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Camp Casey Photos

From Jon Orlando:

Here are three photos from Camp Casey,

including one of Mary and Kini -

the two women from Colorado

who sang the sing-along on Saturday.


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Both Nostradamus and the Bible Code have "predicted" a seven year end times/ armageddon/ world war that will star in 2005 and end in 2012. The war in Iraq and now looking at situations Iran, seem to start to paint this picture clearly. Some people will say that Nostradamus and the Bible Code are fake or hoaxes. But , if they are it is an odd coincidence either way. I don't believe God likes to see his children fighting, but sometimes even God knows when to fight. Just something to think about.

God may know, but George Bush doesn't have a clue...

George Bush knows that now is the time to fight those that killed thousands on September 11th and that killed thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan. George Bush knows that now is the time to fight the terrorists.

I believe George Bush is the anti-christ.

As a republican and Bush supporter... even I have asked myself that question sometimes. In the Bible as well as the Bible Code the anti-Christ shares characteristics with George Bush. But, so have many of others in history including people from Napoleon, Hitler, JFK to Winston Churchill.

Death and destruction surrounds him constantly yet he is always untouched by it personally and politically. He is totally protected by his handlers. I first suspected he was the antichrist when he mocked Carla Faye as she was put to death. She was a sinner who had turned to God and he made fun of her and refused to even consider staying her execution. Since he took office I have seen things go on in this country I never believed I would see (torture and Americans dying of starvation and neglect right in front of our eyes on T.V.). I am a veteran and I am pro military but I have never seen our soldiers used the way this administration is using them. He says he is a Christian but his Christianity seems to be confined to anti gay and abortion. Ordinary people are suffering under this President. Jesus never mentions either of those things but he talks a lot about helping the poor and needy. Least you think I am a hardcore liberal I would like to tell you I voted for both Reagan and the first George Bush. I think George Bush is the antichrist. He reminds me of the character in those Omen movies. Death and destruction surround him always and timing of horrible events seems very convent for him.

I have asked myself that question as well.
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them-Matthew 7:20
Ask yourself this. If Jesus was president would he be doing the things George Bush is doing? The Antichrist professes to be an agent of the Lord but isn't.

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