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Impeach for Peace-Madison at Fighting Bob Fest

Last Tuesday, the Madison City Council failed to pass a resolution for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. It failed because 8 members of the City Council lacked the courage and the integrity to exercise their duty, their right and their responsibility to honor their oaths to the Constitution and to protect and represent their constituents from a criminal government. And, I say criminal government, because it is not just the executive that are criminals, with the exception of twenty members of the House who have cosponsored HRes333, congress is complicit in these crimes.

We are at a point now, where few people, including elected officials can look you in the eye and say that they don’t think Bush and Cheney have committed, not one, but numerous crimes and abuses of power that warrant impeachment. Yet, these same elected officials that know that our government has been usurped by criminals and our Bill of Rights has been disregarded and our laws have been broken, somehow think that do not have to act. They somehow think that they can pick and choose and use this national crisis to their political and personal advantage.

This is where the public feelings of betrayal and anger begin. The public knows that while our elected officials cannot impeach immediately, that those who do not act have decided that it is okay for hundreds of thousands of innocent people to die in this illegal war of aggression, that it is okay for our best and bravest, our soldiers, to be lent out to corporations to secure and protect corporate oil interests. That it is okay for our Government to torture and strip human beings of all legal, political and human rights, That it is okay divert huge sums of money from FEMA to the Department of Homeland Security, to allow for the brutal and tragic suffering of our brothers and sisters in New Orleans and to allow the gentrification and ethnic cleansing to continue that is called “reconstruction”.

We know what their priorities are!

This behavior makes clear that this is not OUR government. This is a government that does not serve the interests of the working people. This is a government of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich.

This is not OUR government.

We have placed our focus on the City Council and local governments for just this reason. When the Federal government refuses to represent us, and refuses to honor our laws, our national values and our demands, it is our duty and responsibility as citizens to take matters into our own hands. We are demanding that the City Council, our closest representatives, those that we have access to, to fulfill their obligation to protect the Constitution and make our voices be heard.

City Council Member Ralph Remington of Minneapolis, in a recent published call for impeachment said, “Our cities, our counties and our states are vulnerable because we have allowed a virtual king to be created in Washington D.C. If we have a president”... above the law, “then we, the elected officials, on the local, state and national levels are defunct. Our purpose and our jobs are nothing more than ceremonial.”

Furthermore, Mr. Remington said, “There are some who say that this doesn’t have anything to do with local government. They are missing the point. If the president, as the leading representative of our democracy is an outlaw and we, other elected officials, allow that state of affairs to continue, we are also outlaws. We must recommend impeachment immediately, before it is too late. Our own collective integrity demands it!”

The people of Madison demand a motion to reconsider. We refuse to let City Council members abstain. We refuse to let them do nothing in this time of national and international crisis.

Every day in delaying a vote reveals the real nature of this government and this city council. To the democrats, I charge you with bankruptcy. If you claim to represent the interests of working people, prove me wrong!

Democrats, your leadership is bankrupt. Do not let them lead you into a morally corrupt and impotent condition. Democracy? Farmers? Laborers? What nonsense. They do not represent any of these ideals or these people.

Natalie Morrison, Impeach for Peace - Madison, WI
Speech at Fighting Bob Fest 2007 press conference 8 Sep 2007


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