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New Orleans=Iraq=Worst President Ever

New Orleans=Iraq=Worst President Ever
by jetfan [Subscribe]
Sun Sep 4th, 2005 at 19:12:13 PDT

The Pat Buchanan isolationists just got a 145 mph wind at their sails by the name of Katrina. A slew of paleoconservatives and Republican moderates who probably voted for Bush, gave him the benefit of doubt, but never were strong supporters of his Iraq gambit will be dusting off their "we need to take care of people here at home" rationale and joining the already majority anti-war movement.

Expect to see the bottom fall out of Iraq support. Expect even new lows for the next Bush approval polls.

What we've seen in NO the last week is what has been going on in Iraq for 2.5 years! Only Americans couldn't see it on TV. Not enough police or troops to ensure security, disease, disorder, dead bodies floating down rivers, no electricity, no potable water, no hope, massive mismanagement and incompetence. See a pattern here? If we don't make that pattern evidently apparent to all Americans we fail to take advantage of the monumental opportunity handed up to us by Bush and his criminally moronic cronies. Finally, American media showing the manifestations of the disaster that is this administration's policies and calling a spade a spade. Finally, a fuck up so humungous, obvious and ON TV that even the cable news channels, even some Faux News Republican apologists, are outraged by what they are seeing and feel outraged enough to say so. The pretzel logic of Limbaugh looks more ridiculously bat shit crazy than even his usual syphilitic rantings.

The Republican Industry uses manufactured outrage to move opinion. Here's a real outrage, more outrageous and more in your face than any previous outrage from this administration. This is not fool's gold. This is the real deal. Any Democrat not willing to shout this from the treetops and shout down any Bushie who tries to spin this turd should be as endangered in 2006-2008 as the Republicans in our sights.



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Let's see . . .
1) 9-11
2) The Iraq War
3) Hurricane Katrina

Not bad by my account,
Richard Nixon

PERFECT! your last line sums up what is most important at every future moment until this idiot is out of power and in jail.

we can not let up on until this incompetent and disgusting human being's crimes are accounted for.

we not only owe it to our troops and the innocents in Iraq, but now too for the innocents in New Orleans.

and don't even think that bush will not let up with his plans. his only method is to not listen and push on. do you think these guys will balk with Rehnquist now dead?

a new war is raging: The War Against the Bush Administration - every day until the job is done.

less than an hour later i read that the bush top team is spinning it fast, so fast that one would think this quote from the article impossible, but here it is:

"Fifty-one percent rated the federal response as not so good or poor and 48 percent said it was excellent or good. But two-thirds said Washington should have been better prepared." (AFP)

the 48 percent are certainly bush loyalists (conditioned as well as any good Pavlov dog).

so, we can can never get too overconfident with this group. anyone who thinks bush's speech was an example of good response to the worst catastrophe in u.s. history ought to be deprogrammed.

we are truly fighting a cult of loyalists to conservativism.

NEW ORLEANS TRAGEDY EXPOSES US RACISM & PASSIVE MASS MURDERTHE WORLD IS WATCHING. The World has been shocked by the Bush Administration's failure to provide requisite urgent assistance to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and its armed prevention of non-government organizations such as the American Red Cross from delivering assistance to the largely Afro-American survivors in New Orleans. A week after Katrina struck,  50,000 Americans are unaccounted for and the total death toll may rise to something of the order of 10,000. Even the resolutely dishonest and intrinsically racist US corporate mainstream media have had to concede the utter tardiness of the Bush Administration response.


....the subject line says it all.

In the gag-me-with-a-spoon dept. - Bush Mom and Pop on Larry King tonight bragging about what a good job l'il Georgie is doing, and how his heart is in the right place. The fact that his brain has been on tilt since the 70's was not mentioned. That's the world's big concern.

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