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Cindy Sheehan’s Protests, Strikingly Reminiscent of John Kerry’s

Cindy Sheehan’s Protests, Strikingly Reminiscent of John Kerry’s

By Kapil Komireddi

September 6, 2005 6:20 PM

Knowingly or unknowingly, President Bush has put America in a great predicament. This evening I was talking to an Iraqi expatriate about the ongoing situation in his country. “If the Americans leave,

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Why aren't these senators out in the streets with us protesting and going civil-disobedience against IRAQ?

Good question. My thoughts are these bagabonds are in the back pocket of oil industry. Both are good men, but they aren't being leaders for anti-war.

I think both these senators, McCain and Kerry, as well as Cornyn(D) and Nelson(D) and Collins(R) are all very capable people of doing the right thing. But I don't believe they WILL do it, and decry the war in Iraq because they are being paid off by Big Oil and by the crooks. That is the ONLY thing, the ONLY thing that makes me understand their song and dance.

Doug E.

He was in Iraq before the hurricane and has only now returned home. He was briefed about Katrina and responded before Bush even made his first orchestrated run-by New Orleans.

Kerry works without a spotlight on him. (Think of BCCI, Iran-Contra, etc.. Bush loves the camera and abuses it for power.

So at least Kerry has the facts about Iraq and will be able to work behind the scenes to get it taken care of.

Kerry is an idiot and should be ignored. What the hell was he doing in Iraq? Is he an Iraqi now? Iraq happens to be the birthplace of civilization. The people of Iraq will have a much better chance organizing their country with out our CIA there trying their damnest to destabilize it.

We need to go home and let the people of Iraq run their own country. Of course, Bush has completely blown our cover as the paragon of democracy and freedom. No more torture chambers. Yeh, right!

You seem to be one of the few here who see through Kerry's BS!

go there and write back and tell us all about it.

John Kerry was in Iraq keeping his promise to America even though America voted for a madman.

go there and write back and tell us all about it.

John Kerry was in Iraq keeping his promise to America even though America voted for a madman.

and it blinds him to Bush's false war.

He pretends to be moderate in other matters but he will never be anything accept a warriar for WAR and never one looking for peace.

President Bush must try to be humble and listen to others.

Yeah, right!.....when elephants fly.

We need to just get out and admit our mistake..we were suckered by Bush's lies and deceptions.

Where have I heard this argument before? Oh yeah. Vietnam.

Couldn't possibly leave all those little brown people to sort out their own problems. It would all just fall apart. So we'll stay there killing and being killed while the deterioration continues.

As long as the situation keeps getting worse, we have a good reason to remain. And, if it happens to get better, it's our victory and we'll stay in control anyway. Heads, we win; tails, you lose.

We need to get out and get out NOW - The Iraqi people can out last the US military on a purely economic level, we're spending over a billion dollars a week and cannot even control a 6 mile road from the international airport to the green zone. The Iraqi's armaments are probably already paid for and consist of cheap IED's, RPG's and AK-47's. They can engage us just enough to keep us off balance with them sustaining minimal casualties. They just need to keep us engaged minimally each week so that we spend about $1.5 billion more dollars and have nothing to show for it. Believe me, they will outlast us - I saw the same thing happen in Vietnam. Let them have their country back - they can and will rebuild it. Cindy is completely correct on this: WE NEED TO GET OUT NOW - anything else is pure bushshit!

I will always respect this man the
American people failed. "Damn" he would of made a great President.
I still cry :( when I get the Kerry emails from him and after
all he has been through he still fights for us. Could it be
nothing will get this man down?

Its all the same old story, TWO stolen elections and even President Gore handled the Katrina fuckup better than Bush did, after all that money was shot away into the ethers of Iraq.

Sad, dispicable pieces of shit. When our leadership, our politicians are more concerned about saving Big Oil's profits and getting them more money that's when the world has gone to hell.

We wouldn't be in this mess if those politicians independant,democrat and republican all cared about the well-being of the world rather than oil and how to maximize their image from looking like shit.


But I wonder why Gore or Kerry did not push harder regarding the real results. Could it have been fear, or something else?

Poppy ran the CIA and had many contacts with less than honorable souls who probably had or who could obtain the dirt on any individual they damn well pleased. Let's face it - few of us don't have something we would prefer not to be revealed. The CIA - that's one of the things they do. They are pros at manipulating elections and have been doing it for decades in other countries, why shouldn't we believe they are doing it right here?

Look at how John McCain was slimed and yet he still supports these scumbags. Do they have some dirt on him that he is worried about becoming public?

Dougie you are so good at this.

2 Elections stolen???? Bush slaughtered Kerry and you just can't take it can you???

Katrina is still Bush's fault too, huh???? You people are so inept and blinded by hate that you will never see the truth and continue to lose elections. I guess that is good for us.

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

Your only defense is cheating.

There is ample proof and several people already convicted. The election was stolen just like when the supreme court stole it in 2000, right-wing hack.

Now, for everyone who is fighting for fairness and justice and fair elections that is REALLY bad news for your racist asses. And your class racism, too.

Doug E.

It's not just Bush - it is the entire
cabal. Bush is more of a figurehead (can you believe
that?) than a leader or diplomat - he fronts for
a handful of slimeballs. Even if we were
able to get rid of bush, we will still have
this blight.

John Kerry can go to Canada... the same place Bill CLinton went during the Vietnam draft.

W was a DESERTER >>>

His grandfather traded with the NAZIS >>>

Show me the evidence... I want receipts that prove Bush's grandfather traded with Nazis... although that has nothing to do with him. I am sure that there are people who live in America that are ex-Nazis... it is not there fault that they were misled by Hitler in the same way that Cindy is using propaganda to mislead America. And... give me documents that can show that George Bush deserted! You don't have anything other than a little movie on an extreme liberal website that has no legitimacy to any of America's diplomats.

Google it and have fun reading...It is shocking...As a strong war supporter, please sign up and fight the illegal Iraq war. They need more soldiers desperately.

im too young... only 16
i support the idea of freeing millions of people from oppression... i support the war
not war itself

Kerry served his country and met his military commitment. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. Many of us in the 60's did not believe in nor support the politian's Viet Nam war. You might have chickened out or you might have served honorably as all of the US soldiers did...Most of us of the 60's understand both sides. That war was escalated on fabricated intelligence, too... I have not changed my mind about our leaders lying to get wars started to profit their rich buddies....

That's why Dubya can't do it.

The best way to get out is a gradual withdrawl over six months to a year, with American forces replaced by a multi-national peace keeping/training force.

I think most would agree, however, that it will NEVER happen with Bush or any degenerate remnants of his administration in the White House.

That's why we should be focusing all our energy right now on getting the bastards out of office.

DSM, no WMD, Resolution of Inquiry...

DSM, no WMD, Resolution of Inquiry...

DSM, no WMD, Resolution of Inquiry...

And an unbelievably pathetic response to the worst natural disaster this country has ever seen.

Wasn't Bush's Department of Homeland Security supposed to IMPROVE preparedness for and response to such disasters?

"Well, nobody could have anticipated..."

BULLSHIT. The anticipation and warnings are well documented.

How long are we going to allow ourselves to be played for a nation of fools while these idiots continue to make us LESS safe and destroy our reputation around the world? We MUST get these people the hell out of Washington and relace them with real patriots who are actually capable of restoring our global integrity and respect, not to mention our own national pride.

John Perry

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