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British MP George Galloway to speak in Toronto

Toronto appearance only Canadian stop on US speaking tour

TORONTO, Sept. 7 /CNW/ - Maverick British MP George Galloway will visit
Toronto September 16 to 17 for the only Canadian stop on a US speaking tour.
Galloway will tour eight US cities from September 13 to 24 to promote his new
book Mr Galloway Goes to Washington, an account of his experience testifying
before the US Senate in May 2005. Other speakers on Galloway's tour include
actress Jane Fonda, Gold Star Families for Peace member Cindy Sheehan and
pro-war writer Christopher Hitchens. Galloway will meet Hitchens in New York
City for a public debate on the Iraq war.

In Toronto, Galloway will speak at three public events:
1) Friday, September 16 at 7:00pm
Convocation Hall, 31 King's College Circle
University of Toronto
2) Saturday, September 17 at 1:30pm
Hershey Centre, 5500 Rose Cherry Place
3) Saturday, September 17 at 7:00pm
Islamic Centre of York Region - 1380 Stouffville Road
Richmond Hill

A member of the British Parliament since 1987, Galloway was recently
re-elected as the first MP to represent Respect - the Unity Coalition, the
anti-war party he helped found in 2004. In one of the most closely watched
election battles of the 2005 British election, Galloway defeated the pro-war
Labour incumbent Oona King - who had enjoyed a 10,000-vote majority at the
last election. Galloway now represents the east London constituency of Bethnal
Green and Bow.

Galloway electrified audiences in the US and around the world with his
appearance at a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on May 17 when
he turned the proceedings into a condemnation of the war in Iraq. Following
his appearance, Galloway received tens of thousands of messages of support
from around the world, including over 20,000 from the US alone. His current
speaking tour was borne out of that experience.

Galloway will be available to speak to media before and during his visit
to Toronto.

For further information: For media inquiries and bookings, please
contact James Clark: (416) 795-5863, (416) 924-9042


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Has anyone informed Mr Galloway about the risks he faces when he crosses the border from your Mini-Me country into the real United States? He'd better not change planes in any U.S. airports.

According to court testimony given by US-DOJ lawyers, foreign citizens who change planes at airports in the United States can legally be seized, detained without charges, deprived of access to a lawyer or the courts, and even denied basic necessities like food.

If he's very very lucky, they'll just send him back to the tender care of your CSIS spooks. If not, he may spend the rest of his "indefinite" life looking at the walls of a torture cell somewhere in the American gulag.

Doesn't Jane Fonda realize that her participation in the anti-war movement will be a deteriment to us? If she wants to help, she should donate money anonymously. Just seeing her name in the same sentence with Cindy Sheehan's name was upsetting because of the very negative feelings evoked by her actions during the Viet Nam War. I think it's great she wants to help, but it needs to be on the sidelines. I hope some of the leaders in the movement will point this out to her. Cindy?...

As a foreign diplomat they won't mess with him. You never know though.
I have a lot of respect for Galloway. His testimony in the US was awesome. Should have gotten some real coverage but of course did not.

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