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Exploiting September 11th

By Scott Galindez
t r u t h o u t | Perspective
Wednesday 07 September 2005

If Osama is still alive, he is now George W. Bush's #1 supporter.

Osama bin Laden wanted Saddam overthrown as much as the neo-cons did, if not more. The Baath Party that Saddam led did not share Osama's fundamentalist beliefs. Osama didn't like the fact that women were educated in Iraq. Osama didn't like that Saddam went to war with Iran, a Shiite theocracy. Osama wanted Iraq to be run by the Shia, hmmm ...

Back in 1991, when many wanted US troops to go to Baghdad and take down Saddam, those who feared a united Iran and Iraq prevailed and convinced Bush Sr. to stop at the Iraq-Kuwait border. A policy of containing Saddam was adopted and was succeeding right up until the invasion in 2003.

The people of Iraq were suffering under sanctions, and Saddam was weakened to the point that he was not a threat to his neighbors. Then came the rise of George W. Bush to the office of President. Even before the election, Charlie Rose asked Candidate Bush how he would have handled Iraq differently than his father. A cocky Bush answered, "Just wait and see."

As we all know from Paul O'Neill, from day one, George Bush had his sights on invading Iraq. He just needed to prepare the people for war. Then came September 11th, a blank check for the neo-cons. They could justify anything after 9/11. All they had to do was play on the people's fear. Something they will again be doing this Sunday when they sponsor a march from the Pentagon to the Mall for a concert to be beamed to the troops in Iraq. Clint Black will sing his lie of a song that ties Saddam to 9/11, even though the shameful attacks on 9/11 were carried out by his enemies.

Once again, on Sunday, the Bush administration will be exploiting 9/11 to justify a war that there is no justification for. A war based on lies and evidence fixed to meet the policy. A war that accomplished many of Osama bin Laden's goals.

Iraq is moving toward becoming a theocracy.
Ibrahim Jaafari, the new Iraqi Prime Minister, has strong ties to hard line clerics in Iran.
Al Qaeda is growing in Iraq and throughout the region.
The American people may be wising up to the deception of the Bush administration. They are grasping at straws now to regain support for the war. They are now even admitting that they need to protect the oil. Let us all hope that the people don't buy into this charade and that we reject the latest attempt to exploit our fears.


Scott Galindez is the Managing Editor of


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Well, Bush and the Bin Ladins are business partners...Maybe Bush wanted to help him out a little...never can tell...

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