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Greetings All!

I just spoke with Dennis Kyne in Covington, LA. Our VFP Peace Tour group kept a shelter going and is working now hand-in-hand with Natl'l Guardsmen just in to town. They're continuing to cook and distribute meals - the propane kitchen on the bus has been the only working equipment in the community. They're continuing to assist with first aide & medical triage. Their generator has been the only operating system. Their satellite link has been one of the only reliable means of communications in the area.
They are no longer able to purchase any of the following in Baton Rouge or communities within reach of the Big Easy and need them desperately:

- baby formula, pre-mixed
- baby diapers
- dehydrated milk
- dehydrated eggs
- dehydrated potatoes
- feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads)
- ensure drink

We are sending a van tomorrow. We need the above items for that trip. Because of weight, we will only take part of the water collected, as diapers and other goods for this first trip weigh far less and the need for them is acute.
Vans are needed!
The VFP guys needs vans and pick-ups to distribute food and for search and rescue work. Vehicles donated to Veterans for Peace will be used for this purpose. Because they will be put to use and NOT RESOLD, donors can get full high-book value for their vehicles as a tax write-off. CALL ME (Dan) IF YOU HAVE OR KNOW OF A VEHICLE THAT CAN BE DONATED. Our first was donated this morning. THANKS TO SAM COLEMAN OF HUNTINGTON BEACH!!!!
I have spoken with Denise Reincke, Board Member for the Anaheim Union High School District. She has gotten approval for the AUHSD to run an ASB drive next week for dry-goods, etc. GOD BLESS ANAHEIM UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT & DR. FARLEY, THE NEW SUPT'D. Kids from 22 schools can collect a lot of diapers, et al! Veterans for Peace will ensure that those goods are delivered to Covington as a staging center for distribution!
We're looking for a staging point in a business or school site in central Orange County as I write. We will have multiple drop-off points within 24-hours, so thank you for your patience in holding goods until we announce where that will be. I've got a call into Dr. Farber to see if a school site can be used, but in the meantime, need locations.
We need volunteers to help man phones and coordinate all of this. If you can donate some high-energy and committed time to helping manage this, call.
We continue to need cash contributions. Call and we will make arrangements to receive your cash donation. Checks should be made out to Veterans for Peace and are deductible. Proceeds will be used SOLELY for transportation of goods to LA and for purchase of needed items. We will send collected goods down this week and early next, then transition remaining funds for use by our chapters in the mid-west and deep south to get goods more locally to the area. Our goal is to facilitate the distribution of at least two semi-loads per week into Covington through Veterans for Peace through the month of September. Since transportation costs are high, goods will be purchased more locally through the other chapters in the south and mid-west once the initial flurry out of So Cal is handled. It is more economical in the immediate to just get the stuff there. After a week, we'll continue to raise cash for other chapters, and the guys on the ground themselves in Louisiana to buy directly what is needed, eliminating transportation costs as soon as practical.
We're looking for truckers, we're looking for trucks, and we're looking for the money to get them there and back. We may have had a semi-truck donated, but will need help in making it operational [it is in working order], either as a donation to a trucking line following the need for it, and for it/them/him or her to operate it appropriately in the mean time.
We need Veterans and others who are willing to travel down on one of the deliveries and help out the folks in place there now. Alex Madrigal, VFPer from OC will take the first van tomorrow. Mark Ruter, another VFPer will leave Wednesday in his own van, and return after a week. They need relief drivers, travel companions and can bring at least one soul back in a week.
Our New Orleans chapter President is working triage at LSU and can use help, as can the Peace Bus VFP group on the ground in Covington. IF YOU ARE A FORMER MEDIC OR CORPSMAN, OR ARE A NURSE OR OTHER TRAINED PERSON, WE NEED YOU!!! Others with the willingness to pitch in are needed. Call me & we'll coordinate getting you in place and your skills in service helping people.
If anyone has or knows of portable water distillation stills we will truck them down as well.
We will also be looking for computer communications equipment to augment what is on the bus. If you've expertise in that arena, call and we'll coordinate with you to get those items in place. The existing equipment is now being used by Red Cross and others to help residents communicate with families, etc. outside of the area and more depth is required desperately!
More later!!!!

Waging Peace!

Dan Kelly
Veterans for Peace, Orange County
23701 Via Navarra
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(949) 830-3604
(714) 482-5573 Cell


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You can use to send things directly to Baton Rouge.
Address is: Ward Reilly, C/O Veterans for Peace #116, 645 Kimbro Dr.,
Baton Rouge, LA 70808. Covington is about 65 miles from Baton Rouge
and there is transportation going from there to Covington on a regular basis.

Paypal donation linked directly to our efforts in
Covington, LA:


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