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Nuclear Treason, Lost Nukes into Dixie Mafia Bush-Clinton Country

Submitted by joemartin on Sat, 2007-09-15 12:25. Discussion
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Nuclear Treason, Lost Nukes into Dixie Mafia Bush-Clinton Country
UPDATE: Sept. 20, 2007 Another Minot Airman reportedly found dead, already !

In the event nuclear treason has happened and there is an unaccounted for nuclear warhead missing, all personnel, including the superbomber crew, who handled or took part in accounting for the nuclear weapons in question should be quarantined for questioning and placed under protective custody for their own safety, and probably the families of these personnel need protection, as well.
Failing to do this will amount to marching these servicemen/women through the courthouse basement Lee Harvey Oswald was exposed in where he was gunned down, after the J.F.K. killing.

For one thing, on an overall broad basis, one must consider that just as it would have been more difficult for the original SWAT types to murder J.F.K. had he not gone to Lyndon B. Johnson's southern territory, it might also be more difficult for Bushco to manipulate the U.S. nuclear arsenal into a black operations mode unless the warheads entered the same general "J.F.K. Killing Arena", part of which is west of Dallas, Texas, of course, and involves or borders N. Mexico, Area 51, Nv., etc..
Naturally, the Clintons, who have been written up by some sources as a C.I.A. husband-wife team, now must hold vast influence in this southern arena which may be accurately referred to as a sort of Bush-Clinton Dixie Mafia South.

Sources state that the historically inaccurate, alleged assassin of J.F.K., L.Harvey Oswald, even circulated through some of the "spots", including nightspots of the Dixie Mafia in the South. Whether he was actually working undercover to identify a southern operation while involved in Project Freedom where he eventually wound up helping in the lab work to create a killing virus when in New Orleans, or whether he was just enjoying himself, he was in what some refer to as the "Dixie Mafia South" before and during the John F. Kennedy Assassination. As stated in this author's book, "Candidates For The Con", Oswald may have been working as an F.B.I. Division Five agent, while actually performing a military intelligence role.

What does this have to do with missing nukes, or possibly missing nukes?
Chapter one of "Candidates For The Con" states that it was a friend of George H. W. Bush, named George DeMohrenschildt, a Russian émigré and eventually a longtime intelligence agent and geologist, valuable in the petroleum and mining fields, who got Lee H. Oswald his job in the Dallas School Book Depository. A basis is established to determine that since Oswald was "wasted" he was a threat to the southern "Outfit", where a member of the Bush Crime Syndicate was involved, G.H.W. Bush, a C.I.A. employee-agent at the time of the J.F.K. killing.

We now have another Bush Crime Syndicate member, President George W.Bush, in another command position, and considering the wasted Oswald had the same type of knowledge the personnel involved in accounting for and shipping the nuclear warheads have, especially if any of the warheads remained unaccounted for at any period in time, and these personnel could be at risk, depending on what they saw and know, as they might be a liability to the "Con". The cons in high U.S. rule as of this writing are relatives of the cons in power in C.I.A. during the J.F.K. killing.

Missing warheads, or possibly unaccounted for warheads, spells BLACK-OPS on the horizon. Any impropriety proving to be an intentional misplacement or displacement, or theft of the weapons means the lives of any eyewitnesses involved in handling, shipping, and/or accounting for the weapons, might be in danger. We are not dealing with beans here, but every person handling these weapons of mass destruction potentially handles the lives of the collective human race of America and parts of the world.

Note: In a previous internet article I reminded and informed readers what happened just as the then-Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, was to be grilled by Senate members, etc., the Virginia Tech Massacre occurred, when more than 30 people were killed April 16, 2007 in a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech. Even if we know that the regime's domestic spy program was/is unjust, now that Bush has stated that Gonzales was politically picked on, it may be possible the "Con" prefers another massacre since Gonzales has been forced completely out.

This is the problem of leaving any remnants of the J.F.K. Killer-Family dynasty in office. They will constantly seek vengeance and retribution when they are found out, caught, and prosecuted. They need to be completely removed from U.S. Soil forever and tried as war criminals. As far as this author's concerned, "Billary", the so-called husband-wife CIA team, can go with them. America deserves better !

Regarding nuclear terror drills to go live on U.S. soil, read the last chapter 6, "New World Order Nuclear Vaccination Mentality" of "Candidates For The Con", here:, or here at:

Visit and vote to IMPEACH BUSH-CHENEY NOW !


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