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DC Macing, Miami Rallying, and David Cline

I hear they're macing people in DC - will try to get details. I just spoke at a great rally for impeachment in Miami, speech and video coming soon. And I'm very saddened to learn of the death of David Cline, leader of Veterans for Peace. We should all try to do as much as he did in his admirable life.

Report from Lori Perdue:
Capitol police used pepper spray to try to deter people wanting to participate in the die-in as they went over the wall. Two unidentified males tried to go over the wall, and the police pushed them back with their riot shields. When they wouldn't get down, they sprayed the men, and the wind spread the spray all over the front of the crowd. I got hit by overspray, and so did Krissy Klein, 13-year-old daughter of Tina Richards. Also, Carlos Arredondo was jumped by eight members of the Gathering of Eagles. Beat him to the ground and kicked him repeatedly until a group of Veterans for Peace and Iraq vets pulled them off. He was at his truck, which is his memorial to his son, Alexander.

Baltimore Sun article with photos of Carlos.

Youtube rally video.

I spoke with Carlos and Medea and Gael, and Carlos is unstoppable, going to press charges. A Code Pink woman was slapped in the face by the Gathering of Vultures. A woman named Amy who was with Carlos was pushed around. Carlos was the only one beaten up. The pro-deathers also threatened people over a bull horn and shouted things to let the Code Pinkers know they knew the details of activities in the Code Pink house. I'm told Huffpost and other sites are playing this rally as equal numbers on two sides, but it was more like 15,000 - 20,000 for peace and impeachment vs. just under 1,000 for war and tyranny. Carlos said he was holding an American flag upside down, which is what led to them attacking him.

Over 1,000 people lay down at the Capitol to be arrested, but the police were happy to let them lie where they were. So, they found a way to get through the fence, and a smaller number got arrested.


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"War protesters, supporters converge in D.C.
Demonstrators calling for impeachment meet counterprotesters in rallies":

MSNBC quote for pro-peace numbers:

"Thousands of protesters marched Saturday from the White House to the Capitol to demand an end to the Iraq war,..."

MSNBC quote for pro-death numbers:

"About 13 blocks away, nearly 1,000 counterprotesters gathered near the Washington Monument,..."

So the police were pepper spraying demonstrators in Washington today? I didn't see a thing about it on the TV news this evening. In fact NBC News didn't have much to say at all about the demonstration. They intentionally showed small segments of the march, so that 20,000 people looked like 200 people. They quickly went to the counter demonstration. You know, the War supporters. I bet that you folks in Washington didn't even know that they were there. Well they were, and NBC was able to find them, and give them equal time. It could be that that little group is all that is left of the Bush supporters. NBC must have said, we'd better get them on camera. When this story was finished. a commentator explained that most American people stood behind our President. The next up, was a human interest story. It was about a man who was about to leave for Iraq. He was going to leave his wife, and children to fight for his country.

Those people are trying to sell this War in the same manner as they sell soda pop. NBC, you can take your war bonds, and shove them. The biggest lie that they tell, is in the name of their program. They call it NEWS.

I saw that too , John , on MSNBC video online . The commentator got his unsubstantiated word in. NBC allowed him to lie on the air.

Contact info for NBC news:

The comment about the American people standing behind the President, was not the only lie in the news coverage of the Demonstration. The news peace in its entirety was a lie. NBC is not the only one that does this sort of thing. I do not think that our government is telling them what to do, but television has become a propaganda machine, none the less. The networks are all controlled by large corporation. Our government is also controlled by large corporations. Large Corporations are the sponsors who pay the salary's of the people at the TV stations.They also make the large contributions, which pay for politicians expensive television campaign advertising. With out the advertising politicians could not be elected. So Big Business in this country wind up being in charge of everybody.

I am not a media expert, but I have had some education, and working experience in Television. Most television news professionals are not people who would want to dupe the public, but one of the important parts of working in that profession is to be a part of the teem. Everyone tries to please their superiors, and the top brass try to please the people who are paying the bills. Big Brother is not in control, it is Big Business.

Big Business, makes big bucks on war, and the last thing they want to see is War Protesters. That is why they, lie, distort, and misrepresent the folks who want to end the war.

The public seems to think that when they see something on the news that they are watching this thing actually take place. I tell a friend,"I was in a Demonstration the other day." They reply," Yes, I saw it on television." Actually what they saw on television was some body's story of what happened. The story teller can tell you anything they want. One of the biggest lies,is the statement, that pictures don't lie. A television news story is made up of many little small peaces of video information. Often they have many hours of video, taken from different cameras to choose from. These small peaces of video are picked up like paint from an artists pallet to create their story and to tell you what they want to tell you. The public will say," Yes, I saw it on Television", like every thing that you see on television must be true.

NBC coverage of the events in Washington today, started with quite unpleasant pictures of marchers. It quickly cut to the counter demonstration,and it went directly to a women who spoke. She held the opinion that supporting the troupes, and supporting the war were the same. She seemed to be a an intelligent person, of good moral character. It was between this point and the story of the young man going to war that someone said that most of the American people stood behind our president. This was meticulously put together. First the bad guy's with the picket signs, bitching and complaining about our wonderful country. Than the nice lady who wants to support the troops. than the comment about most good American standing behind our wonderful leader. After the young man going off to war, I was expecting to see old glory flapping in the breeze to the sound of Star Spangle Banner.

I have been to many Rallies, and Marches since 2003 and TV covers them in almost the same way every time. They show a master shot of a controversial group like the Socialist Labor Party. They than move to a medium shot of a group who looks like they are on drugs, and than they move in for a close up shot of a strange looking dingbat. Last of all they tell the Television audience this is what happened today. They always seem to miss the Nuns, and Clergy, the Doctors, Lawyers, and Professional. The never seem to photograph the normal looking every day Working Person, the Senior Citizens, or even the Celebrities. They run these people down to take their pictures most of the time, but at a Peace March they don't see them.

My suggestion is don't watch television. I never do my self, but I was unable to make it to Washington today. I decided to turn on the tube, almost expecting what I would see. Sure enough, the same old crap.

John, Sometimes I think journalists are not just worried about their personal business of pleasing their bosses for their own bread-n-butter, sometimes I think they are afraid of being "knocked-off" too!
Remember Dan Rather's assistant that was anthraxed? Did we ever really find out who the "they" were that were anthraxing journalists' offices?:

It does seem that cable TV reporters (and cable comedians-as-newsanchors ) have more latitude with being able to report ALL the news and to be journalists-as-advocates and watchdogs for we Americans. Why is this? It still doesn't reach level of foreign press in revelations about what Bush/Cheney are doing behind the scenes, but at least cable reporters (and cable comedians) are not censored about the PNAC!

Telecommunications Act of 1996 that de-regulated the media is the evil culprit.

You will enjoy this youtube, or at least feel validated ;) :


NPR just reported (at 1:00am Eastern Time) "several thousand protesters" - no indication whatever of a group as large as 20,000; the same shit they pulled last winter - and "over a hundred arrests", with no mention of over 1,000 in the "Die-In". Plus zero mention of the Goon Squad assaults, in two reports so far tonight.

This "establishment" is a pathetic joke, and will soon be completely indistinguishable from that of Nazi Germany or the Stalin-era Soviet Union.

Are you getting ready for what is surely to come next?

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

I have (a very precious) $1,000 to donate for Carlos Arredondo's lawsuit - or medical bills, or for whatever he most needs it - right here, right now.

David, you have my e-mail; can you send me direct contact info which I can use to make arrangements for this donation, please?

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

i think we were prepared for the media to slight us if not all together ignore us. Maybe there will be 500 Carlos's next time?
i'd like to hear what the lower populated cities did media wise on their protests. Here in Billings MT, We vigiled the Eyes Wide Open project for 8 days, 7 different street corners leading up to todays March on DC and our closing ceremonies on the Yellowstone Cnty Ct Hs lawn... we got decent coverage with a listing of time/date/who/where everyday we'd be vigiling; A news paper article and a TV spot on the twice nightly news from the closing ceremonies.

Good on ya Matty

Viet Nam drafted Veteran WIA '68
Co-State Coordinator PDA Montana

...has it about right in his Same Old Crap post above. Anyway, that's how it seems to work around here in Northwest Iowa. I was at a vigil in Sioux City a while back in support of something big going on in DC. There were maybe a dozen of us--some old Vets like me, a couple of Nuns, and a few other Concerned Citizens. Some of us carried Bring 'em Home signs, others War Is Not The Answer, Not One More Day..., and so on. One guy had a sign that said You Can't Polish A Turd.

There was a another guy with a Mohawk haircut standing across the street, watching us. I think he was from a Theater Group that was in town to put on a play. Anyway, about the time he wandered over to see what was going on, the Media showed up.

They took some video, and interviewed one of the Vets who told them he was out there to try and stop another Nam. They also talked to the guy who had just come over, but I did't hear what he had to say because he was too far away.

Guess what made it onto the Nightly News: A long shot of all us stretched out along the curb, a close-up of the Turd sign, and the interview with the guy in the Mohawk, who was a total space case.

That's how it seems to go in the lower populated cities around here, media wise, Darwin, but I still think it's important for us to be out there. Lots of people walking by take the handouts, now-a-days, and lots of those driving by honk. It didn't used to be that way.

R Ap might want to have a look at Richard Doak's column in the Sunday, September 16 Des Moines Register under the heading: "This election's buzzword of choice has got to change". It has some relevance to this discussion, I think.

Here's part of what he had to say: ' "I developed an aversion to the word in my pre-retirement days when various managers would urge employees to "embrace change." Anyone labeled a "change resister" was in career-ending trouble." '

I would submitt it myself, but I don't know how.

R Ap

LINK - a case of properly criticizing the corporate approved candidates while suggesting that there are no alternatives. Not helping.

...the MSM operates that I thought was relevant (employees under career-ending pressure from management to "embrace change"--whatever that means). Doak used to be employed as the Opinion Page Editor down there at one time, I believe. I see that he made it to retirement, though.

R Ap

I spoke with Carlos right after these cowards first ganged up on him, grabbed his son's picture and started to run off with it. Carlos tackled him and when they both went down the cowards surrounded him like a pack of dogs and began kicking him in the face, his head, his back, his ribs and his legs. They are cowards for the reason that they say they support the troops yet they take Carlos' son's picture who made the ultimate sacrifice for 'freedom' and try to run off with it, they are cowards for the reason that they will not sign up at the local recruiting office, they are cowards for the reason that it took 8 on 1, they are cowards for the reason that one of them did slap a CodePink girl, that's real tough and show's a lot of bravery, doesn't it?

Carlos had his flag upside down because he told me that he had spoken to Dave Cline and Dave told him what it meant (a country in distress) and Carlos did it out of respect for Dave. The cowards on the other side are too fucking ignorant to know any of this. They got violent this weekend which changes the complexion and dynamics of everything. How come they wouldn't say shit to me when I walked right in the middle of their little gathering on the right side of Congress's steps wearing my cammies and 'Arrest Bush' shirt? The CodePink girl should have filed assault charges. I'm pretty sure donations would have been provided for her plane trip back to D.C. for the Hearing.

Mike McNiel
USMC Gulf War vet

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