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Nowhere to run
Posted by Jan Frel at 8:45 PM on September 1, 2005.

New Orleans is no distraction for George Bush -- it's the summation of his failures and bankrupt ideology.

Unlike, say, the death of the Pope, the recovery efforts related to Hurricane Katrina offer no distraction for George Bush -- indeed, he can find the effects of his falied and bankrupt policies from the past five years in the facets of this disaster. And a lot of it spells mass political alienation, even from the most die-hard of Southern Red State suckers. Much of this is now blogged about/public knowledge ...

--A third of the Louisiana National Guard that might have helped with recovery is in Iraq.

--The Bush administration had cut funding for levee development that might have at least softened the blow of Katrina and diverted those funds to Iraq and Homeland Security.

--The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a report in 2001 that listed a hurricane striking New Orleans as one of the three most likely disasters in the U.S., a list that included a terrorist attack on New York City.

--The coming surge in regional oil prices (my prediction is that $3.75 a gallon is just the start) -- and soon national -- will bring the insanity of our $300 billion energy "investment" in Iraq and lack of alternatives to petroleum directly to the fore.

--The coziness the Bush administration enjoys with the oil industries will be tested as Bush will have the opportunity to issue cost controls in the local markets against his pals to lighten energy costs.

--The growing discrepancy between federal declarations from Homeland Security and continued distress from refugees for just the most preliminary relief efforts -- like rescue and relocation -- will prove to America that there's been zilch going on at the federal level for major emergency response planning other than funneling huge contracts into the hands of a bunch of theives.

--As other funding sources to deal with this disaster prove inadequate, Bush will be forced to provide greater federal funding than his free market zealots can handle -- or else face the permanent wrath of Mississippi and Louisiana voters.

What will remain etched in the minds of those who suffer from this event -- and the direct number of victims is at least 7,000,000 -- is that a vacationing, snide president didn't plan and kept playing even as the hurricane struck.



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Only from Mississippi and Louisiana voters? If so, Americans are even more blinkered and parochial than I thought! What does it take to awaken people from their self-centered self-indulgence anyhow?

Indeed if Americans still have any sense of their higher civic duty and awesome political power left, there is indeed blood in the water! George Bush's political self destruction has reached critical mass and we must not be found absent, divided, or too stupid, to unleash our fully united political will against this criminal and un-American regime! Even in the heyday of the Jim Crow south, such a display of utter inhumanity or cold blooded callousness in the face of a natural disaster, would not have taken place. By his gross arrogance and malfeasance in the office of president Bush has literally thrown down the gauntlet to all patriotic Americans to rise to this challenge. How long will we sit idly by as congress and Bush mislead our nation? Are we Americans or are we the defeated and confused remnants of a once great nation? When any politician so blatantly places himself above the law and the will of the people, he must be dealt with! We must push aside the pro-Bush media, the Republicans, and the Democrats, to make sure that finally in this reign of error and terror, our will is done!

Last year, millions of Ukrainians faced the same choice. Continue to live like sheep, or stand up to evil corrupt government leaders and take them down once and for all. The same choice is before Americans right now. Time to take action to remove the incompetent and reckless leadership and save the good ship USA. The world will bow and respect America again if you do it - otherwise you will continue to live in shame and watch as the country slips into the toilet.

Ukrainians proved that when enough of the masses are mobilized it can be done peacefully and effectively. Your turn.


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