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Madison WI Shouts Out for Impeachment - and Your Help

Madison Impeachment Resolution Stalled!
Contact Alders NOW to Break Log Jam!
Deadline This Tuesday's Council Meeting 9-18-07!

What are they doing to us, to our kids, to our world?

We don't like what the Bush Administration is doing to America & the world. DO YOU?

If you think Bush and Cheney are fine Americans, you're duping yourself and need to hit that delete button NOW.

If you say they need to go, then you need to "force" your Madison city council to do its duty and call for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. You have 4 days to get this done. Sat. thru 6:30 pm Tuesday.

Sept. 4th the Madison City Council made a serious mistake. It failed to pass the resolution calling for impeachment investigations against Bush and Cheney. Eight alders did their duty to their oath of office to support and defend the U.S. Constitution by voting yes. Three voted no (Democratic Alder Mark Clear and two Republicans.)

Eight alders (7 of them Democrats) sat on their hands and did not even vote!

Did YOU elect alders to go to meetings, collect paychecks and not to vote because the topic is too hot to handle?

If you don't like what they did and you want Bush and Cheney impeached, you better act fast.

We ask you to take about 1.5 hrs. between now and Monday to act! Help save Madison's reputation for common sense, dialogue and political courage. More importantly, help save our American form of government.

First please print out this email and attachments.

And while you are reading or working taking political action, if you feel someone pat you on the back, it'll be one of the founding "fathers" or "mothers" of our nation.

He or she might say, "Thanks for fighting to save the Constitution. Many have died, been horribly physically or emotionally wounded when doing their duty fighting to preserve our Constitution. It's your turn to fight. But you don't need a gun. Use the most powerful political weapon ever devised. Go impeach those SOB's!"

Because he voted NO, Alder Mark Clear, can, at the next council meeting, ask the council to "reconsider" the impeachment resolution.

When the impeach matter is brought up a second time it may pass. But it will only pass IF YOU DO YOUR WORK! If Alder Clear does NOT make the "motion to reconsider" the impeachment motion is dead and cannot be brought up again.

Here is the key argument: Each person who enlists in the military and each person elected to office in America, from local to national levels, takes an oath with very similar words. What are those words?

Basically it is the presidential oath: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Today Bush, his people and Congress are shredding the Constitution before our eyes: Illegal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, illegal torture programs across the world, illegal wiretapping programs here at home and a long list of other "high crimes" are being committed 24/7. Plus their latest horror plan - attacking Iran and maybe Syria and maybe doing this with nuclear weapons.

Are YOU mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? Hopefully yes.

The argument to make to alders is simple: "As an alder you took an oath of office to support the Constitution. The Constitution is being shredded in front of you. It is your duty to act to protect the Constitution. I demand you vote for the resolution to start the impeachment process.

If you cannot uphold your oath of office, you must resign!" Then ask them, "What are your going to do?"

Then report to us what they say at

Here is what you can do to prepare yourself:

Step 1: Do your homework first: Print this email and attachments.
A. Skim the Madison City Council Impeachment Resolution we want them to approve (attached in WORD).

B. Skim the "Resolution Passed by Dem. Party 9-12-07" in this email below.

C. Read Dem. Chair Bigelow's letter sent to Alder Clear (attached in Adobe).

D. Read Alder Clear's Response in this email below.

E. Then try to control your outrage.

Step. 2. Have a cup of coffee or a soda and do six things.
1. Call & email your alder. Tell him/her that you want them to call Alder Clear and ask him to move to reconsider. Then you want your alder to vote YES on the impeachment resolution. We recommend you email your alder but email all the alders at one time using this address:

2. Call & email Alder Clear, demanding he move for reconsideration and vote YES on the impeachment resolution. Call him at 608-310-8792 (cell #), 833-1339(H) or 663-8920 (W). When you email him use so all the alders get a copy.

3. Then call & email Mayor Dave Cieslewicz at 266-4611
Tell the mayor you want him to take a leadership role in passing the referendum. You want him to ask Alder Clear to make the motion for reconsideration. Tell him you want the council to pass the impeachment referendum -not sit on their hands.

4. If you live outside Madison, send one email to the mayor and council using these two addresses: You might say something like: wish my city council, or village board, or town board had the political courage to debate impeachment. I hope the impeachment resolution is reconsidered and passes. It will give us all encouragement that at least some elected officials have the courage to do what is right and do their duty to their oath of office. Thank you ______

5. Then email us at and tell us what responses you get. YOU NEED TO BLITZ THE COUNCIL AND MAYOR WITH DEMANDS TO TAKE ACTION.

6. Lastly forward this email to all your friends who you think are concerned with the future of America for themselves and the little kids in America.

Eighty cities across America have called upon the U.S. House of Representatives to start impeachment investigations against Pres. Bush and VP Cheney for illegal wars of aggression, illegal torture and illegal wiretapping. Rep. Tammy Baldwin has co-signed House Resolution 333 calling for impeachment investigations against VP Cheney. On Aug. 16th the Dane County board of supervisors became the second county in the nation to call for impeachment proceedings to begin. We need Madison to step up to the plate and call for impeachment.

If you decide to take political action to help save our form of government, we thank you very much for your efforts!

Buzz Davis, member, Impeachment Coalition of Dane Co. and member, Veterans for Peace

608-873-4886 (H)

How did alders vote on the 9-4-07 Impeachment Resolution? 8 Voting “Yes”: Tim Gruber Dist. 11, Julia Kerr D13, Brenda Konkel D2, Satya Rhodes-Conway D12, Marsha Rummel D6, Brian Solomon D10, Mike Verveer D4, Robbie Webber D5, 3 Voting "No": Mark Clear Dist. 19, Judy Compton D16, Thuy Pham-Remmele D20, 8 Abstaining: Zach Brandon D7, Tim Bruer D14, Joe Clausius D17, Lauren Cnare D3, Eli Judge D8, Larry Palm D15, Michael Schumacher D18, Paul Skidmore D9 Not Present: Jed Sanborn D1

1. Madison Alder Mark Clear's Response to Dane Co. Democratic Party Chair Wayne Bigelow's Letter and Dane Co. Dem. Party Resolution passed 9-12-07.

Thanks for sending this, Wayne. I certainly appreciate how strongly many people in the community and in the DCDP feel on this issue.

My position on this issue is pretty simple. There's no disagreement on the horrible record of the Worst President Ever and his ways that hurt our planet, our country, and right here in Madison. So this is a "local" issue.

But I voted no on this for several reasons, the most notable being that while I agree about holding the administration accountable, I believe it is our duty as citizens to do so, and to encourage Congress to do the same. This is not a duty of the Madison Common Council. I don't believe that having the council make a statement on the issue helps any, and in fact it may hinder the cause. I heard from many of my constituents, during the campaign and since, that they want the council to focus on issues where we can have an impact. I don't think this issue qualifies. I also agree with Sen. Feingold's reasons why censure is a better option than impeachment; you're probably familiar with his thoughts on that.

I don't think I'm going to move for reconsideration. I have no reason to believe that another vote would be any different, and I haven't heard from any of my colleagues that they would like reconsideration, either to change their vote, or to hear more testimony or have more debate. So I don't see how reconsideration benefits anyone.

Thanks again for the opportunity to clarify my position and for everything you do for our party and our community.

Mark C.
Alder Mark Clear
19th District, Madison, WI

3. Resolution Passed by Dem. Party 9-12-07


WHEREAS, via numerous resolutions adopted by their memberships starting in 2005, the Dane County Democratic Party ("DPDC") (including Madison Democrats) and Wisconsin Democratic Party ("DPW") (which includes the DPDC) have made clear to the public their position that President Bush and Vice President Cheney should be impeached for numerous high crimes and misdemeanors; and

WHEREAS, these high crimes and misdemeanors have had and continue to have direct adverse effects on the people of Madison and their City, including fiscally currently and for generations to come, through violations of constitutional rights, through disrupting families, jobs, educations, health and well-being, and businesses of military volunteers and military reservists called to active duty who have fought or are fighting in the illegal war in Iraq, and in other ways; and

WHEREAS, the Madison Common Council (hereinafter "the Council") had before it on September 4, 2007 a resolution entitled "Urging Congress to begin impeachment investigations against President Bush and Vice President Cheney" (hereinafter "the impeachment resolution") and adoption of this resolution failed on a vote of 8 "yes" (including 6 Council members who are members of the DPDC), 3 "no," 8 abstentions, and 1 absent, with 7 Council members, who are members of the DPDC, abstaining and 1 Council member, who is a member of the DPDC, voting "no"; and

WHEREAS, the Council's failure to adopt the impeachment resolution was directly contrary to the best interests of the people of Madison and their City and the well known positions of the DPDC and DPW favoring impeachment of the President and Vice President; and

WHEREAS, the defeat of the impeachment resolution because 8 Council members, who are members of the DPDC, abstained or voted "no" damages the credibility of the DPDC and DPW and the parties' abilities to work effectively for the election of Democrats who will work to implement the Parties' principles once elected;

THEREFORE, RESOLVED BY THE DPDC THAT it thanks for voting "yes" on the impeachment resolution the 6 Council members who did so and are members of the DPDC; and

THAT it is sorely disappointed for abstaining or voting "no" on the impeachment resolution with the 8 Council members who did so and are members of the DPDC; and

THAT it calls on all Council members, who are members of the DPDC, to do expeditiously all that they can to have the Council adopt a resolution that is the same or substantially similar to the impeachment resolution, including as a first step adopting the motion, that should be made on September 18, 2007, to reconsider the September 4, 2007 vote on that resolution.



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