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Survivors' fury at relief efforts

Survivors' fury at relief efforts

By Adam Harvey in Louisiana
September 04, 2005

ARMED soldiers were jeered and sworn at as they delivered the first supplies of food and water to desperate survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans yesterday.

Anger boiled over as 7000 National Guards rolled into the devastated city with much needed relief five days after the massive storm hit.
With a Louisiana senator predicting the death toll could hit 10,000, United States President George W. Bush toured the area and admitted the response had been inadequate.

During a land and air tour of hard-hit areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama - but not downtown New Orleans - President Bush said of the relief effort: "The results are not enough".

"I want you to know that I'm not going to forget what I've seen," he said. "I understand the devastation requires more than one day's attention.

"It's going to require the attention of this country for a long period of time. This is one of the worst natural disasters we have faced, with national consequences. And therefore, there will be a national response."

Troops in flatbed trucks loaded with bottled water and ready-to-eat meals made a bee-line for the New Orleans Superdome where 20,000 refugees have been living like animals amid a total breakdown of law and order.
"They should have been here days ago," said 46-year-old Michael Levy as he lined up in the extreme heat to get water.

"We've been sleeping on the ground like rats. I say burn this whole ... city down." His words were echoed by those around him, who yelled: "Hell, yeah!"

The commander of the troops promised to restore order as survivors recounted horrific cases of sexual assault and murder.

At the city's convention centre where thousands had sought refuge, Trolkyn Joseph, 37, said men had wandered around raping and murdering children.

She said she found a dead 14-year-old girl at 5am yesterday, four hours after she went missing inside the convention centre.

"She was raped for four hours until she was dead," Ms Joseph said through tears.

"Another child, a seven-year-old boy, was found raped and murdered in the kitchen freezer last night."

Residents said babies, the frail and the elderly had died waiting for food.

Racial tensions were inflamed in the chaos. The bulk of those who were unable to flee the storm came from poor, black neighbourhoods and said they felt abandoned by the Government.

Selma Valenti and her husband, two of the few white people in the refugee camps, said she and other whites were threatened with murder.

"They hated us. Four young black men told us the buses were going to come last night and pick up the elderly so they were going to kill us," she said, sobbing.

US Senator David Vitter said that the death toll from Hurricane Katrina could top 10,000 in Louisiana alone.

"My guess is that it will start at 10,000, but that is only a guess," he said.

The Bush administration is under fire for diverting money from flood mitigation projects in Louisiana to the war effort in Iraq.

The soldiers' arrival in force came amid angry complaints from the mayor and others that the Government had bungled the relief effort and let people die in the streets for lack of food, water or medicine.



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After Oct. 17 an American declaring Bankruptcy becomes subject to a means test to determine how much of his former debt he/she must carry after the bankruptcy is discharged.

This will in effect make many Americans slaves to the banks or credit companies.

This is especially relevant to those poor people most affected by the Huricane.

My post on the Yahoo GG board:

"From my post on the Smartinvestment Board;

"One thing I thought of as the magnitude of the damage became apparant was that those poor people that were uninsured, or won't qualify for disaster relief to cover anywhere near their losses, should immediately declare bankruptcy before Oct 17 and the new bankruptcy/wage slave laws come into effect.
I wonder how many of these hundreds of thousands of people that have lost EVERYTHING were mortaged and in debt near their limits, now with no assets, jobs or savings.
I hear that Banks, credit agencies and others are offering two months grace to crediters, hmmm, this would take potential defaults past the date that Americans declaring bankruptcy become slaves of the banks.
Very generous of them isn't it?"

If you are one of the victims, or know any this is something to consider.

If you know of some way to get this info to whomever needs it most, and I expect there are thousands of them, do it.

These people do not need to be victimised again by oppressive bankruptcy rules.

Jim "

I remember watching a report on the bankruptcy bill and how it would require ordinary people to be more accountable and stop the abuse of bankruptcy laws. Immediately after the report Donald Trump was being interviewed about his then recent bankruptcy. He said, oh everything is fine we're just clearing out some debt. yeah... Ok Donny, I forgot you consider yourself royalty.

We are already serfs of the corrupt economic system.. outsourcing our jobs for corporate profits, Enron committing fraud to steal from Californians, stock brokers lying to bilk us of our retirements, oil companies continually milking us for everything they can, corporations trying to welch on pensions, union busting, allowing a flood of illegal aliens to provide cheap non-U.S. labor... and then using the loot to buy off and corrupt our "Democratic" government, or to pay operatives to falsify election results. There's nothing fair, honest, or merit based about it. The whole rightwing/Limbaugh capitalism mantra is a scam. It only works as long as we are gullible enough to be taken advantage of.

Great wealth and power has always been a curse on this country. Like all power we are going to have to put constraints on it. We see the monsterous behaviour of gun toting criminals in New Orleans, but don't recognize the rich and corporate are behaving the same way.

How is it that "they" can unite at 1 am to pass emergency legislation for Terri Schiavo...the president can come out and spew that his reason for this is to "err on the side of life"...

Yet, for the poor blacks in NOLA, they CLEARLY didn't "err on the side of life" by, say, funding the levee project; or, say, facilitating evacuation before the storm; or, say, approving Blanco's request for receiving aid from other states that was being offered; or, say, simply allowing the walmart trucks with water thru! Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA, and all the other usual first responders would have obviously been nice as well...If they really gave a flying f*ck about "life", they would have exhibited that.

Which brings me to this question: Hearing that Red Cross was advised that their arrival with food and water would "dissuade" those from leaving the city and therefore they shouldn't "enter", I'm also learning that those who are TRYING to leave (by crossing the only standing bridge) are being STOPPED! There are "officer" types raising their guns to them and forcing them to stay inside! WTF?!?! Is it "erring on the side of life" to PREVENT those trapped in "Lake Duhbya" from escaping while, at the same time, Preventing water and food from getting to them? Where is the Sanctity of life in that scenario? Seems more like a concentration camp to me....but hey...that's just my opinion...

For every person there at "Lake Duhbya", each one of them that makes it out alive will have had their life forever changed. This is NOT going to be anything that they will be able to simply "get over". And, NO stupid f*cking political soundbyte will EVER make it right for them.

As an American and as an observer from Arizona feeling helpless, I can tell you that this is something I (personally) will never get over as well.

What has happened as a result of Katrina and following Katrina is merely an example of the "Leadership Abilities' of Georgie. I recall how he campaigned in 2000 as being a "LEADER". Well, part of being a leader is having the knowledge and capablity of appointing people to manage departments who actually have the knowledge and expertize to manage those departments. Bush has not done this, instead he has made such appointments based on the "Hard Work" those people had done getting him elected and re-elected. Leader! Ha, he could not lead at all as evidenced by his leadership of the businesses he founded in the oil industry and then bankrupted but left with as much and sometimes more money then he started with while others lost all they had invested for him.Will the people in this country now wake up?

Yes, the Terry Schiavo contrast is something that I thought of, too. It is truly sick.

As Maureen Dowd put it in one of her columns, Bush is 'selectively humane'. Put together the War in Iraq, the Terry Schiavo case, and the disaster in New Orleans, and one gets the picture: Bush really is a hypocrite, and there really isn't anything one could say that would convince me otherwise.

2008 is not soon enough. The whole Bush Administration needs to be impeached. I don't know who'd be President with Bush, Cheney, and all those neocons gone, though. Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House, isn't anything to cheer about, either.

Maybe the next Presidential election should be jumped ahead to 2006.

Ever get the feeling
you are being more and more controlled?
we are

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