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PLEASE Call Your Representative's Office TUESDAY

Help Needed - PLEASE Call Your Representative's Office TUESDAY Re: HRes
375 the Downing Street Minutes

A few months ago, Rep. Barbara Lee introduced a Resolution of Inquiry
[H.Res. 375 Re: the Downing Street Minutes] to investigate Bush
Administration deceit and wrongdoing leading up to the Iraq War. The
After Downing Street Coalition - - is
working with Rep. Lee's office and others to gain Congressional
cosponsors for this Resolution. Unfortunately we are running out of
time. The showdown vote is drawing near. You can help us win! We need
your help. Especially if your Representative is a member of the
International Relations Committee (see list of members below). Please
send this to all your lists, post on blogs and yahoo groups, etc.

Congress reconvenes September 6th and the International Relations
Committee (IR Committee) could vote on the Resolution soon - perhaps
even that day. Please call your Congressmember's D.C. office Tuesday
morning, September 6th and urge him or her to cosponsor the Resolution
of Inquiry. Please note: "support" isn't enough. We need them to
*cosponsor.* Then, keep calling every day - and get friends and family
to call - until there's a vote on the Resolution. Watch for news about
this at the committee website: and see below
for a list of IR Committee members, cosponsors, the text of the
Resolution, the Downing Street documents and more. Use
AfterDowningStreet's Lobby Kit to persuade your Congress Person:

Get your Member's D.C. telephone number here:

Ask for the Legislative Director or the person in charge of Iraq or
foreign policy, express your strong support for the Resolution of
Inquiry (ROI), and request the Representative join the growing number of
cosponsors. If they tell you that the representative will *not* be
cosponsoring H. Res. 375, ask for specific reasons. Ask what it would
take for the Representative to co-sponsor.

If your Representative is a Republican, explain that Rep. Jim Leach from
Iowa - a top-ranking Republican on the International Relations Committee
- is already cosponsoring. If your Representative is a Democrat, explain
that Leach and Tom Lantos, the Ranking Democrat on the International
Relations Committee, are now cosponsoring. Ask: How can a Democrat
refuse to cosponsor when a top Republican is consponsoring?

We need THREE total Republicans on the International Relations Committee
and ALL of the Democrats to cosponsor for H. Res. 375 to pass from the
Committee to the House for a floor vote - see below for members of the
IR Committee. For every Democrat who refuses to cosponsor, we need an
additional Republican.

Even if your Representative is not on the IR Committee, we need them as
cosponsors, *not* just as supporters of the Resolution. If the ROI fails
in committee, we'll need massive cosponsorship in the House.

We also need specific information to follow up on these calls. Find out
if your Representative seems willing or reluctant to cosponsor and then
report back to us at

Current cosponsors:

We can't assume your Congressperson is aware of these materials. If they
need to know more about the Resolution or express uncertainty, ask for a
fax number and / or email address to send copies of the Resolution of
Inquiry and the actual Downing Street Minutes to the Representative or
staffer(s). Fax or email these materials to them. You can get them here:
One-page PDF of the Resolution of Inquiry:

Link to the ROI (scroll down):

One-page PDF of the first Downing St. Minutes also known as the Downing
Street Memo from July 23, 2002:

Link to the Downing St. Minutes:

If your Representative signed Rep. Conyers' letter of 5/5/05 Calling on
the President to Answer Questions Concerning the "secret Downing Street
memo" but hasn't agreed to Cosponsor HRes 375, you should mention that.
Here's a PDF list of Members of Congress who signed the letter:

Here's a PDF of the letter itself:

Members of the International Relations Committee
Tom Lantos: California, 12th District
Howard L. Berman : California, 28th District
Gary L. Ackerman: New York, 5th District
Eni F. H. Faleomavaega: American Samoa
Donald M. Payne: New Jersey, 10th District
Robert Menendez: New Jersey, 13th District
Sherrod Brown: Ohio, 13th District
Brad Sherman: California, 27th District
Robert Wexler: Florida, 19th District
Eliot L. Engel: New York, 17th District
William D. Delahunt: Massachusetts, 10th
Gregory W. Meeks: New York, 6th District
Barbara Lee: California, 9th District
Joseph Crowley: New York, 7th District
Earl Blumenauer: Oregon, 3rd District
Shelley Berkley: Nevada, 1st District
Grace F. Napolitano: California, 38th
Adam B. Schiff: California, 29th District
Diane E. Watson : California, 33rd District
Adam Smith : Washington, 9th District
Betty McCollum : Minnesota, 4th District
Ben Chandler : Kentucky, 6th District
Dennis A. Cardoza : California, 18th

Henry J. Hyde, Chairman: Illinois, 6th District
James A. Leach: Iowa, 2nd District
Christopher H. Smith : New Jersey, 4th
Dan Burton: Indiana, 5th District
Elton Gallegly : California, 24th District
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Florida, 18th
Dana Rohrabacher: California, 46th
Edward R. Royce: California, 40th District
Peter T. King: New York, 3rd District
Steve Chabot: Ohio, 1st District
Thomas G. Tancredo : Colorado, 6th District
Ron Paul : Texas, 14th District
Darrell Issa : California, 49th District
Jeff Flake : Arizona, 6th District
Jo Ann Davis: Virginia, 1st District
Mark Green : Wisconsin, 8th District
Jerry Weller : Illinois, 11th District
Mike Pence : Indiana, 6th District
Thaddeus G. McCotter : Michigan, 11th
Katherine Harris : Florida, 13th District
Joe Wilson : South Carolina, 2nd District
John Boozman : Arkansas, 3rd District
J. Gresham Barrett : South Carolina, 3rd
Connie Mack : Florida, 14th District
Jeff Fortenberry : Nebraska, 1st
Michael McCaul : Texas, 10th District
Ted Poe : Texas, 2nd District

We cannot thank you enough for your help. Your efforts really count!

Sophie de Vries

Mike Hersh /
- Maryland State Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America
- Organizer, Democracy for America Silver Spring-Wheaton
- Chairperson, Montgomery County Progressive Alliance
- Radio Left Co-host -
- -

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