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Dropping Pretense of Respect for Bush Seems to Help Canadian Media

The Toronto Star

What Boneheaded Design Guides Dubya's Moves?

by Linwood Barclay August 22, 2005

How does one explain all the misguided, unwise, sometimes outright boneheaded things the Bush administration has done since taking over nearly five years ago, and continues to do on a pretty much daily basis? How is it possible for a group of supposedly intelligent, experienced individuals to take this many wrong turns? Wouldn't you think that once in a while, even by accident, that George W. Bush and his advisers would make a decision that made sense?

Can this much mismanagement happen totally at random? Would the occupants of the Bush White House have us believe that all these things, these missteps, these miscalculations, these attempts to deceive, that they all, you know, just kind of happened?

I'm not so sure. And I'm not the only one starting to ask questions. More and more, it seems unlikely that mere human beings could make this many mistakes without some sort of misguiding force, a kind of supernatural entity that has trouble remembering where it put its car keys.

That's where unintelligent design comes in.

Once one embraces the concept of unintelligent design


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Dear Linwood,

I am with a little known but well funded group that would really like to get in touch with you. We are very interested in your ideas and would like to hear more. If you would kindly cross the border for a short visit to the US and check out any library book book written by a socialist or communist intellectual, we will have all the information we need. Please help us here. We can promise many years of blissful, free living in an environment like no other! If you prefer you can get in touch with us directly at 1-800-CIA-LOVE.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

You are joking, I hope?!

I wouldn't recommend that any "furreigner" consider any kind of U.S. transit, not even to change planes en route to third country. According to court statements made by U.S. Dept of Justice lawyers, they have no legal rights or protections whatsoever. U.S. constitution? Forget it!

For example, lawyers for the government said in Brooklyn federal court that foreign citizens who change planes at airports in the United States can legally be seized, detained without charges, deprived of access to a lawyer or the courts, and even denied basic necessities like food.

Y'all come see America the beautiful from a jail cell! If you're lucky that is. If not, you may be looking at the walls of a torture cell somewhere.

SOURCE: U.S. Defends Detentions at Airports

Sorry, Arvy, yep I was joking. I figured a little humor was called for in all the brutal truth that we've been surrounded by lately. It may have been a bit premature, given the current grave circumstances, but I hope it was worth a background giggle. I also hope it never becomes too true...I am rather worried about the trends, as I'm sure many who read these notes are.

"You have the right to free speech, as long as you're not dumb enough to try to use it!" David Robbins

PS -- it is actually my intention to hit the right wingers that post ridiculous things on this site with humor like this to point out the flaws in their arguments in a way that won't provoke an ongoing argument. There are already a few examples, under different names, in these posts. I figure it's the best way to deal with them. I don't know why I was inclined to write this one, except that I saw a chance to highlight the unconstitutionality of the Patriot Act.

Humor and satire can be very powerful tools. I particularly enjoy some of the political cartoons that recently seem to be hitting the mark more and more accurately. If you feel the need for a "laugh break", there's some good chuckles here.

Good stuff!

As an example, if you missed it, here's one that I had a laugh over a little earlier as an example of how Fox Fans and Rush Radicals might be Quickly Quieted:

No need to be sorry. I was quite sure you were joking and we certainly do need a little "comedy relief" in life's ongoing dramas - especially those of us who, unlike the current administration, really do have some empathy for others and are feeling more than a little overwhelmed by it all.

But officials at the U.S. border are definitely not joking these days. And that quote/reference I provided is no joke either. I certainly wouldn't want poor Linwood (or anyone else) to take up your suggestion the way things are right now.

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