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Gathering no 'hate fest'

Press & Sun Bulletin (New York)
Tuesday, September 6, 2005
Letter: Gathering no 'hate fest'

An Aug. 25 letter described the Peace Gathering at Confluence Park as a hate fest. I wonder if the writer was there. If so, he saw something far different than I did.

It was a wonderful gathering of people solemnly recognizing the sacrifice many have made in the Iraq war. It also supported Cindy Sheehan, who lost a son in this dreadful conflict. This is not a fringe Marxist movement of hateful, hardcore anti-Americans. We are mainstream people from all walks of life who recognize the horrible cost of this war on our country as well as the people of Iraq.

Most Americans now believe this war is wrong and based on lies by our government. We have a responsibility in a democracy to speak up and hold our government accountable. I find the denouncement of us for "if in power not affording the same liberties to others" as a mindless and reckless accusation.

I feel sorry for people who perceive hate in others simply because they disagree with them.



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I have no doubt that the hate was there, or not very far away, but it wasn't among those working for peace.

I'm sorry to say this, but a lot of the blame must be placed on the shoulders of present day "religious" leaders. In particular, much of what passes for Christianity today is such a gross distortion of its original teachings as to be unrecognizable. In many cases, "love thy neighbour" seems to have been supplanted almost entirely by hatred of "the other", totally ignoring or suppressing Christ's answer to the question of who is a neighbour. Samaritans, incidentally, were "bad", not "good", and very much hated in their own day.

Oh well. So long as the "truth" being preached fills the coffers of the satellite broadcast evangelists, I guess that's the most important consideration.

Get rid of the pope and the christian religion's hypocricies should just about disappear.

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