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Other wars had clear justifications

Montgomery Advertiser

Robert Cly's letter urging Cindy Sheehan to remember the Sullivan brothers of World War II is absolutely incredible. Comparing Sheehan's loss with that of Sullivan's is comparing apples to oranges, and since Cly and others who think like him don't seem to be able to see that distinction, let me try to explain.

Most of the wars in which Cly's family, as well as Sullivan's, lost men were wars in which the United States was fighting against an enemy who attacked us or our allies first (the Mexican War being a notable exception). Or, in the case of the Revolutionary War, a war in which we were fighting for our own independence.

In Iraq we have preemptively invaded a country based on a fabricated threat. Saddam Hussein, scumbag that he is, didn't attack us: Osama bin Laden and his fanatical minions did. Our response in Afghanistan to the 9/11 attack was appropriate, or, if anything, understated. We were directly attacked, and, as they did following Pearl Harbor, most Americans fully supported bringing down the full fury of the United States on the perpetrators.

But as bin Laden and Afghanistan somehow morphed into Hussein and Iraq, American support has dramatically waned.

Sullivan knew what her sons died for in World War II. But Sheehan and millions of others don't know what her son and almost 2,000 other sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, and brothers and sisters are dying for, and they all deserve an honest answer.
David L. Albert



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I would remind Mr. Cly that the war he is referring to is the one my father fought in from 1941 until his discharge in 1945. In his lifetime he told my brother and I many stories of the commoraderie he had with his fellow soldiers but he also always reminded us that the bottom line was always that WAR IS HELL!

His words have always been indelibly etched in my being. Now I try to honor his memory by being an activist to obliterate this current HELL in Iraq. My father and his fellow soldiers fought against the very illegitmate tyranny that the Bush administration is masquerading as American democracy. No Mr. Cly, it is you who needs to get an understanding of the difference between now and WWII!

Blind loyalty to a tyrant is not American patriotism. Mr. Cly, if you believe that Bush is following in the footsteps of Roosevelt and Truman in his handling of Iraq, you have never learned a thing about American history, the Constitution or being an American citizen.

The hallowed myth that WWII was a justifiable war, is just that. A myth. The foes of the Republic and the constitution are actually stronger today because of the false myths of WWII. The American people were bamboozled by the FDR engineered attack on Pearl Harbor! All wars of the last 100 years were bogus and ultimately worked against the interests of freedom and made the forces of fascism stronger. The problem is that people wrongly identify fascism with the old Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan), not realizing there was and still is, a very active American branch.

In the very darkest days of WWII as American soldiers fought savage battles against the Nazis, the current president's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was assisting the Nazi cause as Hitler's private banker. American firms such as GE, ITT, and Standard Oil were insuring that the Nazis had all the raw materials they needed to carry on their war effort! I'm sure the vets of WWII, would be appalled to find out that freedom is dying in America today, because the fascism they thought they vanquished, is alive and well. While war in true self defense is justifiable, most warfare turns out to be a racket where the masses are artificially whipped into a false hatred for mutual slaughter, while the elite profit from the death and destruction. The grandson of Hitler's private banker, George W. Bush, is trying his best to get us into WWIII!

I believe IBM provided Hitler with early-generation punch-card computers for accounting and tracking of death-camp activities (a.k.a. GENOCIDE)

My Dad did not fight Hitler for oil or a pipeline. Saddam was framed in 2002 so that PNAC could go in to pirate that peak oil, and Afghanistan has been about the UNOCAL pipeline for years. And PNAC/AIPAC are the fronts for the whole bait and switch scam. Bushco Christian???>>>MY EYE

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