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Bush on the Gulf Coast in his role as Slim Witless, the yodeling moron. At least Saddam Hussein didn't play the guitar while he killed his own people.

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MWC Will submit your letters to white house and press

Mr. President!
We the people...
Submit Your Letter
We will submit all the letter to white house and press.
15, September 2005

There is typo in above title , White house was written while house mistakenly, forgive us for that.

George Bush's Perfect Storm

"A plan so diabolically stupid, yet at the same time fiendishly clever that even that genius Michael Moore couldn't warn us in time!"

Resign before we impeach you, that is all there is. RESIGN!!!!!!!

You are a disgrace to the entire country and world. If you don't RESIGN right now, like the disgraceful piece of shit you are, it will be your final mistake.

We will come for all of you and then throw you in the Hague for war crimes, Bush. If you resign RIGHT NOW and decide your official resignation date, then your trial at the Hague won't be even near as severe.

That's what americans and people do....make accomodations. However, if your check picked ass refuses to resign then the opposite will happen. We're coming for you, EACH and every last one of you!!!!!! And the democrat enablers.

Doug Eldritch

More hateful, irrational liberal comments...

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