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Tour Update from Cindy Sheehan

Dear Friends,

After spending the weekend with my family, and watching with amazement and horror the devastation of hurricane Katrina, I am preparing to rejoin the Bring Them Home Now bus tour and hope you’ll come out to support the tour when it passes through your community.

The news for the past week has centered on New Orleans - and rightly so - but we can't forget that the war and devastation in Iraq continues even as we face this tragedy here at home. In just the last week, 12 US troops were killed in Iraq, and countless Iraqi civilians. And in so many ways, the devastation of the hurricane and the disgraceful federal emergency response are intimately linked with Iraq -- the money that went to Iraq instead of to repair the levee; the national guard troops from Louisiana and Mississippi who are in Iraq instead of helping here at home; the botched relief operation that led to so many deaths.

We need to hold the Bush administration accountable for both of these failures. George Bush’s claim that he is making the world a safer place by his misguided and dangerous policies in Iraq have been exposed to be false and we need to continually emphasize and bring into sharp focus his lack of leadership.

The Bring Them Home Now bus tour has been making these connections for people in every city they travel to. Just yesterday, they were in Montgomery, Alabama; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have also been doing their part to help the hurricane survivors --the "White Rose" bus of Veterans For Peace Chapter 116 of Mendocino County left the tour last Thursday to bring direct relief to the community of Covington, Louisiana. They set up Camp Casey Covington and have been providing food and medical assistance. To find out how you can support their efforts, see, or contact Gordon Soderberg at

I look forward to rejoining the bus tour tomorrow in Chicago and this weekend in Atlanta, and hope to see you there! Please check to find out if the tour is coming to your community.

And whether or not there is a stop in your city or town, PLEASE keep the pressure on your Senators and Representatives to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home now. Join our "Meet with the Mothers" campaign by making an appointment to meet with your Senator or Representative before the big anti-war march on Sept. 24. Get them to answer the simple questions we were asking of President Bush at Crawford:

President Bush has said that brave Americans like my son Casey have died for a "noble cause". "What is that "noble cause "?
How many more lives are we as a country willing to sacrifice in Iraq?
How many are you personally willing to sacrifice?
What are you specifically doing to bring our sons and daughters home from this needless war?
To find out how to organize a local Congressional visit, see

Thanks for all your love and support,
P.S. Check out One Million Reasons and give YOUR REASON to end the war now! Your reason will be delivered to the White House on September 26th at the end of our mass mobilization in Washington D.C.

Help Cindy demand an explanation from President Bush. Donate Today!

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U.S. agency blocks photos of New Orleans dead

Bush cannot get away with his "out of sight out of mind" operation. This is not about saving Americans from seeing grisly pictures. It's about saving him from the wrath of Americans once Americans register what he's done. And Americans need to see the pictures to know/feel what he's done. He ( Rove) knows this. Read article below from Rueters.

U.S. agency blocks photos of New Orleans dead
07 Sep 2005 00:56:29 GMT
Source: Reuters
NEW ORLEANS, Sept 6 (Reuters) - The U.S. government agency leading the rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina said on Tuesday it does not want the news media to take photographs of the dead as they are recovered from the flooded New Orleans area.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, heavily criticized for its slow response to the devastation caused by the hurricane, rejected requests from journalists to accompany rescue boats as they went out to search for storm victims.
An agency spokeswoman said space was needed on the rescue boats and that "the recovery of the victims is being treated with dignity and the utmost respect."
"We have requested that no photographs of the deceased be made by the media," the spokeswoman said in an e-mailed response to a Reuters inquiry.
The Bush administration also has prevented the news media from photographing flag-draped caskets of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, which has sparked criticism that the government is trying to block images that put the war in a bad light.
The White House is under fire for its handling of the relief effort, which many officials have charged was slow and bureacratic, contributing to the death and mayhem in New Orleans after the storm struck on Aug. 29. (Additional reporting by Deborah Charles)

Sorry, but I strongly disagree.

They are unquestionably both disasters. But calling Bush's "shock and awe" invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the killing, maiming and torturing of thousands of its people, a mere failure is like calling mass murder a misguided attempt at crowd control.

It was a deliberate, premeditated, coldly plotted CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY that must be recognized and dealt with as such.

when he committed suicide! Words DO mean something, words can do mass murder, as we have witnessed by reading Bush's lips. No mistake about it, Bush's inhumanity to man is on purpose.

This is like Emmitt Till. People need to see what has taken place under the watch of our "war president." I sure hope the journalists get in and the stories get told. This is an outrage!

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