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Back on the Road Again

By Cindy Sheehan
Huffington Post

Well, after what turned out to be a few days' rest, instead of a week,
I am heading back out on the truth trail. Camp Casey III in Covington,
La, is really hopping. Members of our Camp Casey group took 10,000
pounds of supplies to Covington which is a poor African-American town
in La.

The Vets for Peace bus is also doubling as the communication?s center
since it has satellite internet and a satellite phone. Members of Code
Pink from Austin and Houston collected clothes, baby formula and
diapers and delivered them to Camp Casey III. The situation is dire,
but we are glad that we can provide some of our fellow Americans with
the basic comforts of home that our government is not supplying to
them. We are putting our money, time, and energy into helping the
people of Louisiana. Because of the misplaced priorities of the
administration, they have become the collateral damage of this
occupation of Iraq.

I was stunned at the level of corruption, incompetence and callousness
that was exhibited by this administration towards the disaster of
Katrina. How many more innocent people are we going to let their greed
and indifference take down with them?

The first stop for me as I join the Bring Them Home Now Tour
( is Chicago. During the tour, we are
going to ask members of congress the following questions: 1) What Noble
Cause are our children fighting for, dying for, and killing for in
Iraq? 2) What are our elected officials doing to end the occupation of
Iraq? 3) How many more innocent Iraqis and Americans are we willing to

Should be an interesting trip. I'll keep you posted.

Here's how to help:

Right now we can use your dollars, trained volunteers & specific
donations (This list will change!):

(We Do NOT need clothes at this time)
Canned Goods
Baby Supplies - Baby Food Formula, diapers #4, #5, Wipes, Pedialyte
Hygene Supplies
Adult Depends
Steril Gloves
Food bank & delivery volunteers with trucks, vans or cars
Self contained kitchens with generators, utensils, workers
Office & media equipment

At this time we do not need additional medical professionals - PLEASE

Our Mobile Media Center is on the bus with wireless Internet via
Satellite. We are using our computer to communicate needs and direct
displaced people to services and document damage in the poorest
effected areas.

We need the following to be truly effective:

Apple iMac G5 Computers 20" Monitor
500 Gigabyte Firewire Hard Drives
Canon XL2Digital Video Camera
Digital Projector (3000 lumens)
Apple iPods with recording
Monthly Satellite Access and Website Hosting Fee

Donations for our multi media equipment will support the displaced
people volunteers, Red Cross, staff, press as we halp everyone keep in
touch through via email, web, blogs, and teleconferencing.

Volunteer Kitchen, Food Bank and Distribution Center
Pine View Middle School
1115 West 28th Avenue Covington, LA. 70434

UPS & FEDEX (U.S. Postal Service Not Yet Deliverable)
Veterans For Peace Chapter 116 C/O
645 Kimbro Drive, Baton Rouge, LA. 70808

Online Donations Via PayPal:

Veterans For Peace Chapter 116
28500 Sherwood Rd
Willits CA 95490


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It is wonderful what you are doing for people in La. You are an inspiration and a leader. Mr. Bush may want to forget about you and perhaps even hoping that you fade away. The message you have is a bitter pill Mr. Bush cannot swallow. Please take care of your self and keep up the good work.
Edmundo Cavazos

Questions for Cindy... Why are you only helping poor blacks? Are you racist? What have you done for poor whites? What have you done for blacks that are well off but homeless? What have you done for whites that are well off but homeless? If you need money ask George Soros... he gave 21 million to the Kerry campaign, and yet criticized Republicans for make significant yet significantly smaller donations to George Bush and his campaign. Can anyone explain this? If not... I will assume that the leaders and higher-ups of the Democratic Party are hypocrites based on these actions.

Can't argue with you there, certainly not based on their performances thus far relating to the war. But, if you're trying to suggest that the Republican Party doesn't have its own share of hypocrites, I'd have a very hard time choking that one down. From where I sit, there looks to be plenty of hypocracy to go around with a few megatons left over.

I agree Megatons!

No doubt about it... I just didn't want to say it if I didn't have to. Personally I align myself with the right based on moral and economic policy... but no government is a good government. People get too much power and abuse it... look at how many Presidents have had affairs or been involved in some kind of cover-up. When you look at things that way... every single one.

"What have you done for whites that are well off but homeless?"

This is a joke right? I can see you're coming with the same wonderful spirit of compassion that Barbara Bush is displaying with her mind blowing Marie Antoinettisms. The white well offs are doing just fine thanks to the current administration, thank you.

If someone was displaced by Hurricane Katrina... the size of their bank account in either direction should have no effect on how fast or how much help they get. If you had a wealthy, white neighbor who was eighty years old... would you deny doing them a favor because they are rich and white? Jesus helped everyone... no matter what race, religion, or economic standing.

Cindy is not only helping Katrina victims of all races and financial classes that have been fosaken by this pathetic administration, but she is also willing to stick her neck out in public, bearing the incessant barrage of slings and arrows from ignorant assholes like you for as long as it takes to bring real government accountability and allow the people to take their country back.

John Perry

I'm glad that all you can do is call me an asshole. I'm sorry you don't respect my opinion... and that is your right. But, give me one reason why now I should respect yours?

You don't need to respect me.

You need to respect the truth, which is that the entire Bush administration is the largest governmental fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

If you would take the time to do a little unbiased homework instead of firing political attacks at dissenters, you would easily learn that Bush was not legitimately elected either time.

You would also learn that the Iraq war is illegal, unconstitutional, and completely unnecessary.

And perhaps you could enlighten us with a response to this question:
Why did Mr. Bush issue an emergency order two days before Hurricane Katrina struck ( )and then go to fundraisers while people died in the streets of New Orleans for lack of food, water and medicine?

This man is a complete buffoon that has no business being anywhere near the White House.

Finally, please forgive me. I don't know you, so I don't really know if you're an ignorant asshole. But your initial post here sure made you look like one.

John Perry

Read the campaign finance laws. George Soros did not give 21 million dollars to the Kerry Campaign. He used that money for ads against Bush. There is a distinction when it comes to what you can do with campaign finance money.

God bless you. Keep up the good work!!
If your Democratic representative resists signing on to the resolutions of inquiry send him to this website...New Orlean parishes were not included in the official state of emergency in Louisiana by the White House on Aug 28th
Go to this website for a map of Louisiana Parishes ....just the northern Louisiana parishes were listed as a state of emergency
This tells you why Bush doesn't believe anything went wrong in New went his way...

QUESTION: Why wouldn't the chicken cross the road?

ANSWER: Cindy Sheehan was on the other side.

QUESTION: Why wouldn't the chicken cross the road?

ANSWER: A left wing radical named Cindy Sheehan was on the other side spreading lies, propaganda, and Michael Moore filth.

The LA Times looks at Sadr City, Iraq, and finds Iraqis supporting our troops more than the average Democratic Senator.

"BAGHDAD — Crammed into armored Humvees heaving with weapons, Lt. Col. S. Jamie Gayton and his soldiers were greeted by a surprising sight as they rolled into one of Baghdad’s poorest neighborhoods.

"Men stood and waved. Women smiled. Children flashed thumbs-up signs as the convoy rumbled across the potholed streets of Sadr City…."

Sadr City is where Spc. Casey Sheehan died fighting to rescue his comrades from an ambush April 4, 2004. I’m sure the 24-hour cable channels will now begin showing the pictures of smiling, waving Iraqis over and over again for the next month. And no doubt they will start asking anti-war Democrats questions like, "With the revelations of Iraqi support for US troops in Sadr City, how can you justify abandoning them with an immediate withdrawal?" Or how about: "Will there be a Congressional investigation of the allegations of Iraqi support for our troops?" And maybe: "Some commentators say you are trying to sweep allegations of Iraqi success under the rug becuse you find them politically inconvenient, what is your comment on that, Senator Kerry?"

It is BULLSHIT propaganda!!! It is put out by the pentagon, ordered by Donald Rumsfeld.

It is NOT truthful!!!! The only Iraqis there who care for the "occupation" are the puppets in the green zone!!!!

We're there sucking up every drop of oil from the caspian sea, and the Iraqis are so furious they are constantly blowing it up. Plus a few terrorism incidents a week. And thousands more dead, every day!

The rosy Iraq is FICTION!!!!!!!! He lied!!!!! The Pentagon was run by a Nazi-zionist leader named Schwetz. He LIED to everyone and madeup the stories!!!!!! They are all BULLSHIT!!! All OF THEM!!!!!!! GIVE IT UP!!!!!!!

There is no noble cause dear, it was all for oil. Let the truth come out.

Doug E.

"I am heading back out on the truth trail. Camp Casey III in Covington, La, is really hopping. Members of our Camp Casey group took 10,000 pounds of supplies to Covington which is a poor African-American town in La."

Can someone tell me why Sheehan thinks that Covington La is a "poor African-American town" when the white population there is:
White persons, percent, 2000 (a) 63.4% and the black population is:
Black or African American persons, percent, 2000 (a) is ONLY 35.6%

The majority of people in that town is white not black. Why do you categorize it as a black town? These numbers are from the US census.

It has occured to me that America is weak. The people are forgetting the truth in what America stands for. Cindy is above all those whom have forgotten the history of this great nation. I was in the service once and everybody I knew was proud of me. By protesting against the President, Cindy is not honoring her son's life as a soldier. A soldier has a purpose just like anybody else in life. Cindy's son died for me, my children and most definately for his own family....Oh, and Cindy too. I would give my life to go back into the service again to finish what I left. But I have two children and Im going back to school. Hopefully in a few years from now I will go in the reserves or something. But this is definately not the time to fuss about what the President doesnt do and how he doesnt keep his word. Why dont you try to be the President some day and have so much burden on your shoulders? But the American people only care about what the President has promised. We have other things to worry about now, and that is the disaster of Katrina. But as much as people are sympothizing over this distruction of nature, I have no respect for those who did not take the chance to get out when they did. The Mayor offered a free bus ride out of town and nobody took the offer because they decided to stay. Human beings are nothing but hard-heads today. I do not feel sorry for those who decided to stay but I am glad that there is hope for them in the future. Starting over is not a bad idea afterall. In some cases, it may be the best thing for them. And that is what Cindy needs to think about. She needs to concentrate on her life now instead of worrying about talking to the President of the United States. I understand that she is not happy with the Bush Administration and I know that many others feel the same way. But when you join the Armed Forces, death is a risk that every soldier must take while serving their country. You think that I didnt fear getting deployed to another country and then getting killed while I was over there? I feared it but there's nothing I could do once I signed my life away. I joined the army so that I could serve my country, the President, and, lets not forget, the American Flag. Nevertheless, I would bet that the enemy right now is laughing at this protest against Bush. Because anything that degrades the American spirit only makes the enemy more powerful. So, Cindy just go home!

Thank You for your service to this country and its values! And, Thank You for setting things straight with Cindy! Cindy should just go home!

For the longest time, I have'nt appreciated Cindy Sheehan for the sake of once being a soldier myself. Until just recently I recieved an email about the truth about this Sheehan. I do not know whether this is the truth but if it is, then one should consider how loyal Cindy was to her own son.

As a mother of two children, I was upset to read that after she divorced the father of her son, she decided not to take the responsiblity of raising him. The father was the one who watched him grow up and decide for himself to join the service and to die for his country. And like any good father of a soldier, he was proud of his son and his accomplishments. Cindy decided to go down the political road, however, and consentrait on other things besides her own son joining the army.

In this email, it talked about how much devotion Cindy put into her political world and not enough into her own family. Cindy even remarried but her husband now is fed up with her. Now that part seems more realistic. I would get fed up with her too. But in the long run she is only doing this for the money and to gane fame. She wants people to feel sorry for her. She wants to have followers and people who understand her. As far as Im concerned, she is no mother at all. It's almost like she was waiting for her son to die in combat for her to finally come and speak her mind.

Now, as I've said before, I have two children of my own and as a mother I would do anything to respect their lives as they would have wanted it, when or if they die before me.(Of course, I would never want to bury my children.)Cindy's son made a choice just like any soldier in the service; to protect his country and to die for it. I made that same oath some 6 years ago. I knew what I was getting into. So why doe Cindy have to speak for everyone else? And why should we stand behind Cindy? It's true that many people feel the same way Cindy does. All they needed was someone like Cindy to come out and say something, though. And then her followers came with posters and stuff to say what they want to say in order to be heard. We should not stand behind Cindy because she does not know what she is talking about. She thinks she knows that this is the right thing to do to defend her sons honor by this but she was not there to bring him up, her ex-husband was there.

As Ive said at the begining, I dont know if the facts are true but from reading this in my email, Cindy is a disgrace to even be considered a good mother. She put her political life ahead of her own sons just so that she could make the big bucks. Our children are suppose to be the most important thing in our lives. Therefore, Cindy is not to be sorry for. So please, someone tell me if this is the truth about Cindy Sheehan because I really want to know.........

because you should know that the internet is simply an easy way for bullies to spread more lies. In fact, it's one of the biggest ways bullies are spreading their germs to others. In fact, more and more kids are committing suicide due to the lies and hate spread via the internet about them to people all over the world. In fact there was even a "I hate _____" website that had young people around the world threatening to KILL this young teenager. Was any of the origianl postings true? No it wasn't. BUT The young thirteen year old committed suicide.

As a caring mom of two, I'm sure you are aware that even the youngest junior high schooler and elementary school kid knows how to spread lies on the internet. And You've just fallen for one of the same tricks by assuming that the bully email had any truth what-so-ever.

How would you like it if a person you disagreed with spread a story on the internet about you? Because in essense, that is what has happened to Cindy Crawford.

And from one mom(me) to another (you) (and another...Cindy), I'm sure you understand that when a TRUSTED INSTITUTION creates the situation that harms or kills your child, then you get no rest until that situation will not hurt one more kid or one more family. And I personally can attest to the fact that the ONLY thing that held Cindy's family together for the time they had was an inner strength to try to hold the bond and to do their damndest to NOT commit suicide yourself. Perhaps, you, Amanda, have never experienced such a devasating and truamatic experience, but I have. I was driven "this close" to suicide, my marraige is on the rocks, and my relationship with everyone suffered. This is what happens when the most awful thing in the world happens to your dearly (so incredibly) beloved child (or children.)

If you yourself have not suffered this experience, I'm sure it must be difficult to understand the family dynamics that are the result of that catastophe. MOST families split up after such a devasting loss! AND most families end up in divorce too. Some siblings begin using drugs to escape their pain and some people find meaning in life again by fighting to right the wrong done to them.

This is what has happened to Cindy. And that is what has happened to CIndy's family. AND Cindy has desided to heal her broken heart by trying to protect the rest of her kids and ours too. AND take it from me--a person who understands that "broken heart" is just a poetic term that really doesn't capture the extreme feelings of devastion and depression that rocks your world after such a traumatic event.

Frankly, Amanda, it's not for YOU to judge Cindy or her family based on an email that YOU have no idea if it's true or false. FRankly, it's a private matter and you have no business making judgements about anyone's activites in their PERSONAL LIFE.

AND last but not least Amanda, as a mom of two, how do you intend to teach your own children to handle emails which spread everything from cute little jokes, to outright hate mail from others? Do you teach them to believe everything they read? OR do you teach them to seek the truth before jumping to conclusions? Do you teach them compassion or do you teach them that hate mail in it's vilest form (anonymous) is a-ok?

Think about it please! Because one day it could be you or your kids who is the centerpeice of the lieing hate mail and then what would you do? (AND one day, it could be your kids or someone else's you love dieing for a lie in GWB's illegal war.)

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