someday they'll be hanging on the ends of some very long ropes.....

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