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Compounding the tragedy

Sunday, September 4, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM
Compounding the tragedy

The Bush administration came close to a failure of leadership, communication and organization in its response to Hurricane Katrina. The government was too slow in helping thousands of people left stranded, hungry and dying — the sick, elderly and poor.

A measure of any government is how it responds in a crisis. When the richest nation on Earth cannot get water and food to stricken citizens for three or four days — our citizens, our people — something is wrong. New Orleans' mayor grew so weary of waiting for federal help that he issued a "desperate SOS" for aid. President Bush conceded results have been unacceptable. One New Orleans emergency official called the federal response a national disgrace, and it is.

State and local officials bear equal responsibility for sluggish delivery of services, but the enormity of the tragedy quickly bumped Katrina to a national event.

The hurricane could be a political paradigm-changing event. Red and blue America have no quarrel over the moral failure of leaving people in hospitals lacking electricity and in fetid evacuation centers without food and water.

Even Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said ominously, ... "If we can't respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we're prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?"

From the day Bush sent troops to Iraq, he exposed himself to a comparison between his spending and attention to foreign affairs and the care and protection of our own citizens. The country has spent more than $200 billion on a war a majority of Americans no longer support.

Then, when our own citizens clamor for assistance, the response is initially disorganized. Relief workers dispatched to numerous natural disasters said they had never seen an event where food and water were flown in so slowly to key locations.

It took three days to get National Guard troops into key positions, leaving marauding hordes in New Orleans to loot and shoot. Those engaging in lawlessness displayed the worst of human nature. Their crimes are without explanation or defense.

Bush and Congress consistently cut spending on levees in the Gulf. The New Orleans Times Picayune newspaper has been pressing for years for money to shore up levees protecting the city.

By week's end, food, water and troops were arriving. For many people who had suffered so much, it was too late.



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Instead of faulting decades of political corruption in New Orleans and decades of mismanagement by city and state governments for failing to prevent or minimize the damage of a natural disaster, liberals blame President Bush.

Your "GoAmerica" efforts are seen for what they are -- uninformed, boring and ineffectual propaganda. They persuade no one. The dam has broken -- both literally and figuratively.

I don't have any desire or delusion of persuading anyone here.

You are always respectful and informative, and it's been my pleasure to correspond with you. I actually agree with you sometimes, and I've learned much from you and others here. However, with all due respect, the "blame Bush for everything" mentality here damages your credibility, and is not helpful to America and its citizens.

We are not blaming Bush, we are saying the system has failed. This government for what ever reason did not get it together to help these dying people! Maybe you don't have the abilty to have empathy to put your self in the place of these people but the fact is thousands and thousands will be dead and the reason is the government failed to respond!

We are not blaming Bush, we are saying the system has failed. This government for what ever reason did not get it together to help these dying people! Maybe you don't have the abilty to have empathy to put your self in the place of these people but the fact is thousands and thousands will be dead and the reason is the government failed to respond!

Sorry for the snarky retort. I get exasperated sometimes with some of the labelling and generalizations. Especially when they're just bald categorical statements with little or no persuasive content. It makes me wonder what IS the point of such comments.

Except inasmuch as the "captain of the ship" is traditionally held responsible for whatever happens on his watch, I dont think that all of us here (not all liberals incidentally) do blame Bush for everything. In my own case, I have said repeatedly that many (most?) of America's biggest problems arise from deep within the system itself which, almost inevitably, results in much greater emphasis being placed on money and power than on people and issues.

Sorry about the labeling and generalizing. It's a bad habit and I need to work on it.

President Bush certainly has to shoulder some of the blame for the New Orleans disaster, but there is plenty of blame to go around, especially for the city government's failure to have an adequate evacuation plan.

I try to remember to thank God every day for making me an American. But, I don't love my country right or wrong, and there is plenty wrong. While, I concede that many of America's problems may be systemic, many problems are rooted in the dark side of human nature. There is greed and larceny in our hearts.

And I blame the son of a bitch.

Since rightwingers are obviously devoid of logic.. I guess they would tend to label any logic at all liberal.

We question any government, liberal or conservative. This is the most evil, irrisponsible reaction to a crisis that could ever be imagined. The truth is that people have blood on their hands!

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