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Pass Resolution of Inquiry into Bush Lies This Week

Ask Your Congress Member to Co-Sponsor H Res 375, which will be acted on in the International Relations Committee on Sept. 14. Every member should co-sponsor, whether or not they serve on that committee.

If passed, H Res 375 will require the White House and the State Department to "transmit all information relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq."

We have the Downing Street Memos from the UK.  This Resolution, if passed, will demand similar evidence from the US.  It has the support of most, and possibly all, of the Democrats on the IR committee, and of at least one Republican on that committee.  We need every Dem and three Republicans to pass it.

Email Your Congress Member.
Phone and Fax Your Congress Member.
Or call switchboard tollfree at (888) 818-6641.
Fill out feedback form.
Here are current co-sponsors.
More Info.
Send this letter to all your friends!


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Subject: failure
Date: September 6, 2005 11:18:52 AM EST
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I am concerned that we have so many disasters piling up on each other that after this LONG recess, that Congress will be totally bogged down and the important business of the people of America at this urgent time will be as chaotic as what we have seen in Iraq and New Orleans. Somehow this president and his ill-advisors have to be overruled, and Congress is the only hope. The mood of America is desperate for change - one could argue to the point of near revolution. People are UPSET. The Bush government has reached too far into the lying pit and needs restraint. Truth and order need to be restrored. Whatever reasons for or against the war in Iraq one wants to subscribe to, whatever finger pointing one wants to employ regarding hurricane Katrina, one thing is crystal clear: America is in peril. We are in peril from within, because we have served the rich at the expense of the poor - so painfully on display in New Orleans. We are in peril because of the war in Iraq, which now the world knows was launched on a missile of lies and continues to rage on the shifting sands of convenient reasoning. Not only America, but the global community are in peril because of short-sighted protectionism and arrogant me-first priorities in our abuse of the environment and failure to employ sustainable policies. Oil, hubris and cronyism are the underlying causes of all these follies. More than mere follies, these perils resulting from Bush administration failures have made America and our world FAR more dangerous - despite their lies to the contrary. EVERYONE now knows what America is really about - not the ideal of democratic values we have fed as pablum to a world desperate for the hope they thought we represented. The Iraq war is a shame - in carrying out his selfish policy of "taking the fight to the enemy so we don't have to fight him here", we have ravaged Iraq. Our society is built on the unstable shoulders of the destitute. Our military - cleverly downsized to pit "ultimate soldiers and equipment" against conventional armies - has been outsmarted and stimied by a determined and passionate insurgency. Our vulnerability is now exposed in x-ray vision for others to exploit. We just SHOUTED to the world our truth - finally no more lies.........we are a nation without leadership. We are a nation that pretends to be great. We are a nation that invades other countries for "values" that we don't have at home. We are a nation extremely vulnerable to terrorism - all our efforts to create "homeland security" are a sham. We are a greedy nation that will do anything necessary to secure oil - the lubricant of our economy. The world is watching the freefall of an impotent superpower. Our president and his cronies have no compassion, no integrity, no real values at all. For all those who voted for him because of "values", there can only be pity added to incredulity. Surely there was plenty of evidence of his failings before 2000. Surely they were even more evident before 2004. Now we are to endure 3 MORE years of an idiotic leader surrounded by war mongers bent on American domination? The Soviet Union imploded under the weight of its military complex.......the United states is imploding under the weight of blundering idiocy and ego mania.

What to do? Admit mistakes. Our president won't do it, but we must do it for him.

We need to admit that we invaded Iraq for the wrong reasons, and that we continue to wage war there for the wrong reasons. The current rationale for the war is that we "need to honor those already dead by continuing". That won't win this war, and certainly not the "hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people. They are free of their dictator. That much can be celebrated in this debacle. They need to define their own government structure, they need to defend their own nation. While they cling to the false security we try to make them think we are providing, the truth is that our manpower is inadequate against the insurgents, and we are not willing to send more troops. They are better off to stand up themselves without our unstable props.

We need to admit that hurricane Katrina showed the shame of poverty hidden behind a racial divide. While our black population has made strides since Martin Luther King so eloquently led his people forward, there is still a chasm between white and black success and survival. The sheer population majority and voter registration has propelled excellent black leaders into many city and state government positions. Many, many black people have achieved financial and career success. However, the cultural divide between black and white society is still pocked with hidden prejudices, resentment, and disrespect. That is the ugly stain that we saw spread with the rising water in New Orleans. Only when black children REALLY get the same education, have the same health care, and are fully integrated as fellow citizens into mature society, can America say that it is the land of the free, that we live our "value" of equality for all.

We have to admit that our president and his cabinet, our elected executive government, has failed us, is inept, is bringing our great nation down. We really cannot afford to endure 3 and a half more years of the decline we have already experienced over the past 4 and a half. Somehow we have to find a way to hold this administration accountable for their failures. Without the "confidence vote" of the British democracy, we are hamstrung to really have a people's government - a government promised us "of the people, by the people, and for the people". From the scandals of the Downing Street Memo, Abu Garib and Guantanamo, to the horrors of New Orleans, the past few years, and especially months, have been defined by failure and shame. Thanks to Cindy Sheehan and her courageous stand in the blistering Texas sun adjacent to George Bush's paradise/hell hole, America now is developing a voice of protest. Born out of outrage against Bush's lies for war, those voices are becoming a louder and fuller chorus of dissent. Congress can no longer ignore the growing insurgency within America. While Americans feel now that they are powerless against a governmental bastion that doesn't take their voice into account, ultimately the people do hold the power at the ballot box. Of course, even that is fodder for skepticism, with so many disenfranchised by election fraud, while Iraqi purple thumbs were touted as proven success in Iraq.

What do I want? Immediately, I want Congressmen and women in the House to sign on to HRes 375 - The resolution of Inquiry into the Downing Street Memo. That was the beginning of the serious deception of the American people and the treason of this administration. Rather than shunting that debate into the bowels of the Capitol building once again, I want to see sunlight shed on the truth of exactly when, why and how this Bush government took America to war with Congressional approval garnered with lies.

Second, I want officials held accountable for their failures.. Of course there are so many, it's hard to know where to start. But surely Donald Rumsfeld should go first. Rice is a complete joke as Secretary of State, and too close to the president to have the independent voice Americans have often needed and cherished in that role. Cherthoff, Bolton and Fema's Brown were disastrous choices before they even began, but should be replaced as soon as possible before they do any more damage. Karl Rove should be kept out of Bush's brain until the Grand Jury and Patrick Fitzgerald reveal their investigation. But the most serious offenders are the President, Bush, and Vice-President, Cheney. The buck stops there. America either needs to find a way to muzzle their deadly bite on civilization and the environment, or relieve them both from office. We are in that much peril. They have already failed the "confidence" vote - all polls show that. We need to bring out our least favorite word: Impeachment. Impeachment this time, not for sexual activity that disgraced our nation and a lie to cover up the shame, but lies plural - habitual lies that have blurred the truth from everything from war to torture to poverty and security. Lies that have robbed our treasury, left dying, desperate people stranded hoping for help. Lies that have stolen America's honor, respect and international good will. Lies that have ruined our sense of safety and security. Lies that have promised education while creating chaos in our schools. Lies that have destroyed the environment while lining the pockets of the rich. Lies that have left our hearts heavy with hopelessness for our children's future.

Americans and people around the globe are watching the freefall of an impotent superpower - the United States. If we the people do not protect our nation at this time of peril, it is obvious that our government won't. As a start, urge your congressman to support HRES 375. Call them today - this resolution needs just a few more co-sponsors, not just supporters, but co-sponsors to become the full-fledged inquiry into what our government is doing in our name to bring us to such a state.

Barbara Carr

We have to call for Bush/Cheney RESIGNATION!

As an American citizen with my own views and beliefs about my country, I felt extremely obligated, at the very least, to do my part to address the outrage I’ve witnessed in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. In light of our challenges that this country has faced, beginning with the horrific 911 disaster, I would expect
to see the efforts and preparation of our government to absorb the blow to New Orleanians this past week, taken much more seriously.

We appear as fools to the rest of the world. The handling of this disaster has only manifested itself into a cauldron of fiery chaos. There is no one who doubts our incompetence now. I no longer feel safe with my government’s protection, and now I finally see for myself that the citizens of this country mean nothing to those who
control it. It’s such a sad realization.

My heart pleads to God that others have awaken to a similar truth within themselves, for in the event that slumber is to reside in the minds of men, all is hopeless. I fear hopelessness is already upon us. There are countless inconsistencies and anomalies about the way things are happening around us all. We have all been blindfolded by
lies and less than half truths for too long.

There are so many events, which I or any other citizen fear happening, that we are fast losing our ability to put our faith and trust behind that most prime responsibility of our leaders; the protection of it’s constituents. This is just not happening in this
day and age, but there really is no excuse for it. One would hope that the fabric of this country could maintain itself in an oil crisis, and seeing as the world is undoubtedly in one, can it? I fear not.

Thank you for your time, and may I conclude apologetically that I deeply wish the subject matter of this letter could have been written under different circumstances. I would have much rather written you a letter of praise, congratulation, and respect, however nothing about what the citizens of this country have seen in recent days deserves any of the above statements. There are heroes in all of this, but the top leadership of this country are not deserving of this title either. Only those individuals who have sacrificed themselves in all of this, for the hopes and dreams of others deserve this title, hero.

Deeply concerned and frightened about our futures,

~~~when will the people of america wake up ....since when did bush care about the working man , or even the middleclass .....????? when, does he care now ?"?? actions speak louder than words ..... take the spin off and what do you have another right wing political blunder.... just like everything else ..MISSION ACOMPLISHED ... AND SOLDIERS ARE STILL DYING .... WAKE UP ..WHY DID IT TAKE FOUR DAYS TO HELP DYING PEOPLE ???? THE SAME REASON WHY BUSH SAT ON HIS ASS WHEN THE TOWERS WERE BURNING THE MAN IS AN IDIOT ...IMPEACH THIS STUPID STUPID MAN

that they would do flip-flops for the people in the Gulf Coast>>> boy , am I naive or what? (No foolin', I must be totally naive... no more... the Bush clan has no more heart than Cheney... what a sick, vile, and dysfuntional "family")

If you support the idea of impeachment of Bush and his Cronies, currently, this is the best chance you and we have. I see many "Impeach Bush" and "Defend America - Defeat Bush" signs and bumper stickers. I can only hope these people have taken the next step–contacting their U.S. Representatives.

And those of you who do not sport any such signs or those who maybe on the fence, Democrats and Republicans alike, this Resolution of Inquiry is critical to our ongoing Republic the founders of this nation fought to possess and enjoy. We must continue this legacy.

The founders recognized the potential of wayward governments. Consider the following from The Declaration of Independence:

"...deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government..."

And from The U.S. Constitution:

Article II Section 4.:

"The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

This Resolution of Inquiry (H.Res 375) may lead to the ultimate impeachment of Bush and his cronies. If you want to see this administration called on the carpet for their war deeds and other abuses this is the one folks. Bush and Co. must answer to We The People.

We cannot allow further abuses to our leadership. After winning Independence from England, the founders crafted the US Constitution to protect the motivating and modern freedoms that they so recently fought to win. I believe we are in a similar situation. Our rights are being eroded by this administration and we are witness to alleged crimes by this administration. We must struggle and fight to protect them

I urge you all to contact your U.S. Representatives to get on board.

Article VI, paragraph 3 of The U.S. Constitution states:

"The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation. to support this Constitution;"

We must hold them to their Oath to support Our Republic and U.S. Constitution.

Gregory S. Robles
Longmont, CO

How to Impeach Bush
How do we actually go about impeaching George Bush?
Steps Toward Impeachment
These steps are distilled from a variety of sources listed here.
Impeachment starts informally with the the people. Please make your opinions known.
A member of the House of Representatives refers charges to the House Judiciary Committee.
The House Judiciary Committee considers the charges and adopts a resolution to conduct an inquiry.
House of Representatives passes the resolution by a majority vote.
The House Judiciary Committee conducts the inquiry or investigation into the crimes.
The House Judiciary Committee approves articles of impeachment by a majority.
The House of Representative debates each article and passes at least one with a majority vote. Bush is now officially "impeached".
The Senate conducts a trial and convicts with a 2/3 majority vote.
The President, and hopefully also his VP, are removed from office.
Our Job
Our first job is to convince a brave member of the House of Representatives to refer charges to the House Judiciary Committee. Start with your local representative.

We also need to pressure the House Judiciary Committee so they don't just drop the issue. Here is a list of members. Please contact your representative and ask them to get the ball rolling. Note that we would need all of the Democrats and four of the Republicans for a majority vote. Once the impeachment process starts, it is important that we continue to support our representatives all the way through.

(This list was valid before the 2004 election and will probably need to be updated when the new Representatives take office.)

Hon. F. James Sensenbrenner (Wisconsin), Chairman

Hon. John Conyers (Michigan) Ranking Member

Hon. Hyde
(R) Illinois, 6th
Hon. Coble
(R) North Carolina, 6th
Hon. Smith
(R) Texas, 21st
Hon. Gallegly
(R) California, 24th
Hon. Goodlatte
(R) Virginia, 6th
Hon. Chabot
(R) Ohio, 1st
Hon. Lungren
(R) California, 3rd
Hon. Jenkins
(R) Tennessee, 1st
Hon. Cannon
(R) Utah, 3rd
Hon. Bachus
(R) Alabama, 6th
Hon. Inglis
(R) South Carolina, 4th
Hon. Hostettler
(R) Indiana, 8th
Hon. Green
(R) Wisconsin, 8th
Hon. Keller
(R) Florida, 8th
Hon. Issa
(R) California, 49th
Hon. Flake
(R) Arizona, 6th
Hon. Pence
(R) Indiana, 6th
Hon. Forbes
(R) Virginia, 4th
Hon. King
(R) Iowa, 5th
Hon. Feeney
(R) Florida, 24th
Hon. Franks
(R) Arizona, 2nd
Hon. Gohmert
(R) Texas, 1st
Hon. Berman
(D) California, 28th
Hon. Boucher
(D) Virginia, 9th
Hon. Nadler
(D) New York, 8th
Hon. Scott
(D) Virginia, 3rd
Hon. Watt
(D) North Carolina, 12th
Hon. Lofgren
(D) California, 16th
Hon. Jackson Lee
(D) Texas, 18th
Hon. Waters
(D) California, 35th
Hon. Meehan
(D) Massachusetts, 5th
Hon. Delahunt
(D) Massachusetts, 10th
Hon. Wexler
(D) Florida, 19th
Hon. Weiner
(D) New York, 9th
Hon. Schiff
(D) California, 29th
Hon. Sánchez
(D) California, 39th
Hon. Smith
Washington, 9th
Hon. Van Hollen
Maryland, 8th

We can without any doubt, expect the current congress to do all in its power to ignore or stonewall the will of the people on impeachment. Since they are and continue to be Bush's main enablers, its a test of the people's political acumen and determination in how we deal with congress's fully predictable inaction! Already we hear of Bush leading an investigation into his own crimes! This must be totally rejected by all people who love this country! The Katrina incident is the most heinous act of criminal dereliction of duty in the history of our federal government! Its also a monstrous show of contempt for the Amerian people! It absolutely calls for a truly independent investigation and unprecidented focus and action on the grassroots level, because the typical congressional or presidential whitewash will merely allow those responsible to get off!

The idea of letting the feds investigate themselves on this one, is ridiculous and indicates what's wrong with America. The people seem to have little if any real political savvy, are needlessly divided, and seem to have lost all taste for accountability in government! The political discourse in this country is little more than a pathetic joke. We are an entranced electorate under the complete control of a lying media and two corrupt mainstream parties. Instead of Americans awakening and uniting across party and ideological lines to confront their common enemies in government, we instead foolishly take our cues from the lying mainstream media and corrupt political leaders. When will we learn, that our nation is so screwed up because we're so screwed up? Our awesome political power is being dissipated and siphoned off by our appalling lack of common sense! Bush has never been more politically vulnerable and the opportunity to strike back at appalling government corruption more favorable. Will we continue business as usual like morons, or will we finally get things right? How can we accept more lies and unaccountability, when the very life of the republic hangs in the balance? Bush will never be held accountable by just writing your congresspeople, this goes way beyond that kind of thing! In fact letter writing alone, plays right into Bush's hands.

Katrina's huge deathtoll alone, demands that the American people mobilize and unite in righteous anger, like never before! We must take direct action on all levels, to force congress and the judiciary to do their duty on impeachment and other remedies! If we allow ourselves to be bamboozled by the media or our political leadership, we deserve the abject contempt in which we're so clearly held, by this government! This is a watershed moment in our political history, what we do now, will signal a renewal of our political power in this country or our consignment to a bleak Orwellian future! May we truly rise to this monumental challenge!


madder than Iraq, but then his (and his family's) response to Katrina aftermath, not just his criminal negligence , but all the vile things he (and Babs) have said >>> why, Why, WHY???

A lot of these people are involved in the HRES 375 The resolution of Inquiry into the Downing Street doesn't seem like a huge stretch to get Waters, Lee, Lofgren and Conyers in particular to start impeachment discussions. Obviously this is a subject that should be taken seriously. I don't want to see our government overturned capriciously. However, the record is clear, the high crimes and misdemeanors are documented. While the conviction awaits, the case is well laid. Americans are fed up - maybe the Bush base has held more strongly than we can imagine.......but we must remember that this was a VERY close election (again), and surely there have been enough Americans who have switched from Bush supporters to join us who are seriously concerned for the fate of our nation to at least start the debate. That is what we need - while I may wish for immediate removal of these crooks and liars, the debate alone will change the tone and begin to influence policy and actions, so that is a hopeful start - looking for hope wherever I can find it......Barbara Carr, New Harbor, Maine

This government knew that,this storm would kill thousands of people . They knew that the levees would fail in this storm. How dare they say they did not know. The fact is that Bush has to go. Finished! NO STOPS HERE. Get rid of the fucking bastard!!!

Now we know how it happened in germany

A matching set of ZIP CODES matching Congressional Members and Senators would be invaluable to organize our citizens responses. Armed with these zip codes we should be able to contact Senators and representatives from other districts? The Congressional email systems and the individual websites of most Congressmen and Senators REQUIRE a zip code in order to send email comments. This is unfair and undemocratic.

Rep. Gotno Sensenbrenner is currently holding ALL OF US HOSTAGE to bushcos profiteering polices. He is only a Rep from Wisconsin yet as Chairmen of the Judiciary Committee he ignores & breaks traditional Congressional rules with impunity just as Delay and Hastert do. They act like they are accountable to no one. So far this has been true. He was given this position because he is a stooge who does whatever his masters tell him. He was instrumental in the vicious lying attack on Clinton Its quite likely he is an active alcoholic often slurring his words. This is the same man who ranted endlessly about the rule of law along with Henry Hyde of Illinois during the Monica affair.

Suddenly with Delay and Hastert's bribery scandals, Rove's felonies, Bush's felonies ( lying about reason for war) these men are not so quick to demand the "rule of law"
This man is blocking us from getting on with the honest conduct of our Congressional business. When people like this are taking actions which affect all of us; we should be allowed to communicate with them.

How frustrating that hacks like this remain impervious to the American people. They are not even taking e-mails from America at large. We know they will only notice us if we respond in massive numbers. Supporting Barbara Lee’s House Resolution 375 is absolutely crucial. It may wake up a sufficient number of Americans to start the Impeachment process. When the American people finally realized that Nixon had lied to them. He resigned in order to avoid impeachment. He was on the plane back to San Clemente very quickly He lied about the cover-up of a “3rd rate burglary. All those people who say impeachment is impossible (negative, defeatist, useless thinking ) should be reminded that when a SUFFICIENT NUMBER OF AMERICANS made their will known this man was KICKED OUT OF OFFICE This is history.

Bush/Cheney/Powell/Rice/Rumsfield lied to both the American People and the Congress about their reasons for going to war. As John Bonifaz has outlined so clearly on this website, these are Felonies of the greatest magnitude. Bushco’s actions have caused far more damage to our country than Nixon or Clinton ever did. The radical Reich is skating on the ignorance and apathy of Americans. What percentage do you think even know of this proposed Resolution of Inquiry How incredibly painful to watch America lose its Democracy to a band of low level criminals. We need an all out email, phone, fax campaign on all our Senators and Congressmen. This is the one chance we have. Melt their phone bank down as happened with the White ouse phone bank when million of Americans called to protest Nixon’s lying.

America may wake up too late to stop this complete corporate corruption and militarization of our country. Today there is martial law and an attempted denial of freedom of the press (just like in Iraq) in New Orleans. There is a third version of the Patriot Act waiting in the wings for the next “terrorist attack

There is so much this administration is responsible for, it boggles the mind ! How can we ever even remember all the charges against these people ?
Is that their strategy? Just move so fast and do so much one can't keep up with it all?
While Bush is trying to do "damage control" of one thing, he does something else. We're just running from one mess to another.
Can we never get him to sit still long enough to charge him with something?
BTW: If Roberts gets pushed through...he can stop any impeachment charges against Bush !! Don't they know that?? {Congress}

If you type in Thomas/Record of Congressional Legislation
it takes you to a Library of Congress site which has all the legislation passed by bushco. Including laws passed late at nite, in the dark, and those largely ignored by the media and the public.
We missed a lot of them. The media did not cover most of them except for the huge ones like the drug company give aways or the oil company give aways or the patriot act which sometimes gets a couple of days coverarge then back to Michael Jackson or the gal in Aruba or ....
whatever the new dumb down is.

The Patriot Act is pretty scary, read that one. Also we have a new National Intelligence Agency NIA read Secret Police headed by Negroponte who supervised the operation of the death squads in Central America during Rayguns regime. Oh well just a new national police force usurping 30 percent of the FBI s resources. Nothing to be upset about. Imagine you are just starting to find out about this stuff cuz you didnt do politics cuz it didnt matter or you didnt care then you wake up with a secret police and martial law. How did that happen they say.... How come no one told us? Now we know what happened in Germany. The majority didnt pay attention or wake up till it was too late. has very good coverage of stories that matter and they maintain archives. Also carries and many other really good political shows. It has stations in NY and Berkeley and LA and is spreading to other cities. Its radio you can get on the net. No ADS. They cover the legislation that is passed. Good reference for those trying to educate themselves.
Citizen G dare i say it... keep the faith

The president says he'll lead an investigation into what went wrong with the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Bush said Vice President Dick Cheney will go to the Gulf Coast region on Thursday, to help find out whether the government is doing all it can.

Bush said, "Bureaucracy is not going to stand in the way of getting the job done for the people."

Bush said there will be "ample time" to figure out what went right and what went wrong as the federal government responded. For now, he said, he wants to focus on saving lives and getting people the help they need.

Bush is trying to pump up what he calls a "tidal wave of compassion."

He has four sessions Tuesday related to the killer storm: He confers with his Cabinet, meets with lawmakers, sits down with charity groups and makes a Rose Garden pitch for schools to take young evacuees.

Critics are questioning his focus. Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said Bush is firing a barrage of photo opportunities and misinformation , while shifting blame for what went wrong.

Dean is not alone. At least one evacuee who saw Bush Monday in Baton Rouge said she's "not interested in hand-shaking" and "photo ops." Mildred Brown said, "I need answers."

Bush said people want the White House to "play the blame game," but he said it's not the time to point fingers.

Bush said the investigation will be partly aimed at making sure the country could withstand more storms, or an attack.

"We still live in an unsettled world," he said.

Having Bush do the investigation into the Katrina Hurricane response is like asking Karl Rove do be decent. "Ain't gonna happen. Not in a million years". Bush will lie, lie, lie and blame that The Governor. Watch...

his videotape testament to Tim Russert. Why did FEMA turn down so many offers internationally, nationally, and locally. The Parrish president said FEMA turned away water, deisel fuel, and even cut phone lines.... WHY?

OPERATION CESSPOOL> Cheney Secret Shitty PNAC Agenda

Don't let the fox watch the henhouse anymore!



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I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of listening to the lies of this president. Now he wants an investigation into the response of the hurricane......AN INVESTIGATION? Bush is to blame for the LATE RESPONSE (4 days after). WHEN THE HELL IS HE GOING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILTY for his actions? If the congress does not do anything about this corrupt administration, WE AS A NATION, should march against them and DEMAND BUSH'S IMPEACHEMNT. How long can the United States go on with this arrogant, misleading, coward? How long do we have to stand around while the Media and Bush's followers enable him? WHY IN GOD'S NAME DON'T THE DEMOCRATES do something? Why must we let this go on? The weekend of September 24th, eveyone should march to the White House and DEMAND resiganation of this bone head. Everyone email, write, call their representatives and DEMANED impeachment proceedings to begin.


THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE HEARD IN ALL THE TRAGEDY! This is saturday night material and yet the news media takes this as serious news. The Government cannot investigate it's self. We have to have an independent party that looks at all that has happened.AMERICA TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!

Get rid of the fucker. This president is out, just like Mike Brown.What has happened makes me so mad. The treatment of people is horrible but the treatment of these pets has been beyond cruilty. THE WAY A PEOPLE TREATS IT'S ANIMALS SHOWS THE WAY THEY TREAT THE PEOPLE!!!! Why has the food and water BEEN kept from the people? Why were people kept from helping. Why did this government tell the first responders not to do anything until fema gave approval? Where the fuck was the federal fucking government. GET MAD. GET MAD! THE GOVERNOR ASKED BUSH FOR FEDERAL EMERGANCY ON THE 26, Bush GAVE HIS SIGNATURE ON THE 27. AT THIS POINT THE GOVERNMENT is RESPONSIBLE.

you are misinformed
bush /fema did not stop food water and ice from going into new orleans
the louissianna national gaurd did that at the orders of the govenor. as an emergency worker that was there tueday following katrina, i saw what went on
the feds cannot go in untill the state asks for help
there were trucks of supplies lined up on highways all the way back to dallas. get real and ignore the bull shit that the media puts uot
as for the NO mayor crying there was no help, i watched as a sams club parking lot filled with trucks, boat , jetskis, other watercraft and personal. all were from california, but again the mayor said no help was there
. the mayor made it racist, where i worked , we didnt care id a perso was zebra striped, they got exactly same as anyone else.

What can we do to take over the government and return it back to the people of the United States? Elections don't work, ie, Florida & Ohio. Demonstrations don't work, ie, The downing Street signatures given to the White House. The CIA leak in the White House, investigations not working..Emailing, writting, calling Representatives don't work, they are to interested in their own sick minds, enabling Bush.


We should unite and march on congress...maybe they will see the hurt, hate and determination to impeach Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfled.

It took two years of the Government doing nothing after the market crash of 1929, for citizens to march and riot in Washington. The government was intent to do nothing. People had lost everything. Once again working people taking it in the shorts, nothing has changed.

I just got the call from an assistant at his Vancouver, WA, office that Congressman Baird has become the latest Member of the House to co-sponsor this important legislation! Everyone who cares about accountability in our Federal government should urge their Representative not only to co-sponsor this Resolution as well as Resolution of Inquiry 363 (PlameGate) but to also be an advocate to their colleagues of doing the same. It goes to the core of why we as citizens would even congregate at this web site in the first place.

But if they do, ALL congress members who ignore it must be impeached and removed: Regardless of political affiliation.

All of them would be OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

But the two main crooks in Congress, Tom Delay and Dennis Hastert, are the praetorian guard which stonewall impeachment proceedings.

Bag the bagmen....Get rid of these two crooked bastard!!!


Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld should be impeached and then arrested.

ATTENTION CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS. We know you know in your heart that what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have done far exceeds the moral AND legal test for impeachment. So…. why won't you stand up and say so? Why won't you and your fellow Dems stand up and say what we all know to be true?

You have a duty to the American people, yourself and humanity to GO TO THE MAT on this and to do it now. Shut down the governments business if that's what you have to do to move this forward and pound it into the American mind. Use whatever guerilla parliamentary procedure is available to you. Say and do nothing else until the GOP agrees to investigate what any sane and just mind considers horrific crimes. No legislation, no issue, nothing you can personally gain or lose is more important than this. Nothing is more important than cutting this cancer from our government. Our safety, perhaps even our very survival depends on it.

Mountains of evidence show that these people are war criminals and traitors. You must stop them before they take us to war again, before they sell out our national security again. They have no right to do what they are doing. It is your right and your duty to stop them. Only you and your fellow elected congressional Democrats can get this done. This is why the people elected you.

Stand shoulder to shoulder, stand tall. Say what you believe, say it loud, say it all the time: they have committed impeachable offences. And I promise you, in the end, not only will you know you've done the right thing, but politically you'll come out on top. The American people will come to know traitors and criminals in their midst if you show them often enough what they look like. And in the end they will be grateful.

Senator Rockefeller, if you let Pat Roberts go back on his word to investigate the administrations use of intelligence history will never forgive you. History will hunt you down and punish you to the very same degree as those who have committed these despicable acts. Where are you? What could be more important than ensuring our leaders don’t twist intelligence to make fraudulent cases for war? As a member of the United States Senate you have the power to make sure this goes forward. You will have to put it on the line to be sure, but this is the right thing to do. Senator, we beg you, live up to your name. Stand tall in important ways.

Congressman Rangel, that was a very nice press release regarding all the killing in Iraq and when will stop. Thank you for your words. Since you penned them 60 more young, impressionable (presumably disadvantaged) Americans have died in Iraq. Words are no longer enough. Our country needs action.

Congressman Waxman, thank you for all your letters to the administration and the GOP leadership. You have shown you know right from wrong. But you have done little else. They are not listening. They don’t care. They have nothing but contempt not only for you, but for much of what America is supposed to be about. Your letters have proven to be entirely inadequate.

And Congressman Conyers... along with Congressman Waxman you have said, written, and requested much from and about this administration. You have said a lot of words that needed to be said.

But now it is clear we need different words now. We need words like IMPEACHEMENT and ARREST. Words like TREASON and HIGH CRIMES. We the American people need to hear words like SOLD OUT THE SECURITY OF OUR COUNTRY, OF OUR CHILDREN AND OUR LOVED ONES in order to try and COVER UP THEIR FRAUDLENT CASE FOR WAR. And we need to hear it from you and all your fellow congressional Democrats EVERY DAY.

These are simple concepts. And once you push these words and ideas into the American mind the game will be over. Congressional Republicans will then truly fear for their own jobs. And with good reason. YOU WILL COME OUT ON TOP POLITICALLY. In fact, you have the chance to crush the Republican Party. With this war and the way in which we were driven to it you have the great weight of the truth, the God awful truth. Bring it out and you will crush the conservative movement.

You all owe your constituents a course of action that is effective. At this point it is clear the intransigence of this administration and the GOP leadership knows no bounds. And thus it is clear that NOTHING you will do will have any effect at all, short of standing with your fellow Democrats and doing whatever possible to shut-it-all-down until open, good faith, adequately funded and staffed congressional investigations are underway and these ideas are front and center in our media culture. America deserves nothing less. America as we know it depends on your actions in the next weeks and months. You can do it. God speed…

Today people cannot claim bankruptsy because of a new law written by the credit card companys. These people have lost everything and they are now not able to claim bankruptsy, without tons of red tape. This government is evil. THIS IS THE NEW REVOLUTION. Mike Brown was installed by the president, this man had no experience in this field. How dare Bush do this to American people, HOW DARE HE BE SO IRRESPONSIBLE!


IT BECOMES NECESSARY for the PEOPLE of the United States

TO ALTER or ABOLISH the United States Government

as it exists in the year 2001 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06

Using the Authority, Law, and Intentions of the Constitution

and the Declaration of Independence.

And Now the People Step Forward

and Charge High Treason,

and Show that Democracy in its roots today,

is Corrupt.

And that the Constitution has been Altered and Betrayed

in Favor of A Small Group of Millionaires,

Over Another...

the Governed,

the People of the United States.

And that the Election Process is UN-fair

and has been Overwhelmed

and Monopolized

by Millionaires

and their millions of dollars

Continued at

Scroll Down till You see Yellow link to

( Re-Written ) Declaration of Independence

Thank You,

Paul Revere and Friends...

Don't go their sister. What this government has done is criminal. START THE IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

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