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Why the American dream is one of the biggest lies

Why the American dream is one of the biggest lies

Muriel Gray argues that the lessons of hurricane Katrina and its terrible aftermath are not about disaster management but about exposing the falsehoods at the very heart of modern America

SINCE broadcasters precede any post watershed material that might shock, offend or disturb with a stern warning about content, it seems odd that this service is not extended to the news. Mind you, what would the reassuring voice of the female continuity announcer say? How about: “Viewers are cautioned that the following programme contains images that may cause them to despise the entire human race and look forward to its inevitable self destruction.


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Its true. It is sad and true.

The democratic party, long dominated by the "ex" - klu klux cla (Byrd) simpering monkeys lingering on the edge of southern gentry (clinton) have aligned themselves with the most notorious of our society - those snake oil salesmen who trumpet immediate cures to social ills on every street corner (Sharpton).

But the reality is different. The racist and subborners of freedomhave endevoured through their thuggish throat cutting mafia bosses (teamsters), drug dealers and smugglers (the Kennedy's) to keep the poor poor and the disenfranchised apart from the rest.

A concerted effort to place as many as possible on the government dole and 'in their pocket' has been accomplished through the 'Great Society" programs of the 60s. Accomplished with the help of dictators (USSR) around the globe, groups were organized and managed from offices in Moscow, Peking, Baghdad and Syria.

They are winning. We must stop this.

This is your "Anonymous" perception.

Date: Mon Sep 05, 2005 04:16:39 PM US/Eastern
Subject: American dream is one of the biggest lies.

Dear Ms. Gray,

As an american citizen, I commend you on your Sunday Herald piece.
Yes, lies MUST be exposed. Especially the biggest ones. I have felt for
so long that this "american dream" lie is one root of a very diseased vine
of delusion suffocating the life of this world.

Great post Sussel.

I must say I am most surprised. It seems most Americans do not realise that, worldwide, their country has long been recognised as the United States of Greed, Hypocrisy, Violence and Self Interest. This is precisely why most of us can think of little worse than your "way of life" spreading across the globe.

Today I read that all sorts of international relief agencies are providing funding to aid victims of these awful events. While it is good that support is being volunteered how is it that you can afford to wage illegal wars at a cost of untold billions but you need international hand-outs to rescue and support your own people?

Why are the masses not demanding the immediate resignation of your Neroesque Emperor with no clothes, your Minster of Vacations? Surely it is time that the worst president in the history of everything be forcibly ejected from the office he and his expensively shod, Spamalot guffawing cronies have taken hostage.

Please America. We beg you. For the sake of humanity - or, at the very least, for the sake of your own chronically eroded credibility - IMPEACH BUSH NOW!!!!

Wellington, New Zealand

I would like to try to respond to you statement. Keep in mind, there has to be some relitive plus or minus to the accuracy of what i say.

What i think happend is this. I think this merits some consideration.

Sometime around the late eighties, banks eased up on their lending practice's, and individual's, male and female, at around 18 years old, were allowed something like a $10,000.00 dollar line of unsecured credit through the use of credit cards. If they managed fairly well over time, this credit limit was raisd to an even higher limit, 20,000.00, 30,000,00 possibly higher for some. All unsecured credit. Today, the national total of this unsecured debt is at or around $ 90,000,000,00 (90 billion)

I live in a central ILLINOIS city. There is no genuine wealth where i live. not the kind of wealth you see in, say, Chicago, or NY. Roughly ten percent (higher i suspect) of the area is now jobless. Higher, in surrounding communities.

I probably could say alot about the retail competention around here that far exceeds the population level, but it is in every city now, like this.

Big houses, big boats, big suv's, big p/u trucks, big screens, expensive designer clothing etc, large student loan debt, you name it. All acquired through debt that far exceeds reason. Subsequently, i suspect, this has allowed a great percentage of American's to see themselves as superiour types,(locally and globly) both intellectually, as well as economically, strictly on the basis of the amount of material "goods" they've manage to acquire.

I could include statements regarding their sexual relation attitudes' and how they have introduced new low's, in conduct and activitie's, but lets not.

All this i've described above, has resulted in a psuedo-intellectual mind set by these younger individual's, ALSO, strictly on the basis of these accumilated material goods. I'ts like, look at all i got everyone. Im better than you, or them.

Picture this, if you will, please. On one side of this small city, you have these people all grouped in these new areas, and on the otherside, you'll find 15 or more sq mile's of abject poverty. All the retail outlets, car dealerships etc, have abandond the east (poverty stricken side) and relocated to this other more afluent side.

I think the following can be considered relitivly accurate in that, they beleive, the accumilation, of all these material goods, is a result of republican policie's. For some reason, they beleive the republican party is directly responsible for their abilitie's and succsess in having all they now possess. They are now totally focused on living the good life, at tomorrows expense and they are absolutely blind to this reality.

What i suspect is behind this, actually,,was a long term plan,,by neo-consertive policies,implimented through their control of financial institution's, skillfully thought out, to effectively pacify, subvert, divert etc, the focus of these people, this generation, by allowing them these absurd unsecured credit limit's, which enabled them to acquire what ever their happy little hearts desired, so they could be materiallistically pacified and subsequently neutralized in any ability to risk anything that might jepordize their materialisticly focused lives. So, while these folks have been living the good life, their government has engadged, behind their back's, un'beknownst' to them, in dirty deeds, here in the us, and around the world, that actually now appearse not in the best interrest of their existence.

Presently, they are unwilling to risk losing their comfortible lifestyle, by ingaging in any activity that goes against the authority they falsely presume to have allowed for this lifestyle.
Their in debt up to their arse's, nearly drowning, and wont risk anything that may jepeordize their lives.

So, i beleive the intent was, to drown these younger member's of American society with material goods to pacify them, and through debt, neutralize them, prevent them, from any willingness to engadge in any threatning activity that may result in them being thrown into the poverty they fear might result from activities that may jepordize employment. Somewhere, in this paragraph, is a frightning truth.

If i had taken more time with this, i could have presented this explaination better. Subsequently, i hope this suffice;s.**HUMPHREY**

Does the dream any longer even exist. Those who might support it are not readily apparent anywhere amongst the current leadership of the Red/Blue duopoly. The following is a brief quote from an article by Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration:

"Libertarians and free trade economists don't realize it, but they are pulling Marx out of his grave. Free traders are resurrecting class war, not because they are Marxists but because they confuse free trade with global labor arbitrage.

" ... Economic science no longer exists in America. Its place has been taken by emotional commitments to dogmas. Americans and their hopes are daily paying the price for this great failure of economic thinking.

" ... It is detrimental to the future of freedom that at this time, when our civil liberties are under attack by the Bush administration and diminishing economic opportunity is breathing new life into class war, libertarians and market economists are demonstrating more commitment to ideology than to the welfare of fellow citizens. By associating freedom and market solutions with policies that are eroding Americans' prospects, freedom's defenders are unwittingly stabbing freedom in the back."

Read full article.

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