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If you live in the US, please read this in light of what you are witnessing regarding New Orleans. The following is the latest press release from "Doctors for Iraq" Society:



Doctors for Iraq is deeply concerned at the fate of hundreds of civilians trying to flee the sieged town of Tallafa, 80 km from Mousel City. Thousands of residents from the town have been told to leave the area by US/ Iraqi forces who have been attacking the area for the past three- four days.

Eyewitnesses report that heavy bombs were dropped on targets in the town a few days ago and on Monday 5^th September the US army has been firing missiles onto the town from aircraft. The entire town is under siege and
in preparation for a new military attack.

Doctors for Iraq has received reports that at least twenty civilians have been killed in the attack. It is impossible to check these reports for accuracy.

US / IRAQI forces have forced frightened civilians to leave the sieged town and and women and children are making their way to a refugee camp set up outside the Tallafa.

Civilians have told Doctors for Iraq that many young men aged between 20- 35 are being stopped and detained at checkpoints and are being taken to a US military building near an airport.

It is not known how many men have been detained and why they are being held. It is impossible for Doctors For Iraq to check this reports as media and health workers are being prevented form entering the area.

What is know is that during the military siege of Falluja in 2004 young men were also prevented from leaving the city and were detained by US/Iraqi military.

Doctors inside the town are concerned about the lack of medicine and health care facilities for people who are being forced to flee their homes.

Tallafa's medical infrastructure has been badly damaged by the ongoing military attacks on the area over the past few weeks. Doctors and medical convoys are unable to enter the sieged town and assist the desperate civilians.

Doctors for Iraq is particularly concerned about the fate of the refugees. There is concern about the lack of clean drinking water for displaced civilians and the threat of disease is very real as hygiene conditions in the area are very poor.


Doctors for Iraq is calling for :

A complete and immediate *END *to the military attack on the town so all civilians can be evacuated safely

For the US/ IRAQI military to uphold the Geneva Convention and allow doctors and medical supplies into the town.

For international human rights organisations to carry out an immediate investigation into allegations that young men are being detained by the military and reports of civilian deaths during the attack.

For more information contact:
Dr. Salam Ismael
Aisha Ismael

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