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Waiting for the National Guard...

Milvertha Hendricks, 84, waits in the rain with other flood victims outside the convention center in New Orleans Thursday. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

It's appears only poor black folks and not rich campaign contributors get to wait in the rain while a third of the Louisiana National Guard that might have helped with recovery is stationed in Iraq.

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It's good to see the U.S. flag serve some noble purpose in such appalling circumstances.

"I understand that the U.S. Forest Service had water-tanker aircraft available to help douse the fires raging on our riverfront, but FEMA has yet to accept the aid. When Amtrak offered trains to evacuate significant numbers of victims – far more efficiently than buses – FEMA again dragged its feet. Offers of medicine, communications equipment and other desperately needed items continue to flow in, only to be ignored by the agency.

"But perhaps the greatest disappointment stands at the breached 17th Street levee. Touring this critical site yesterday with the President, I saw what I believed to be a real and significant effort to get a handle on a major cause of this catastrophe. Flying over this critical spot again this morning, less than 24 hours later, it became apparent that yesterday we witnessed a hastily prepared stage set for a Presidential photo opportunity; and the desperately needed resources we saw were this morning reduced to a single, lonely piece of equipment. The good and decent people of southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast – black and white, rich and poor, young and old – deserve far better from their national government.

"Mr. President, I'm imploring you once again to get a cabinet-level official stood up as soon as possible to get this entire operation moving forward regionwide with all the resources – military and otherwise – necessary to relieve the unmitigated suffering and economic damage that is unfolding."

I love this country but I hate this administration.

New Orleans completes evacuation

The last refugees have been evacuated from New Orleans, with only the dead remaining behind in the shattered city now left empty for President George Bush's re-visit.


Think again, they are still rescuing people in N.O.

I noticed that.

However the right web sites and MSM are more concern to trash the mayor, that interview did not make them very happy.

Worth listening

Mayor Nagin Interview

The mayor of New Orleans has been a hero to all of us! He seems to be the only one with integrety besides the general who has taken control of the National Guard.

I have already posted this (copied) article to this great site. (courage Cindy - you have changed the world!) But when I saw the picture of the lady in the american flag blanket and I realised that it was the header photo to the orginal article I thought damn! I'm going to post it again...

It has a bit of angry language in it but stay the course, it is worth it.

This article is copied from ""


Ever wonder why New Yorkers detest George Bush?

Because we experienced his incompetence up close and person. We knew this guy was full of shit, absolutely full of fucking shit, after they started to play games with the funding and gave Wyoming terrorism money. We knew he was an assclown then.

We thought DC 9/11 was a comedy, because the Bush we saw hid in AF One like the scared bitch that he is.

But did you listen?

Fuck no. Until last week, Ann Coulter was calling New Yorkers cowards for not endorsing Bush's folly in Iraq.

We have been screaming for two years that Bush and his team sucked. That they had no clue. They sent soldiers to be wounded in Iraq without armored anything. And you idiots cheered him on from the safety of your keyboards. We told you he was fucking up Iraq. But no, we supported Saddam, we were racist, we blamed America.

You say this isn't about politics? Fuck you, this IS politics, real time, real life politics, where the insanity of all your ideas are exposed to the world for the fraud that they are. Tax cuts kill. Ask the relatives of the dead of the Gulf Coast.

Well, motherfuckers, the alligators are feasting on dead nigger and there isn't an Iraqi in sight. And Bush is trying to gladhand his way through a mess which has stunned FOX reporters. I mean, Shepard Smith is calling Fox's talking heads liars ON THE AIR.

CNN rips Bush in print and online after nearly five years of sleep.

Instead of hearing what we had to say about Bush, you called John Kerry a coward, mocked Max Cleland, blamed everything but herpes on Bill Clinton. You enabled Bush into this mess and now you're shocked?

Now, Fox can be outraged, now, Wash Times and Union Leader call Bush weak? Well, his coward ass disappeared in 2001. But you rather blame Michael Moore for that.

He can't even explain the Iraq war to a grieving mother.

So what did you do?

Write the most vile things about her and her dead son. Attacked her patriotism and her honesty.

Well, motherfuckers, and that means you, fat ass Goldberg and your master, Rich Lowry, PNAC Bitch Beinart, the racist wannabe white Malkin and the little fucktards at LGF, Bareback Andy and "Diversity" Instacracker, all you backstabbing, fag hating uncle tom ministers, you can see Dear Leader in action. America's largest port is gone, maybe forever, gas is $5+ a gallon and FEMA is coming. Whores come faster with old men than FEMA is getting to NOLA.

How did your wartime President react? Like Chiang Kai-Shek when the Yellow River flooded in 1944, with corrupt indifference.

Bush, the man your fever dreams built into the next Winston Churchill when he is really the live action Chauncey Gardiner, has failed to everyone, in plain sight, without question. Rick Perry is trying to save his ass, but it ain't working. NOLA looks like ANGOLA and that ain't flying.

Say 9/11 changed everything now, motherfuckers. Ooops, 9/11, 9/11. 9/11. Doesn't work anymore? Gee, maybe the sea of alligator MRE's once known as the citizens of New Orleans has something to do with that. Now you can shut the fuck up about 9/11. Bush just proved what would happen with another 9/11. Dead Americans as far as the nose can smell.

Drunken Chris Hitchens muttered some nonsense about blacks having it so good here. The poor man needs to stay in his bottle or go to Betty Ford before someone beats his treasonous ass stupid. Islamofascism means what, now motherfucker? Shove Islamofascism up your well travelled ass. The most dangerous thing to average Americans is not some mullah in Iraq, not even Osama Bin Laden, but George Bush. If he doesn't get you killed in Iraq, he'll fuck up saving your city so it turns into Escape from New Orleans. Armed junkies roaming the streets, looking for a fix, robbing and looting like Serb paramilitaries and about as sober.

George Bush's ineptitude has killed far more Americans than Osama could have dreamed of.

Some of you still try to see the clothes on the Dauphin, but he's as naked as Peter North around Jenna Jameson. Bush fucked up so bad, FOX turned on him like a rabid dog.

You can't hide behind racism forever. Bush fucked up, Bush is a weak, callous leader and the world knows this like it knows few other things. And all the stolen TV's in the world cannot hide that.

This photo speaks a thousand words.

What a desperate attempt to cling to some former grandiose image of America, when even the blankets they hand out to those suffering have to be replicas of the Grand Old Flag.
It has become another corporate branding..... Nike? Pepsi? Monsanto? Old Glory?

It harkens back to the old Soviet Union with its red flag emblazoned everywhere in photos. It always seemed like stubborn pride clinging to a failing symbol.

Very disturbing to see the US flag being used in a similar way.

Maybe I'm being overly semtimental, but the poor and desparate huddling under a U.S, flag reminded me of what America used to stand for in the eyes of the world.

Once upon a time it was seen as a refuge, before it chose to become a global bully and a leading violator of the very guiding principles that it fought so hard to establish.

Yes, I see your point.

But are we satisfied running on the vapours of "sentimentalism" attached to the flag...that of "justice, freedom and dignity for all"? Or do we want to examine, with the harsh light of truth, the reality of what this country has come to actually represent in the world? It's not about giving comfort to "the poor huddled masses". The power of the US has come to represent fear and injustice to anyone not profiting from it. That is the very thing I find disconcerting about this image of a poor black woman wrapped in the flag.

I posted info. elsewhere about a book called "Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire", by Arundhati Roy. I urge everybody to read this. We are citizens of THE empire and are we satisfied in what is done in our name by a small elite group? A. Roy is a citizen of India, the largest "democracy" in the world. There are many surprising parallels between India and the U.S. We can learn much from it. The book speaks to all humans regardless of nationality.

This photo is quite powerful to anyone looking beyond the surface layer. It seems like another "photo opp", like Condi posing for pictures while she "helps unload boxes from a truck in Alabama". Much about this country has become a lot of hype, an empty image for propaganda.

No. We certainly are not.

I have read many of Arundhati Roy's essays on line and enjoyed them immensely, but I haven't yet got around to reading her complete published work. I'll try to pick up a copy of Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire if I can find one anywhere close to my retirement home here in the wilderness.

I think this photogrpah by Eric Gay for AP is iconic for this latest disaster brought on by the inept and immoral Bush administation.

Is TIME Magazine protected from political backlash enough to put this incredible picture on the front cover of their magazine?? Hear Hear!!!

Is TIME Magazine protected enough from political backlash to put this incredible picture on the front cover of their magazine?? Hear Hear!!!

This is not going to be very popular BUT...

It appears to me that Americans only care when Americans die.

500,000 Iraqi children alone died as a result of the US led economic embargos of the 1990's.

Another 100,000+ Iraqis have been killed in Iraq since the invasion.

The most recent Iraqi holocaust must be now closer to 150,000. But who knows for sure? You are not even bothering to count.

Everyone in the US gets royally pissed off if Bush does not get the total of American killed exactly right but you do not even bother to count the Iraqis.

Why not? Is one GI worth more than one Iraqi?

Admit it. You think the answer is yes.

How many articles have I read in the press, mainstream and otherwise, that quote the 1800+ dead American soldiers that fail to mention the Iraqi death count?

Why? WHY?

This is without even talking about the uranium poisoning which will kill and maim hundreds of thousand more Iraqis in the coming decades.

Sadaam used chemical weapons which rightly made him a monster. So what are you?

And so once again the death of Americans is front page news and the Iraqi holocaust is buried even deeper.

I have lived in America and I have listened to Americans.

So convinced are you that you live in a utopia.

The truth of course is much more interesting.

The truth is that the slum dwellers of Bombay have more far more dignity and humanity than your average American or Britain.

Go figure.

We are are lost.

Stringing up the neocons for their crimes is the first step to redemption.

Educated Americans know that we do not live in utopia since this has become very obvious since December 12, 2000 when the U. S. Supreme Court made its POLITICAL decision which allowed the inexperienced and unqualified George W. Bush to take the oath as President.

The only Americans who do not care about the loss of innocent Iraqi lives are those who have been gullible enough to believe the propaganda of the corrupt Bush regime in regard to alleged support of terrorism by the Iraqi people. These Americans do not represent a majority of the citizenry and this reality is confirmed by the latest public opinion polls.

It's not hard to understand how anyone might think that Americans "only care when Americans die". But, like most generalization, it's not quite "on target".

There is no doubt that America cares more deeply about its own sons and daughters than about others. In that respect they are, except perhaps in degree, not unlike other nations. But that doesn't mean that Americans care nothing about the fate of other peoples. Clearly they (at least some of them) care a great deal.

There is, however, a strategic problem that sometimes arises in persuading the general public to see what is in its own best interests. In fact, it arises in relation to numerous issues, including economic wellbeing as well as matters of life and death. So you will often see such persuasive efforts based on whatever is "closest to home" hitting hardest.

One shouldn't interpret that to mean that no one cares about any of the horrendous impacts elsewhere. Many do very deeply.

For anyone interested in a good dose of reality, read:
"Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire", by Arundhati Roy.
South End Press

An i think i can speak for more Americans that you might imagine.

When they started the bombing of Bagdad, i watched in shock, and felt grief. Bagdad with historical artifacts dating practiclly back to the begenning of recorded history. And ofcourse, i cried for the innocent Iraqi people i knew this crime was going to effect. i felt then as i do now, that this was wrong. but what could i, one person do? Attatch explosives onto myself(if i had any, i don't!**got that FBI MONITER'S**)and blow myself up? I could see the headlines. "TERRORIST NUT CASE BLOWS HIMSELF UP! NOONE IN FED GOVERNMENT IS IMPRESSED!


Spread the word to any savvy internet creative type....

Next to this a photo of Condoleezza Rice spending thousands of dollars on leather goods at Ferragamo's in NYC during the aftermath of Katrina.

Yes, there is racism in this country, but peel back that ugly face of American society and we see the disease of ECONOMIC PREJUDICE. Is there an "ism" word for this, anybody?

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