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Letter from Cindy Sheehan

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Letter from Cindy Sheehan

Sept. 7, 2005

Dear Friends and Supporters of Peace,

On August 31st, we closed down Camp Casey on the outskirts of President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. In the three and a half weeks that we were in Crawford, thousands of people passed through - some for just a few hours and some for days or weeks. Throughout the country, hundreds of thousands of people responded to my vigil, calling on the President to meet with me and, just as importantly, adding their voices to the growing cry for an end to the war in Iraq.

The horrific events that have unfolded in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, in the wake of the deadly hurricane Katrina are stark reminders of just how lop-sided our nation's priorities are. Resources that could have been used to save lives are instead tied up in a war that continues to kill Iraqis and U.S. servicepeople. Our nation is at a crossroads: will we continue to squander resources and take lives in a war that never should have happened, or will we commit ourselves to the re-building of the Gulf Coast and the lives torn asunder by Katrina? It is clear that both cannot happen at the same time, and in this context our urgent call to end the war in Iraq must be as clear and strong as ever.

The same day Camp Casey closed two important initiatives were launched. Gold Star Families for Peace kicked off a campaign to hold Congress accountable for taking us into war, and also for ending this war. I sent a letter to every member of Congress - all 435 representatives and 100 senators - asking the same questions I've been asking President Bush. At the same time, three buses left Camp Casey to head North, East and South carrying members of Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace to dozens of cities. The buses will converge on Washington, DC September 21, just days before the national anti-war protest being organized for the weekend of September 24-26. In addition to community forums and other events, on the road we will visit members of Congress asking for a meeting and answers to my questions. You can join this campaign as the buses pass through your community, or become a part of a delegation being organized in your Congressional district.

In case you have not already made plans to be there, I want to encourage you to join me in Washington, DC that weekend. I'll be marching on Saturday, September 24 with United for Peace and Justice, and later that same day will be speaking at the "Operation Ceasefire" free concert at the Washington Monument.

You know as well as I do that the majority of the people of this country oppose the war. As we talk to people from every part of the country, it is clear that the time is right for this demonstration in the nation's capital. You do not want to miss this crucial event - it's looking like the September 24-26 weekend will be the largest gathering so far of the movement to end the war in Iraq. It will also be the first opportunity since Katrina hit our shores to raise our voices in a call for new priorities.

Most importantly, I urge you to come to Washington on September 24, to tell President Bush and Congress in the strongest possible way that it's time to bring the troops home. But don't come alone - bring your friends and family, bring your co-workers, your classmates, your neighbors. Visit the United for Peace and Justice website for details about the day's events, and for information about the interfaith service, grassroots lobby day, and nonviolent civil disobedience action at the White House being planned for September 25 and 26.

And your help is needed in another way. To reach the potential of what will be a history-making event, United for Peace and Justice needs your financial support. Please take a moment right now to make the largest donation possible. I know that many of you have given and will continue to give to Katrina relief efforts, and it's important that we each do what we can to help out. But hopefully you also understand how important it is to lend your financial support to the Sept. 24-26 Mobilization.

I want to thank all of you who gave so much to support my efforts while I was in Texas. Now, as we all move into the next phase of our efforts to end the war in Iraq, I look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC on September 24.

Your friend,
Cindy Sheehan



3 Days of Peace & Justice Actions
in Washington, D.C.

September 24-26, 2005

Visit our website today to download leaflets, endorse the mobilization, and learn more about the plans for this powerful weekend of action.


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Would a few citizens' arrests fall into that category?

There should be enough folks there to "nonviolently" overwhelm the praetorian guard by weight of numbers alone, and you could put some nice soft padding on Wee Georgie's handcuffs.

Screw the padding!Bushco needs GITMO!

I'll see you there Cindy!

Hello Cindy... Ck out the Project below

( Did U get the O.G.C. Mug we sent 2 Crawford ? )

Could use your help getting

This idea out over the next few mo...

Please Go 2

This Project Can B Up and Running in Days...

In the USA and All Over the Earth...

O Yes It Can...

Thank U,

Keep the praetorian guard completely and utterly surrounded.

Delay and Hastert need to be brought down for their crimes

The democratic leaders are useless-FIRE them all except the congressional black caucaus.


Doug E.

Doug you are so good at making your self look like an a$$hole...

Fire all Dems except the Black Caucaus??? Nice try... I love how you people try to play sides. it is no wonder why you want illegal votes and illegal immigrants in this country...You are trying to increase your voter base with your "we love the oppressed" BS. How many blacks were in Clinton's admin vs. Bush's????

I hope Bush calls for Brown to take Sandra Day's spot. How would you like a Ultra-conservative Black FEMALE to try and bash... Oh yeah, what about Condi? You should be happy that Bush put the FIRST BLACK FEMALE as Sec. of State but you HATE it because he did what Clinton "The poor lover" didn't. The Right has done more for minorities than the Left has. Clinton just gave empty promises. Check your history...Doug

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

And that's why its such a disaster. They don't give a RATS ASS about the minorities or anyone else. They don't care about ANYONE but themselves and big oil, not ANYONE.

Damn right its time to fire them, its time to FIRE EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM who isn't like Walter Jones or John Conyers. Accountability and LASTING payback for every single lawbreaker who claims to be a "lawmaker"

And don't talk to me about Clinton or your other bullshit BS. The plan is to END and delete all the tax cuts once and for all and fire every single corporate fuck from office, including the likes you put into congress, because they're useless sacks of shit.

And then after the tax cut/corporate loopholes are gone fill and file out NATIONAL HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYONE, using that money and close up the dually bullshit bankruptcy bill for the credit card companies.

That's the real plan, whether we like it or not. Develop alternative energy policy immediately and BOYCOTT EXXON-Mobil and the Oil superflux once and for all to destroy price gouging for all industry. The medical industry, corporate industry, ALL industry. Take out the entire recipe of what Tom Delay has incorporated and then have them in the Hague, and after re-birthing our economy then deal with the war crimes.

Then destroy whats left of Osama Bin Laden.

First we need to lockup the crooks, all the politicians who feed for corporate profit like Ben Nelson and Tom Delay until the government is stabilized again. Take out the praetorian guards, and Bush administration is THROUGH.

Doug Eldritch

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