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White House Reverses Course on Oversight of Iraq Reconstruction


A top Bush administration official today told a House Appropriations subcommittee that the White House now supports new funding for an inspector general who has been critical of how the administration has spent billions Iraq reconstruction money.

President Bush’s fiscal 2006 budget request sought no extra money for the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. The foreign operations appropriations bill passed by the House in June did not extend the office, which is currently scheduled to expire next summer, long before most of the reconstruction money is spent.

But James Kunder, an assistant administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development, today said the administration supports continued funding for the work of Stuart W. Bowen Jr., the special inspector general, who has been one of the most aggressive investigators of fraud in the spending of reconstruction money.

Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., who chaired the hearing, painted a dismal picture of reconstruction efforts. “It has been obvious for the past 20 months that the administration’s lofty hopes were vastly overblown and congressional concerns well grounded,


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This comment is not directly related to this article. I just want to be sure this is seen. Doesn't Jane Fonda realize that her participation in the anti-war movement will be a deteriment to us? If she wants to help, she should donate money anonymously. Just seeing her name in the same sentence with Cindy Sheehan's name was upsetting because of the very negative feelings evoked by her actions during the Viet Nam War. I think it's great she wants to help, but it needs to be on the sidelines. I hope some of the leaders in the movement will point this out to her. Cindy?...

Sorry but you are thinking like republicans,

1- Jane is an American and as American she is free to express her opinions whenever and whatever.

2- Jane did not committed any offences in relation to Vietnam, if anything her courage is admirable.

3- Even if that was case by isolating some one and telling that person do not use your name, you deny her her basic right.

These are the things which separate some one who is fighting for every one rights, and some one who is fighting for his own rights.

Shahram Vahdany

Jane Fonda never did anything to be ashamed of. Those who belief such a thing are either misinformed of the real facts OR just plain willfully ignorant, meanspirited and a lost cause anyway. They are neanderthals.
Jane Fonda is admirable and has every right to speak out. If you are in doubt of her perhaps you should inform yourself about what ACTUALLY went on concerning her during Viet Nam. You might be was the same ol' thing that is being done now to Cindy and anyone whose behavior doesn't conform to the neanderthal reality.

She has also apologized for her behaviour. I certainly don't hold a grudge against her for what she did - at the time it no doubt seemed the right thing to do in helping to stop an immoral and illegal war.

But you may be right - the right wingers could seize on the opportunity to really impugn her patriotism, motives and integrity by bringing up all this stuff again. I think we should stand behind her though. They can do this to anyone who is anti-war, and we should not abandon her because they have done everything in their power to sully her good name and make Jane Fonda a pejoritave.

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