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Casualties of War: Camp Casey and New Orleans

By Starhawk

When Katrina hit, I was at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, where I had gone to support Cindy Sheehan, the Gold Star mother who encamped outside of Bush’s ranch to demand a meeting so she could ask him one simple question, “What noble cause did my son die for?

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The importance of Camp Caseys' is they bring together the people that have had to quietly suffer in silence the devasting effects of our government policies of war. The touted phrase patriotic duty when someone in your family is mentally and emotionally devestated by serving in a war zone to the point their life is over in their youth. If we question the policy of this war mongering country we are smeared as leftists or commies or unpatriotic...When those smearing have never had to sacrifice a thing. Finally, we have Camp Caseys to join together and have a Bush said after 9/11... They will hear us.

What a force to be reckoned with.

Blessings to all of you.

If the People Lead The leaders follow
The time has come. There is sufficient evidence for george w. bush’s impeachment.The Congress wont do it without tremendous pressure from us.With support, individual congressmen will abandon the bush war/sinking ship especially if DSM gets the legs it needs to start impeachment. President Clinton was attacked viciously and impeached for lying about sex. Bushco's lying to both the Congress and the American people about the reasons for going to war requires/demands impeachment. This is not the only action which demands congressional inquiry and action. There are a plethora of corruption scandals, including those involving Delay, Hasstert and Rove.

One of the largest is the war profiteering/theft by CEO Cheney’s Halliburton Cheney as VP is still receiving a salary from Halliburton !!!They are offshore and therefore avoid paying taxes while continuing to profit from the war in Iraq. The loss to tax paying citizens is in the Billions of dollars. This is criminal.

Cindy Sheehan got us started. We all have to start speaking out with simple truths and asking logical reasonable questions of the regime which thinks its a Kings Court.

The 50 percent that think they have the luxury of ignoring what is going on by not voting or participating have to be educated and included in our national debate.
If they have children; talk about education, the cost of military defense spending, the logic of war which only leads to the use of nuclear weapons ( see CommonDreamOrg most emailed article by Noam Chomsky on Nuclear War). Children are adversely affected by the destruction of the environment and allowing corporations to once again avoid accountability for chemical, toxic contamination and pollution of our air, water, and land. They are stealing our commonly held National Resources e.g. protected wilderness

An Endless War on Terror or an expanded version of the interminable Israeli/ Palestinian conflict means that your children will be living with the specter of war all their lives? It is possible.
For some Endless war means Endless profits.

If people are concerned with moral or ethical issues; talk about the killing of innocent civilians, lying, stealing and all the other unchristian activities of the bushco regime. Or describe all the ongoing ethics violations hidden by the republican majority.

If they are workers talk about the loss of real income, i.e. we are working harder and getting paid less, growing medical costs can eat up a lifetime's savings while bush offers rising living costs, and a huge growing national debt which the children will pay. buscho is intentionally creating this national debt in order to bankrupt Social Security, Medicare and other social programs which they despise.
Is this an extreme view ? Turn on the tv and look at Louisiana.
This is how the bush administration views their responsibility to use the power and resources of our help its citizens.

If people love freedom. Ask them to read the Patriot act, tell them there is a 3rd version waiting in the wings for the next terrorist attack. Ask them to view the way anyone who criticizes this regime is criminally slandered at every level by the goebbelistic propaganda machine of state radio which runs 24/7. Many of the corporations like GE who profit from the manufacture of war tools also control television networks like NBC etc. Research that if you think we have free press. Consider the blackout of media in Iraq or the fact that more reporters have been killed in Iraq than died in Vietnam. bushcheneyrove hate our freedoms; especially freedom of the press, freedom of speech and our rights of dissent.

If they are psychologists/therapists/healers/ point out the obvious mental/emotional illness betrayed by the behavior of bush As Governor Texas was 49th in education and 1st in executions. This from a man who talks about the culture of life. Look at cheney or rice and the whole pantheon of assorted characters that surround them. Boulton serial abuser, Negroponte who heads our new National Intelligence Agency/National Secret Police is a political hack who supervised the use of death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala during the Raygun regime. Wolfowitz who helped sell the war is appointed head of the World Bank. Reflect on the fact that these are the people who have their finger on the button and whom have been given uncontrolled, unaccountable and secretive powers by their own fictitious, illegal, and immoral declaration of war.

The combination of the Patriot Act and the creation of this new national secret police plus intolerance for dissent means we better hang together or hang separately.If this seems extreme goggle VIPS a concerned group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for a Sane Policy. Read what this group of career intelligence professionals have to say about the direction the radical richt is taking America. Many are republicans or reformed republicans Goggle www. gov/house/ McKinney for the recent inquiry they had at the Capital This is absolutely frightening testimony from career professionals with many decades of government experience in our military and intelligence.

Bush as a War President has unbridled power, the war on terror means that every square inch of the USA is considered a battlefield
The rules of war can be twisted to squelch dissenting speech. They have the right to invade our privacy without our knowledge.There is a consolidation of intelligence/police agencies. There is spying on such terrorist groups as the Raging Grannies, and the ACLU.
People can and are being locked up with out telling their families, or without legal representation. All this falls under the umbrella of National Security during time of war. As Mr. Ray McGovern said, basically you have the fox guarding the hen house. These are general statements not exact. The overall impact on our rights is there.

We all need to be concerned with the changes in the Judicial branch, ie. in the courts as bushco continues to replace judges. Obvious infringements of what were our civil, individual, citizen's, worker's, women’s, children’s right will be allowed by the bush's new radical right wing judicial appointees. Women’s rights activists should be especially concerned as they may finally overturn Roe vs. Wade. Bush now has 2 new appointments for the SUPREME COURT. These are lifetime appointments.. Cause for worry?

If they like critical thinking; point out all the lies, logical inconsistencies, false choices, straw men, slippery slopes and the general attack on the truth which characterizes this administration. Its only logical to assume that this most secretive of regimes has something to hide; thus the secretiveness. If they like the truth tell them “Too many lies can kill a Democracy

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