By Sherwood Ross

The freedom to travel of more than 100,000 Americans placed on “watch” and “no fly” lists is being restricted by the Bush-Cheney regime.

Citizens who have done no more than criticize the president are being banned from airline flights, harassed at airports’, strip searched, roughed up and even imprisoned, feminist author and political activist Naomi Wolf reports in her new book, “The End of America.”(Chelsea Green Publishing)

“Making it more difficult for people out of favor with the state to travel back and forth across borders is a classic part of the fascist playbook,” Wolf says. She noticed starting in 2002 that “almost every time I sought to board a domestic airline flight, I was called aside by the Transportation Security Administration(TSA) and given a more thorough search.”

During one preboarding search, a TSA agent told her “You’re on the list” and Wolf learned it is not a list of suspected terrorists but of journalists, academics, activists, and politicians “who have criticized the White House.”

Some of this hassling has made headlines, such as when Senator Edward Kennedy was detained five times in East Coast airports in March, 2004, suggesting no person, however prominent, is safe from Bush nastiness. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia has also been mistreated. And it can be nasty. Robert Johnson, an American citizen, described the “humiliation factor” he endured:

“I had to take off my pants. I had to take off my sneakers, then I had to take off my socks. I was treated like a criminal,” Wolf quotes him as saying. And it gets worse than that. Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s foreign minister, said he was detained at Kennedy airport by officers who “threatened and shoved” him. And that was mild. Maher Arar, a Canadian software consultant was detained at Kennedy and “rendered” to Syria where he was imprisoned for more than a year by goons that beat him with a heavy metal cable.

After the Canadian furor over Arar’s illegal kidnapping and torture, he was eventually released as he had zero ties to terrorists. Yet the Bush gang refused to concede error; refused to provide documents or witnesses to Canadian investigators; and claimed last January it had “secret information” that justified keeping Arar on the watch list, Wolf noted.

Again, Chaplain James Yee, an American citizen born in New Jersey who had converted to Islam and had the Christian compassion to call for better treatment of Guantanamo prisoners, was nabbed in Sept., 2003 on suspicion of “espionage and possibly treason” and flung into the Naval brig at Charleston, S.C., where he was manacled, put in solitary for 76 days, forbidden mail and family visits, demonized in the media and warned he could face execution. Wolf writes, “Within six months, the U.S. government had dropped all criminal charges against Yee,” claiming it did so to avoid making sensitive evidence public, not because the chaplain was innocent.

Over and again, the Bush gang claims it can prove terrible crimes about suspects but, like the men imprisoned at Guantanamo, it repeatedly turns out to have “conspiracy” zilch in its briefcase rather than hard proof of actual misdeeds. Yet it goes on punishing hundreds of suspects with solitary confinement and worse without ever bringing them to trial. Globally, the number of such detainees is in the tens of thousands. Stalin would have understood.
Apparently, favorite targets of the Bush tyranny are peace activists like Jan Adams and Rebecca Gordon, detained at the San Francisco airport; a political leader such as Nancy Oden, of the Green Party, prevented from flying from Maine to Chicago; King Downing and David Fathi, both of the American Civil Liberties Union and both detained (proves ACLU’s case about Bush, eh what?); and Constitutional scholar Walter F. Murphy, of Princeton University, who had attacked the illegalities of the Bush regime. He was put on notice his luggage would be ransacked.

“When you are physically detained by armed agents because of something you said or wrote, it has an impact,” Wolf writes. “…you get it right away that the state is tracking your journeys, can redirect you physically, and can have armed men and women, who may or may not answer your questions, search and release you.”

Wolf traces the “watch list” back to a 2003 directive from Bush to his intelligence agencies to identify people “thought to have terrorist intentions or contacts.” After the list was given to the airlines, CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes got a copy. The list was 540 pages long and there were 75,000 names on it of people to be taken aside for extra screening.

The more stringent “no fly” list has 45,000 names on it, Wolf reports. Prior to 9/11, the list had just 16 names, but 44,984 suspects were quickly manufactured to justify the creation of the vast airport security apparatus at God knows what cost to American taxpayers.

One ludicrous “no fly” story concerns John Graham, president of the nonprofit Giraffe Heroes Project, an organization that honors people who stick their necks out. A former government careerist who served in Viet Nam, Graham is an inspired speaker that receives standing ovations from groups such as West Point cadets, yet is kept from flying from his Langley, Wash., base by the National Security Agency. NSA won’t tell him why, either. Maybe they have “secret” information on him, too.

Author Wolf notes that dictatorships from Hitler’s Germany to Pinochet’s Chile have employed arbitrary arrests to harass critics. And Bush’s airport detention policies are more of the same. As Wolf writes, “being free means that you can’t be detained arbitrarily.” Somebody ring the fire bell!
(Sherwood Ross is a Miami, FL-based writer who has worked in the civil rights movement, and for major dailies and wire services. Reach him at


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This regime must be stopped.

YES YES, fight amongst yourselves. No need to put any of you on the list! You all have been deemed "ineffective" due to squabbling & infighting that takes your focus off of affecting any real change. Let's see what were those words? Oh yeah....United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

Freedom has a price tag, unfortunately none of you can "afford" it. Face it, you are slaves, worker ants, the "have nots", the less desirables. The worst of you are imprisoned due to that genius idea of the "war on drugs" (lol ...over a trillion $$ spent & the problem is (5) times worse! Over one million human trash behind bars. lol). Even w/ evidence of Iran-Contra and worse, the public still believes it benefits them, lol. Enough fear & the "sheep" will believe anything.

Then the "war on terrorism". Wow, scary stuff. But hey, "fear" is the key to control. JOKE: What's worse than an invisible camel brigade with WMD's? Oh wait, that's right, we did give them real weapons. MARTIAL LAW!

The Great Pharoah Bush-e-sess the inept is about to get this country moving again. Soon the nation will rise out of its state of shock and apathy to move on Washington and do what is so nessasary. REVOLT!. As the person who i am answering said.

"it is a pressure cooker and when it goes boom it will be with a blast that will be felt around the globe".

When i think of his Majesty Emperor Pharoah Bush-e-sess the Inept DICK-tator. all i can think of is why did they take a good man like Kennedy,

I think they might have ben premature in the timeing. Their is no war on terror or drugs its a shame to keep him in office and the public under fear in order to controll the lives of the small and the few.While the government profits.

I am now glad i have moved out of America. if im asked if i am American i make sure to correct them and say no. 25 years military service for freedom and justice WASTED for a govenment of liars and muderers

It is exactly this type of rights infringement that might wake people up and demand changes.

History has shown that it will not stop until it is too late. A large part of the population has to "FEEL" the pain before any amount of people will stand up! This is historicaly why fascist succeed.

Pain causes change, and like a frog in water that is slowly being brought to a boil, we will stay in it until we are boiled to death.

They are sewer rats. I'd tell you to add my name to the list, but I know it's already there.

Sewer rats? Please - don't insult the rats.

We're headed for civil war. We're ripe for it. And frankly, we need it. American is a pressure cooker without the little valve. While all the sheeple were SOOOooooo busy waving flags and yelling "God Bless America!" the Bush cartel was insidiously moving behind the scenes. Welcome to the Gestapo state. Dreams and Vision by der Führer Bush.

But fear not comrades, after all, Rome fell :)

In any democratic country such actions would bring a government down faster than you can say dictatorship...only in the nationalist US people believe this is for the greater good.

That sounds bad but how about a little hard evidence? Where do we find that no-fly list, to see who is on it?

The USA is becoming a police state: Evidence

Can anybody tell me why the citizens of the 13 colonies found it easier to rally people and organize a revolt against oppression more than 200 years ago riding around on horseback, finding houses when there were no roads and speaking to a few dozen people at a time, if they were lucky, than the citizens of today with instant access to millions of websites, global communications, 24 hour a day news channels and countless ways of communicating with countless numbers of people. Must be the fluoridation, or is it the Floridadation?

You can write about it until your fingers turn blue, it does not change a thing.

The dictator of your Gulag has more blood on his hands then any other dictator in history. Despite that he will never be brought to trial or receive punishment for his actions. For me, as a non-US citizen, even the death penalty is to mild for this sick, deranged person.

You impeach a president for having sex with an intern, not for a president who murders innocent people. What does that say about your values of life?

Of course you can write me of as a deranged, raving lunatic. Just one more voice in the sea of voices. Right?

actually most true Americans agree with you 100% BUT I think it is allready to late.

Hi Anonymous ... you are not deranged! I think the same, it's just that I live on another continent... that one about to disintegrate called the Middle East ... we write write and write, rant and rave, but who's listening/reading/understanding? Sadly this is the way of the world five thousand years and counting, I can do nothing from here ... the balls in the court of the American citizen ... but he's too comfortable drinking coffee and playing golf to get his hands dirty in the impeachment field ...

"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do." -Samuel Huntington, Harvard Professor, "The Clash of Civilizations"

If America were becoming like Iran, the Iran Jackass Jimmy Carter gave us, you would never have written a word. You would have been gone, stupid. Doh. You have lied about the lists in this article and if the President was as you say he is you would be "disappeared" you jerks. Thinking people know a filthy lying anti-American tirade when they hear one. Go away, please. Maybe home to Iran? Oops, you couldn't survive there could you?
Some hyperbole, core of reality. (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Halcyon, markthshark, o really

The initial watch list was slapped together from legacy lists of dubious value. One batch came from those with federal convictions, such as the Milwaukee nuns forbidden to fdly to an early DC protest, who had trespass convictions from School of the Americas civil disobediuence.

At the Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy in Montreal last May, Lyn Rahilly, the Privacy Officer of the Terrorist Screening Center in DHS asserted that her office had finally prevailed in getting a review of the No-Fly and related Watch List, removing those with no actual nexis to a threat to aviation safety. By her account, NoFly was dropped from 6,000 to a bit over 3,000, and the Watch list from 70,000 to a bit over 30,000. A field was added for the birthdates of non-suspects with the same names as remaining suspects, to simplify screeners dealing with the mis-identifications. has some coverage of Rahilly's presentation, goes more in depth (German).

Interesting, my flight TO that conference was the first since 2001 I'd not gotten singled out for special treatment. I returned via Amtrak, this was when ICE was requiring passports to return from Canada, and they had my number from ticket pre-purchase.

Boarding my car at the border, they came straight to me, "Well Mr. Masel, you've got quite an interesting history. TODAY, we're not interested in the politics. However, we note you've been arrested for possession of marijuana on 7 occasions..." "Eight. But none led to convictions." "Yes, we noticed that too. In any case, we'll need to look through your bags. If there';s nothing inappropriate, you're on your way."

Democratic Candidate for US Senate, Wisconsin 2012

by ben masel on Tue Sep 04, 2007 at 08:10:22 AM PDT

This has been a light police state since weeks after 9/11. So none of this surprises me. Anyone who thinks that any RATIONAL, REASONABLE, CRITICALLY THINKING president or LEADER for that matter, would call for and then sign such bills into law and had NOTHING to do with flying remote controlled planes into the World Trade Towers is a complete and utter MORON. And if you think we're having elections next year, think again. Because as soon as we 'bomb Iran back to the stone age' in the next few weeks, that will be Bush's new pretext to activate Marshall Law, put all those mercenaries from Blackwater Private Security on our suburban streets and demand that everyone carry a Real ID. The ONLY way to make sure that none of this happens is for all of us to swallow our fear of these bastards and band TOGETHER and drag him and our capitulating congressmen kicking and screaming to the gallows. Because that's exactly what they're doing. STICKING TOGETHER to ensure that those who would 'dare' to exercise there constitutional rights and speak out against their UNCONSTITUTIONAL tactics. Either we band together and take them out or we and our children and possibly many future generations will be in virtual prison for many years to come.

As a former employee of the TSA I can tell you that most of these stories are crap. I can guarantee we'd much rather you read the stupid signs and do everything right so that we don't have to bag check your ass. Yes, coins are metal. It IS probably your belt. Yes, a cell phone has metal in it. Yes, your bottle of water is a liquid, and no, I don't care if you just bought it.
The TSA agent who made the comment about "the list" was almost certainly trying to be funny. No one cares who Naomi Wolf is. It is not SOP to make someone take their pants off and we don't ask for someone to take their socks off. If the senator was setting off the metal detector in a "sensitive area" the sheriffs have to be called for a private screening. The TSA can't pat down sensitive areas, but all alarms must be resolved. I GUARANTEE that NO TSA agent wanted to see his stinky underwear or handle his smelly socks. There's no adgenda-- we're just trying to see what the heck metal a person would have in their crotch! (In the senator's case, I'm hoping it was a theft deterrant tag inside his pants and not a "Prince Albert!")
As a TSA officer, I have been yelled at every day for three years over whether a half a tube of toothpaste can go on the flight. READ SOME SIGNS PEOPLE!!! No one "singled you out." You are not being "harassed." If there's a rule about it (i.e. laptops, shoes, liquids) then there was a bomb built around it. Please just be prepared and quit freaking out about "the man."

As utterly frightening as the Fascist regime that runs the United Snakes right now is to most, it's always had this face. At times it was known as "Jim Crow", Plessy v. Ferguson, and "Cointelpro."

As an American African, I've always had a different perspective on Amerikkka. Why? Because fascism is nothing new to Black people born here. We've experienced it since we were forcibly stolen and dragged here.

My question is a simple one. After 400 years of practice, did you all really think they would not come for you? People build things in anticipation of using them. The police state apparatus has always existed in Amerikkka; it was just confined to communities of color(although the Irish may tell you otherwise). Now its there for all "us U.S. Americans" (Thanks Ms. Teen South Carolina) to see and experience, not just for us brown and black folk.

Doesn't feel too good, does it? Not having the rights you know you're supposed to have. One person enslaved anywhere means we are all enslaved everywhere. This may sound crazy to most, but if you all want to get out of the situation the USA is in right now, you may have to turn to the very people that you've allowed to be oppressed for so long, since they have the most experience with it. What a concept. Black folks as saviors..

is so afraid of actually doing any thing to stop this God, we are doomed...! A dictatorship, a Plutocracy and a bunch of thumbsucking little crybabies in Congress that will protect themselves..but will not protect our country and its citizens..WE ARE DOOMED

We are not doomed just yet. There is one man who can help fix this broken government we have. His name is Ron Paul. Learn more at or on YouTube (here is an interview of him:

Were any one of these detainees Jewish or Israeli?
Somehow I bet they were not. Were a Jew to be treated this way there would be- at least a world wide furore and sackings at the highest level.
Why is it that an Israeli company handles all US airport security?
How come an Israeli company supplies all US government security software, and much of its hardware?
Coincidence! It always is.

Every time I fly I get harrassed, either with an extra pat down, a special screeing of my carry on lugage and my check in luggae always and I means always has been rifled through and the TSA calling card left behind. I have never, ever set off the metal detector, nor have I ever tried to carry on liquids of any kind since that rediculas restriction was imposed. So your reasoned explination as applied to my case does not hold water. Ah, but I might have set off alarm bells another way, perhaps it's my many email and blog rants against the Bush regime and the phony war on terror, or perhaps it was a blog I started back in 2001 right after 9-11 which focused on the Bush regime's crimes, the dismantling of our civil liberites, etc. Gee you think that might have had something to do witgh it, or better yet, maybe it was becasue of my work on documentary films wich expose this contry's past and ongoing history of genocide against American Indians. Hey TSA guy, you are a pathetic brown shirt and you make me sick to my stomach, all of you do everytime I have to look at your smug fascist faces when I fly. Answer me this, why is that you never hear of a Bush supporter, either a politician, a celebraty, a pundit, a Neocon academic or lawyer, none of tyhem ever get detained by airport security? Yet Gore, Kennedy, and scores of left leaning and even moderate people from all walks of life who have questioned the Bush regime policies have in fact been harassed repeatedly when they fly, and many of them can no longer fly at all.

After I protested in March of 2003 against the occupation of Iraq, and joined the email list of the ANSWER Coalition, I had "SSSS" show up on my boarding card EVERY TIME I FLEW for about a year. That code means they HAVE to pull you aside for special screening. I never set off the any alarms. I started planning extra travel time just so I would have time for the harrasment. It eventually stopped, I assume I fell off the list although it stopped around the same time I wrote to the ACLU about it, they were collecting peoples travel/harassment stories. Maybe someone was reading those stories besides the ACLU. Hmmmm.

Being an ex-airline employee of 27 years and subject to a background investigation and fingerprinting while I was employeed I have a different take on why TSA employs additional screening. First they have have a set range of additional screening they are expected to peform during the regular course of their buisness day. Second, airline employees when traveling on personal buisness are considered non-revs and as a result they can't complain when subjected to secondary screening. After talking with many other fellow employees I have found they are being subjected to the same increased level of scrutiny. My guess is this is done so as to not inconvenience the regular flying public. It's much like a highway patrolperson who is expected to write x- numbers of tickets per month. Of course there are the legitimate number of pat-downs that are sincerely deemed to be a risk, but to assure the quota is filled non-revs are checked because they know they can do so without risk.

Operation DOSE Summarized
1. Bush was told that Operation Dose was initiated on or just before the July 29th - 30th Camp David meeting, although the weapons to be used had been en route via an Israeli submarine from some date before that. To achieve their objectives, the controllers in Houston must use a "weapon of mass destruction" and this will be a chemical or biological agent. I lean toward a chemical agent because I think it will be more dramatic on television, but I could easily be wrong. The weapons or their chemical components arrived on or about the 7th of August, and we suspect they were transferred to Navy Seals.

2. Unlike previous attempts, the DOSE attacks are expected to have such a strong impact that advance manipulation of stock markets is required. Gordon Brown referred to this as "seasoning" the markets. The term is unusual, but may refer to preparation as in seasoning a turkey. Regardless, global markets have seen, and continue to see, exceptional activity since the Camp David meeting that is scaring everyone involved. This is far beyond the level that could be explained by the cover story about the poor performance of certain homeowner mortgages. The normal stock cycle ends with a peak of enthusiasm which allows the big boys to unload their holdings onto a mesmerized public before the air rushes out of the balloon. There is definitely a lot of unloading going on, and apparently a "greater fool" to pick up much of it by the end of each week. The action is there, but it doesn't feel in any way normal.

3. An intense Internal Propaganda campaign to prepare the population was begun the same day the Camp David meeting ended. The majority of the disinformation feed will depend on the usual anonymous military and intelligence "sources" with most referencing imaginary intercepted communications. The buzzword for this is "chatter" and you can expect to see it everywhere. This imaginary chatter will increasingly suggest a major attack is imminent and, unlike previous campaigns, will use the term "multiple" whenever possible. Suggestions that the attacks will cause great fear and panic will also be in the mix.

4. You can expect a number of articles and programs to appear about chemical or biological weapons, how terrifying they are, and that Saddam at one time had quite a few. You will learn all about the Kurdish village that was destroyed this way. You will hear and read assurances that terrorists now possess them, may have them inside the U.S., and are itching to use them. (Watch for tilt toward chemical or biological weapons for a better guess at which will be used.)

5. Expect to see efforts to rekindle a strong sense of conflict with Iran. This should also include some reason that jihad-crazed Iranian maniacs might be more angry with us than usual. The objective of the exercise is to nuke Iran and then stroll in and occupy their oil fields with minimal effort. It is important that they be totally demonized in the eyes of the public. This has already begun, with an announcement that the upper tier of Iran's military is to officially designated as a terrorist organization by Bush.

6. The actual attack will indeed involve a number of cities. There is a list of target cities but neither Bush nor Gordon Brown have been permitted to see it, in hopes of preserving the secret. Multiple attacks have a number of advantages. They give the impression of a large and effective enemy force running loose in the Fatherland, and justify ever more Draconian measures of surveillance and control of the civilian population. These are tools that the government obviously believes it will desperately need in the near future - perhaps related to the US-Canada-Mexico merger, or in any situation where the truth about the War of Terror actually comes out in public. Multiple attacks also provide an opportunity to maximize the terror aspect, creating a nightmare experience for a huge segment of the population.

7. One interpretation of Brown's reversals, "THEY SHOOT AN INTERCEPT" and "THEN THEY BLOW," is that just prior to the attacks, perhaps the day before, Washington will "shoot out" what they claim is an intercepted and reasonably understandable terrorist attack order. It may be "Al Qaeda" or it may have some connection with Iran's military elite. Either way, it will emphasize that multiple cities are to be attacked. In this way, as soon as the first attack takes place, every person in every major city will be wondering if he is in personal danger.

8. In this scenario it is likely that the attacks will not occur all at once, but will be stretched out over many hours. Not only will this generate an endless day of personal fear for virtually everyone, but at some point anyone in a city will decide to get out of Dodge in the fastest way possible. This will be a massive disaster in itself. The overall effect should be more than enough to sell the American people on the attractiveness of nuclear Armageddon in the Persian Gulf.

While you watch the Great American Propaganda Machine pull out all the stops, I will keep checking other RS sources to see if any of them know the intended date or the list of targets. I'm just as much in the dark about that as you are. It always takes some time to make these things happen, and the Iraqi lawmakers are on vacation. If Houston wants its Iraqi Give-The-Oil-Away Law before all hell breaks loose, we can't have our DOSE until some time in September. September 11th would be ideal because it would carry a psychological punch related to perpetual "ideological conflict."

On the other hand, if Houston has given up on obtaining an Iraqi "Hydrocarbon Law" for now, on the grounds that in a post-Armageddon Middle East it may not be necessary, then the new 9-11 could come at any time.

Good Luck to us all,

Ken Welch in Houston

I am a TSA officer in Washington state, and as far as what this article says is a bunch of crap! The only reason security is so tight or all these senators get pulled over is because they're the ones that act up the most. I'm a senator for blah blah blah.... So what? Ladies and gentlemen, there is no such thing as the list. That is the poor justification of the people to excuse their child like behavior when they come through the airport. And no... We don't make you people take your pants or shirts off. That's obsurd, lame and down right murder to our eyes. Get real. Whoever posted this main blog should be ashamed of yourself as a human for being such a liar. I'm not shocked though, most of the reporters are. Key note to understand and remember when you go to the airport... Follow the rules. Read the signs. Listen to the announcements. Last, do not act up like the goof that posted this blog, and life'll be sweet. As far as a "list", grow up Sherwood... Don't act like a fool, we won't treat you like one.

To: Yeah Ok, it is common knowledge that there is a list. It has even been on 20/20 or 60 minutes - i don't watch TV much. There is a No Fly list AND a Selectee list for additional screening. Do some Googling, you have much to catch up on.

So, basically, if we act as labrats and perform your trick, nothing will happen?
These rules are a disgrace. America, land of the free?
As far as you are concerned, the terrorists have already won, no matter how much screening you do. Overcome by fear, you think you can be safe by checking anything and everything.
The 'fool' is you here.
Some 3000 have died 9/11. And yet your whole country lives in fear.
How many die each day in traffic? Do you abolish all traffic?
How many die through violence? Ban all weapons! (Please do)
How many die of heartattacks? Have an emergency unit on every corner!
How many die of cancer? How many die of weird diseases?

Overreacting does more harm then good. The shame is on your dicatator G.W. Bush. He's a bigger liar then we can ever be, and you defend him.

Your attitude leaves no doubt as to your employment claims.

You are what's wrong with this country.

Your fellow human beings are just cattle to you.

Go read the first two paragraphs of The Declaration Of Independence. You deserve the discomfort.

That's what America is supposed to be about. Not power-crazed traitors like you.

Rules exist to facilitate human social interaction. Not feed parasitic egos such as yours that draw not on accomplishment, but rather their subjugation of their fellows.

Goons like you struggle and die off in a just society.

---The Bikemessenger

haha yah right, today i just flew, and the TSA officer told me to to talk with the airport, about why i'm always getting SSSS, he said i'm probably got somthing with my name or on a list.

I hope you got fired for lacking at your job for not following up on your guidelines, or checking ur email for updates.

My question is, why are the people on this list bending over and allowing this to happen? When are we going to say, 'enough is enough', and start rebelling? I am amazed at how everyone just complies with these attacks on their personal rights without saying a word.

My sentiments exactly. I been voicing these same opinions for the last couple of years, but I seem to turn people off or they just turn a deaf ear to me. What is wrong with people today???

If we said "enough is enough" by engaging in some sort of rebellion against this corrupt government (even if it's something on the level of acts of civil disobedience) there's those Homeland Security Presidential Directives, which hang over our heads like the proverbial Sword of Damocles.

If we take to the streets in civil disobedience, Cheney/BushCo can imeediately declare a "national emergency" (keep in mind that the Presidential Directives are written in such broad language that any event could be deemed to be a "national emergency"), and put into effect ALL of the provisions and directives contained in those Presidential Directives, including the institution of permanent martial law. Then, you're going to have those trigger-happy BlackWater militia members roaming the street, with orders to "shoot to kill" anyone who engages in conduct which is deemed "harmful to national security".

So, we're caught between a rock and a hard place -- if we rebel en masse, that gives Cheney and Bush the excuse they've been praying for in order to institute permanent martial law, and bring about a fascist, oligarchical, police-state dictatorship ... and if we want to avoid the imposition of martial law and even more brutal police-state tactics upon us, we have to tolerate attacks on our personal rights.

This is an ugly choice, and it's a shame that it even has to be made.

"...and if we want to avoid the imposition of martial law and even more brutal police-state tactics upon us, we have to tolerate attacks on our personal rights.

This is an ugly choice, and it's a shame that it even has to be made."

But...if they have the power, they must be forced to wield it, else they get away with just bluffing.

Hayek pointed out that most excercise of governmental authority is under threat, rather than application of power.

Perhaps it is too much to ask of a nation that can afford to suffer the harm of over-indulgence.

---The Bikemessenger

you must never accept it. once you do its to late. if the masses stand up and fight back, they may declare marshall law, so what you. are as armed as anyone else, use it! make your voice heard just say NO. if iraq and a few insurgents can hold up the entire US War machine, then do you not realise the citizens can bring the government to its knees. what would bush do if the citizens just stoped and said no, did not comply, stopped working, stopped shopping, stopped buying gas. well big buisiness would soon sort him out, right out of office. use your heads. if those mercenaries actually came out then do what americans are good at. kick thier butt. remember this American government is makeing lots of enimies. if bush was loosing controll of the citizens then he also has to worry about all the enimies who'd want to try thier lick as well. think about it the cowardly senete and congress would soon see they need to stop him and find there backbone to do it or loose all of the USA. you dont want that i dont want that and the congress and senete dont want to loose thier cushy jobs. he would not last long if all of you stand together and say no. belive it or not the military would stand behind the citizens, and that is what would finnish the job, you would be free again.

Two Articles in the last few hours both about Iraq and both mention Iran
in association with our problems. The MSM is doing its job again!
No actual proof! Just parrot the authority of the week! Don't ask to see
the plane (I mean the evidence) do mention that the other accused denies it
so you can appear like you are being reasonable...

PEOPLE Demand Proof!!! We can not trust the accusers to not show us the evidence!
and I don't mean little charts like Colin Powell used!!! Where did he get that from

BAGHDAD - A car bomb killed at least 13 people Wednesday in a Shiite part of Baghdad, and the U.S. command announced the deaths of eight more American soldiers — some victims of a weapon the American command believes comes from Iran.;_ylt=AlsVt...

The U.S. military has launched a series of operations, including air strikes against what it calls rogue elements of the Mehdi Army. It says many of these "special groups" have links to Iran, which it says is supply weapons and training, a charge Tehran denies.


DOSE # 6



Now we have people posting comments on this site claiming to be "TSA agents" (personally, I don't doubt it).

Trying to push us around and intimidate us.

Hmm...what are the ramifications of that???

---The Bikemessenger

To the TSA employees...

What a load! said _

"READ SOME SIGNS PEOPLE!!! No one "singled you out." You are not being "harassed." If there's a rule about it (i.e. laptops, shoes, liquids) then there was a bomb built around it."

My reply is...

We`ve all read the signs & the writing on the wall. Have you?
Are all TSA people trained to be unaware of reality?

Yeah OK... said _

"Ladies and gentlemen, there is no such thing as the list."...
..."Follow the rules. Read the signs. Listen to the announcements. Last, do not act up like the goof that posted this blog, and life'll be sweet. As far as a "list", grow up Sherwood... Don't act like a fool, we won't treat you like one."

My reply is...

Follow the rules? Read the signs? Listen to the announcements?
Should`nt you have added OR ELSE!! ?? Is`nt that what you`re saying?
Do what you tell us to do & we`re granted with your benevolence?

If you dont treat us like children, we wont act like fools.
We`re not cattle or idiots. We know when we`re being led to slaughter.
Enjoy your power trip while you`ll be a very short ride.

The U.S. is like the Pendulum. Swinging from right to left. It`s now at the farthest point to the right it`s been in history. Even so, it will eventually move back towards center again. No Tyrant will last.

To those that see Americans as little more than consumers. Look a bit more closely. Do you think California is full of surfers only? Texas full of Cowboys? New York full of Skyscrapers? The people of U.S. are
largely moderate & not much different than you may be led to believe.

Real Democracy is tough to achieve. The idea of freedom never dies.
Give us a little credit. We`re doing our best to keep freedom alive.

The Emporer is wearing no clothes!

The Bushies have made a propaganda (I mean, promotional) video to tout all that is great about the USA. The video is going to be shown at airports and embassies, to impress visitors, and inspire them to see the country. Among the famous American landmarks showcased is ... the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. I grew up near there, so I recognized both the falls and the vantage point from where the footage was shot, as being in Canada. And I'm pretty sure that there are millions of other North Americans in the Great Lakes basin, and even further afield, who would also know that the Horseshoe Falls are on the Canadian side of the border.

Last night the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation weighed in ... supposedly the video is going to be re-edited. Actually I am a bit dismayed, because for one thing, whenever I get homesick, it'll be a lot cheaper for me to go to SeaTac Airport and view the video, rather than flying home across country to see the real thing.

I am gratified by how many Americans have apologized about this, and protested on Canada's behalf. The thing is -- this video is a wonderful example of just how the Bush Administration operates. A while back, they announced that they were going to mount a worldwide publicity campaign to shore up America's sagging international popularity, led by none other than Bush's friend and helper (some would say "enabler"), Karen Hughes. The problem, as they saw it, was not that their decisions are causing death and destruction ... it's that people just don't seem to know what a great job Bush is doing, and so they do not appreciate him properly. Hence the public relations juggernaut.

So the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security commission this Disney production. (No kidding -- it really is made by them. So I guess I can't call it a "Mickey Mouse" effort without getting sued for libel. I'd better go lawyer up -- or at least put my attorney cousin in Toronto on speed-dial.)

Basically they passed the task along to a contractor ... the government agencies give it a cursory glance and sign off on it ... and when things go wrong, they wriggle out of taking any responsibility. If this sounds familiar, it's exactly the strategy they've been using, to explain away everything from the "Mission Accomplished" banner on the USS Lincoln, to the fiascos by Halliburton and Blackwater in Iraq.

In this case, the claim is that Disney donated this as a freebie -- perhaps confirming that old cliche that "you get what you pay for". But we all know that, in the broader context, the American taxpayer has been fleeced out of billions -- and ultimately even trillions -- of dollars by the Bush administration's careless outsourcing to its corporate cronies. They dispensed with the "revolving door" between government and business, and people walk back and forth unimpeded, between high-level government jobs and boards of directors. Sometimes they serve in both capacities at the same time.

I've seen how hard my friends in the States work for their wages. No task too big or too small -- they will take on overtime, night shifts, and even move to a different part of the country, away from their families, for a job. People I know are out there waiting tables, lifting heavy boxes, doing surgery on livestock, teaching ever-expanding classes, managing farms, driving tractor trailers thousands of miles, mopping floors, comforting the dying, writing everything from screenplays to technical manuals -- even juggling flaming torches or swinging 10-lb broadswords.

I'm sorry that the people you elected to serve you are behaving like this. It's bad enough that they are doing questionable things with your hard-earned money, and refusing to tell you the truth -- but to act as if you aren't capable of understanding, so they aren't even going to bother with an explanation, is an added insult. They seem completely oblivious to what several Americans have already pointed out to me -- that this video implies that the United States will merrily seize on whatever it desires, not knowing or caring which country it happens to be in. Why stop with Niagara Falls? Why not show the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China?

We've already seen that these folks don't do apologies. The State Department offered up a spokesman who blurted out that Niagara Falls "is a shared natural wonder, a gateway for both our countries and anyone looking at the video will understand how proud America is to share it with Canada." (Too bad Disney didn't have footage of a meeting of the International Joint Commission that manages our boundary waters -- showing Americans and Canadians smiling happily, arm in arm.)

I hope people keep an eye out for this lavish production -- coming soon to an airport near you! In recognition of their devotion to their warped vision of America, perhaps each member of the Bush Administration could be presented with a copy on DVD, as they're forced out of their jobs after the next election?

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