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A Failure of Leadership, "Bush to New Orleans: Drop Dead"

By BOB HERBERT Published: September 5, 2005

Neither the death of the chief justice nor the frantic efforts of panicked White House political advisers can conceal the magnitude of the president's failure of leadership last week. The catastrophe in New Orleans billowed up like the howling winds of hell and was carried live and in color on television screens across the U.S. and around the world.

The Big Easy had turned into the Big Hurt, and the colossal failure of George W. Bush to intervene powerfully and immediately to rescue tens of thousands of American citizens who were suffering horribly and dying in agony was there for all the world to see.

Hospitals with deathly ill patients were left without power, with ventilators that didn't work, with floodwaters rising on the lower floors and with corpses rotting in the corridors and stairwells. People unable to breathe on their own, or with cancer or heart disease or kidney failure, slipped into comas and sank into their final sleep in front of helpless doctors and relatives. These were Americans in desperate trouble.

The president didn't seem to notice.

Death and the stink of decay were all over the city. Corpses were propped up in wheelchairs and on lawn furniture, or left to decompose on sunbaked sidewalks. Some floated by in water fouled by human feces.

Degenerates roamed the city, shooting at rescue workers, beating and robbing distraught residents and tourists, raping women and girls. The president of the richest, most powerful country in the history of the world didn't seem to notice.

Viewers could watch diabetics go into insulin shock on national television, and you could see babies with the pale, vacant look of hunger that we're more used to seeing in dispatches from the third world. You could see their mothers, dirty and hungry themselves, weeping.

Old, critically ill people were left to soil themselves and in some cases die like stray animals on the floor of an airport triage center. For days the president of the United States didn't seem to notice.

He would have noticed if the majority of these stricken folks had been white and prosperous. But they weren't. Most were black and poor, and thus, to the George W. Bush administration, still invisible.

After days of withering criticism from white and black Americans, from conservatives as well as liberals, from Republicans and Democrats, the president finally felt compelled to act, however feebly. (The chorus of criticism from nearly all quarters demanding that the president do something tells me that the nation as a whole is so much better than this administration.)

Mr. Bush flew south on Friday and proved (as if more proof were needed) that he didn't get it. Instead of urgently focusing on the people who were stranded, hungry, sick and dying, he engaged in small talk, reminiscing at one point about the days when he used to party in New Orleans, and mentioning that Trent Lott had lost one of his houses but that it would be replaced with "a fantastic house - and I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch."

Mr. Bush's performance last week will rank as one of the worst ever by a president during a dire national emergency. What we witnessed, as clearly as the overwhelming agony of the city of New Orleans, was the dangerous incompetence and the staggering indifference to human suffering of the president and his administration.

And it is this incompetence and indifference to suffering (yes, the carnage continues to mount in Iraq) that makes it so hard to be optimistic about the prospects for the United States over the next few years. At a time when effective, innovative leadership is desperately needed to cope with matters of war and peace, terrorism and domestic security, the economic imperatives of globalization and the rising competition for oil, the United States is being led by a man who seems oblivious to the reality of his awesome responsibilities.

Like a boy being prepped for a second crack at a failed exam, Mr. Bush has been meeting with his handlers to see what steps can be taken to minimize the political fallout from this latest demonstration of his ineptitude. But this is not about politics. It's about competence. And when the president is so obviously clueless about matters so obviously important, it means that the rest of us, like the people left stranded in New Orleans, are in deep, deep trouble.



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AMERICA...Cut your loses and impeach this clown. There's no shame in admitting a mistake. It's more than clear now that we've been duped by an imbecile,but if we don't scream to get rid of this incompetent buffoon we'll end up deserving what we get...a bigger disaster yet to come both economically and politically( the failure in Iraq).

Unfortunately, it took an indifferent response to a disaster of such monumental proportion for some in the MSM to make it abundantly clear to anyone with half a brain that Bush's administration couldn't give a rat's ass about the poor victims in NO.

It should now be as clear as the noses on the faces of even the most stalwart Bush supporters that this guy just doesn't give a shit about anyone but rich Americans. I am interested to see the next set of approval ratings - they should be very interesting. Can you say "in the toilet"?

Ultimately, it would be great to see the bastards impeached, charged and found guilty of all their crimes, and then sent away to prison for the rest of their scummy, worthless, natural lives. I can dream, right?

Maybe now we'll at least see more criticism of the war on Iraq, and this could lead to a pullout sooner than might have been possible otherwise.

They're already spinning Katrina to the moron-Americans who believe George Bush is the greatest president who ever lived. Unless he has sex in the Oval Office and gets caught, we're doomed.

Heck - even if Bush had sex in the oval office - Rove would simply state he did it for the country and faux news, Limbaugh, Hannity and their followers would simply accept it. Now - more than ever - what makes you think anything could change these peoples' minds.

Check out the above article...

NEW YORK Accompanying her husband, former President George
H.W.Bush, on a tour of hurricane relief centers in
Houston, Barbara Bush said today, referring to the
poor who had lost everything back home and evacuated,
"This is working very well for them."

The former First Lady's remarks were aired this
evening on National Public Radio's "Marketplace"

She was part of a group in Houston today at the
Astrodome that included her husband and former
President Bill Clinton, who were chosen by her son,
the current president, to head fundraising efforts for
the recovery. Sen. Hilary Clinton and Sen. Barack
Obama were also present.

In a segment at the top of the show on the surge of
evacuees to the Texas city, Barbara Bush said: "Almost
everyone I’ve talked to says we're going to move to

Then she added: "What I’m hearing which is sort of
scary is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is
so overwhelmed by the hospitality.

"And so many of the people in the arena here, you
know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she
chuckles slightly) is working very well for them."

Pardon my language folks but, what a cunt. "Let them eat cake" was a lot more sensitive. No wonder George is such a fuck up.

The Two Americas
by Marjorie Cohn Sunday, Sept 4, 2005 by

Last September, a Category 5 hurricane battered the small island of Cuba with 160-mile-per-hour winds. More than 1.5 million Cubans were evacuated to higher ground ahead of the storm. Although the hurricane destroyed 20,000 houses,no one died.

Gore, Kerry, Clintons, Biden, Cuomo, where the hell are the
democratic leaders? If they dont have the courage to speak up now
when bush is at his bottem then we are in deadly serious trouble. If these people with money and power are afraid to speak truth to power now; then this power is already beyond the reach of citizen dissent or democratic reforms. It may be too late. Is it fear or is it they don’t want to lose their corporate support? Is there one person who is willing to give up his comfortable niche in the fat cat democratic echelons? Is there anybody out there who can stand up, tell the truth and begin to direct our national recovery?

Those with the greatest courage, John Conyers, Cynthia McKinney, Barbara Lee and Cindy Sheehan have been telling the truth with great courage. These are our heros. We know what the truth is; these people speak it. Amy Goodman is a national hero.She has been speaking truth to power for years. She is not afraid to speak the truth at never saw her look so sad as tonight, labor day, showing films of Louisiana. How shameful and sad. Only bush could give us this cold hearted evil. They dont even try to hide their racism or blatant profiterring. Halliburton got a half million contract this week in Louisiana. That’s what cheney does as VP, he works for Halliburton. Are all the democrats so afraid of this criminal regime they cant speak up? Do you remember that incredulous retreat of kerry edwards the morning after, before the votes had even been counted in Ohio? Maybe they know somthing about this regime and the patriot act we dont. Renditions? Disappearances.

If we don’t speak en masse organized and united you might as well kiss it goodbye for the foreseeable future. I have never felt so ashamed or frightened living here in America Then you realize we have been inflicting worse horrors on Iraq for years because they have oil. During the 90s half a million died from our sanctions. The horrors we have inflicted as a country are now coming home.
What else can it be?.

I can't speak for others, but Kerry was in Iraq finding out the TRUTH about what our troops need and what is happening on the ground.

In fact, he was there before the hurricane, and on his flight home, he was briefed about it. He then IMMEDIATELY began working on helping the victims and calling for aid.

Incredibly enough, he responded BEFORE Bush did! AND he responded the DAY he got the news.

Barbara bush is the greatest arguement for abortion and birth control on the planet. She is the ugliest woman on the planet.
Monstors a family of monstors.

They are criminals and belong in jail. This is the simple truth
Its not a fantasy. They are guilty of lying about the reasons for going to war. These are felonies. The reasons it hasnt happened include apathy, colusion, ignorance, fear. This is what bushco thrieves on Its why they let new orleans drown.(fear, despair, apathy powerlessness)they love it when we give up.

The only hope is a movement of millions of americans who have had enough. The aftermath of Katrina is so shameful that even the apathtic assholes who dont vote may wake up Those who benefit from living here but dont have the time to help America when its in trouble are culpable for the situations we are in.

Hopefully gas will hit four or five dollars a gallon. Have you noticed those obscene fuck you SUVS for sale on the side of the road? Did you know cheney helped set up those suv exclusions from mileage legislation? ExxonMobil condy bride of chucky rices old company.
Great racket. A book on the illegal dealings of dickucheney and his fellow mafiosi would weight ten pounds but everybody is scared of him. Hes like the iceman. Cold blooded. There is no word for this guy.

How much more will America put up with ?
How come the hicks have not figured it out yet?

You could say un-fucking-believable, but at this point almost nothing seems unbelivable anymore.,1096,0_682_4524,00.html

John Perry

There was a young man from Austin,
He went to a school up by Boston.
Where he learned not a thing,
On how to be King,
And as for brains, he just lost'em.

I can't believe how naive all the pundits are - when you read all the accounts of people trying to help evacuate etc. and the feds turning them away. The deliberate refusal to help people is nothing more than a land grab by the feds. The dead and displaced can't claim their land so easily and will never be able to afford the newly developed New Orleans. As to Mississippi, they can now easily build their casinos inland, only this time huge with all the displaced and ruined property.

I'd like to think so. But I'll believe it only when I see all of these inhuman bastards sitting in a jail cell waiting for the executioner -- preferably via "extraordinary rendition" to one of those CIA-favored locations that consider torture quite acceptable.

Oh wait. No need to waste much jet fuel. Anywhere within America's own gulag will do.

By Patrick Hynes
Published 9/6/2005

We veterans of the 2004 campaign can hardly imagine the American political left sinking lower than it did then: the fake memo, Michael Moore's celluloid sandwich board, George Soros, "Bush is Hitler," Bruce Springsteen. And yet, as its reaction to Hurricane Katrina makes plain, the left is perfectly willing to sink a lot deeper.

It all seemed to start with an op-ed by a certain Ross Gelbspan in the Boston Globe. Technically, Gelbspan (who once falsely advertised himself as a Pulitzer Prize winner) blamed the "oil and coal industries" for Katrina's devastation. But lest you missed the subtlety of the charge, Gelbspan only too gladly tossed you out of the turnip truck: "In 2000, big oil and big coal scored their biggest electoral victory yet when President George W. Bush was elected president -- and subsequently took suggestions from the industry for his climate and energy policies."

And they were off. You all know the headlines and sound bites. Cindy Sheehan, who seemed to get over the grief of her son's death easily enough once the subject turned from the war to the hurricane, falsely claimed President Bush was golfing during the carnage in New Orleans. Sydney Blumenthal blamed the President for "cutting" funding to stop wetland erosion (forget, if you can, that the wetlands in question have been eroding since the Johnson administration). A blogger on the DNC's official blog castigated the president for discouraging looting. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blamed Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour for helping to derail America's adoption of the Kyoto (even though the U.S. Senate rejected Kyoto unanimously.) The repugnant Bob Herbert of the New York Times wrote, "The president didn't seem to notice" the death and destruction. And smashing all records for the dumbest public utterance ever, Kayne West (who?) said Katrina was so devastating because George W. Bush doesn't care about black people.

Blame Katrina's devastation on God's wrath toward a city soaked in its own pride and you are a crackpot. Blame the French for constructing a city in a hole by the ocean and you are insensitive. Blame the city's own residents for not helping their neighbors evacuate, leaving many behind to suffer, and you just don't get it. Blame no one at all and you are out-of-touch. But blame George W. Bush and the New York Times will hold page one.

YOU MAY EVEN HAVE a personal anecdote, as I do. Asking my wife how much we should donate to the Mercy Corps was an apparent invitation to the resident member with whom she was conversing at the time to launch into lecture mode.

"Who is the Mercy Corps? You have to watch out for these charities. They didn't even list a lot of the better secular charities on the website."

"Wait, wait, wait. Who is 'they'? What website?" I responded, baffled.

"The Bush administration. The government website," the member said.

(I know, I know: my bad. How long have I been around and I still don't know who "they" is whenever these people condescend to me?)

"Don't you think that's a little petty?" I asked. "I mean, we're just trying to help people."

"Well, they listed Pat Robertson's charity on the website. I just want to help people, too. But they didn't list..." and then the member prattled off four or five well-known secular charities.

"I don't think you'll have any trouble finding those on the World Wide Web," I said.

"George Bush isn't making it any easier."

I walked away the bigger man, but more discouraged than ever over the derangement of the American left. This person was more interested in the charities listed on a government website than in actually helping people.

AFTER ALMOST A FULL WEEK of Bush hating, the public's response to the president's response to Hurricane Katrina bares a creepy resemblance to the 2004 election results: 46% approve and 47% disapprove, according to the latest Washington Post poll (that the Post would even take a poll at such a time confirms yet again the sickening partisanship that consumes the left and its cheerleaders in the mainstream media.) Post reporters Richard Morin and Claudia Deane seemed disappointed with the data, calling it "a result that might offer some cheer to beleaguered White House staffers who feared a stronger negative reaction."

The bottom line in America's current political lunacy is, disgustingly, this: a hurricane can fill a hole seven feet below sea level with water and almost half the country will blame George W. Bush and the media will only too gleefully cover it.

Everything is now fodder for an attack ad. Even the weather.

I can't hold President Bush completely blameless, though. He has perpetuated the obnoxious fallacy that the federal government will be there for you from the rocking of the cradle to the rolling of the hearse. Writing in the New York Times, David Brooks predicts a dramatic political shift as a result of Katrina's chaos:

Katrina means that the political culture, already sour and bloody-minded in many quarters, will shift. There will be a reaction. There will be more impatience for something new. There is going to be some sort of big bang as people respond to the cumulative blows of bad events and try to fundamentally change the way things are.

If Brooks is correct, we can only hope it manifests in a wiser, less gullible, more self-reliant populous and more responsible politicians who won't pretend the government will -- or even can -- save them from natural disasters and looters (or even acts of terror, for that matter).

Patrick Hynes is a freelance writer and the proprietor of

The above post is utter garbage.

Karl Rove's countless filthy lies?
Swift Boat Assholes for 'truth'?
The outing a CIA agent for crass political advantage?
Smearing the mother of a fallen soldier because she dares to question the war?
Taking a country to war based on a pack of lies to enrich your oil buddies and do Israels dirty work for it?

Yeah, it is the the left who has sunk to new lows....

Cody - you are such a mug.

Go sign up and fight the illegal war in Iraq. They need soldiers, and it appears you do not mind being lied to...

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