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How long until the Bush Administration starts blaming the media?

Friday, September 02, 2005
How long until the Bush Administration starts blaming the media?

We know it's inevitable. When will it happen and who will it be? I predict it will happen on one of the Sunday morning shows. But who? Will Cheney be back from vacation?
Craig Crawford:
It was tough to watch President Bush and the assembled politicians congratulating and applauding each other today shortly after Air Force One touched down. I guess it's a good thing that so many victims have no elecricity to operate their televisions, or homes still standing where they can watch TV. Or they might just lose their minds at the Orwellian sight of politicians pretending that they are doing a "heck of a job."

I'm sure it won't be long before the politicians start blaming the media. Yeah right, we're not covering the good news about this hurricane -- like maybe how the French Quarter needed a good scrubbing anyway, and how already overweight Americans won't be eating all that fattening food served by restaurants now under water.



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geesh, >>> this is too surreal folks. World , we love you, we were lied to, we are sorry we were so gullible, we are nice and good people, we need your help and prayers dear World.

they should be congratulated!! Many, many, many people are trying to help! They are risking their own lives....they deserve our thanks!

DID YOU JUST WAKE UP FROM A COMA >>> WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yes, many people that they LET are trying to help, but they are the ones risking their lives, NOT CHENEY OR BUSH OR CONDI OR ROVE OR RUMMY OR WOLFY OR LIBBY ETC ETC ETC

The Bureaucrats did nothing but glad-hand each other while citizens suffered and died. Nothing to congratulate. However, I was impressed by the Coast Guard and Air National Guard conducting the roof-top rescues...I only wish the President and his aleadership had been as capable.

Anonymous, go fuck yourself.

Representative Bass,

Please ask for the resignation of President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, and Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff over their incompetent handling of the Katrina hurricane. If they do not resign, please begin impeachment proceedings.

Not only were they criminally negligent and indifferent to the suffering of U.S. citizens, they completely eroded any sense of confidence in the federal government.

How can I have my FAMILY watch our citizens on television suffer without assistance for 5 days? I am tired of the perpetual lies and excuses from the Bush administration! As a tax payer and citizen I demand results.

Billions and billions have been spent on homeland security with no results whatsoever – and thousands of lives have been lost.

Clearly, we do NOT need new laws, more government, or new technology. What we demand is competent and dedicated government that attends to the needs of the people.


YOU Can do the same, there has to be accountability for the deaths of so many people, when this could have been avoided if George W Bush didn't cut the funds from the Engineers back in 2001. President Bush has shown the people of America that he is not the leader that most people thought he was. He is more concerned with the war in Iraq, that he waited five (5) days before he did anything for the crisis that now five states have to face.

On the Monday and Tuesday of last week, when he was advised of the weather conditions in the Gulf, Hurricane winds of 175 miles an hour, He decided to give a speech to the American Legion and a ship yard full of navy personell about "staying the course" in Iraq. He completely ignored the warnings. For your information, Dick Cheney and Condeleesa Rice are still on vacation.

I hope that you wil take the time and questions our government...THEY WORK FOR US.

WHERE'S MY DICK? HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY DICK? WHERE THE HELL IS MY DICK? Last seen Vice President "DICK" Cheney was seen at an honorary dinner hosted by Halliburton for the extra profits to be received from cleaning up after Katrina. WAY TO GO DICK!

He and Rummy and the AIPAC/PNAC gang are totally engaged in plotting the next foreign takeover war in Iran. They've got the main points settled. Now they're just trying to decide how many nukes to drop and whether to use U.S. or Israeli planes.

I almost choked when that right wing nut posted the "they should be congratulated" bullshit! That might have been the first right winger to post in a long time however. I wonder if that reflects what new poll numbers for Georgie (let's resort to calling him, girlie man George, how about that Arnold?) might look like.

I just had a thought that might stir up some right wing venom. I and all the rest of we American patriots of good will should now be "smeared" as WMI! Yes, I, RICHARD J. SCHAEDLER, Pennsylvania Attorney ID#27809, go ahead George, Dick, Alberto (VO5), Aunt Jemimah Rice, Rummy and you, arch "smear" turd, Rove; go ahead and look up my bio. You can find it in Martindale-Hubble. Look under Pennsylvania. Gives you all the lowdown. I, and other patriots like me are WEAPONS OF MASS INSTRUCTION! I deplore guns but understand a citizens' rights (and corresponding responsibilities) to own guns. It after all is a matter of "Constitutional" choice. No, I and many like me have a much more lethal weapon in store for the neo con phonies currently occupying the American government. It is something that you neo cons fear more than anything else in the universe. That is a complete understanding of the TRUTH! The neo cons cheated my country out of a just result in the 2000 elections. The neo cons were either asleep at the switch on 9/11/01 or worse, were complicit in the whole affair (see PNAC need for "new Pearl Harbor). 9/11/01 NEVER HAPPENS IF AL GORE HAD BEEN PRERSIDENT AS HE RIGHTFULLY DESERVED. The Afganistan action would therefore never have been necessary. Bush and Co. "fixed" the intelligence, read Cheney meddled in the work of the CIA with Tenet's approval, and got us into Iraq also as part of the plan of the PNAC. Bush & Co have eroded the social safety net that even an arch conservative like Ronnie Reagan was magnimous enough to retain for the "neediest" Americans. I need not even state the truth about Katrina as pictures from this past week speak lounder than any words I can compose on this post.

So, Neo Cons all, look me up! I do not threaten with guns or explosives. I do not even threaten you with words. Threats are for you guys. All I seek is Truth! God knows the Truth and you know what? Whatever you do to anyone who dares to call you out and accept accountability, I and we know that God is witness to the Truth. In the end all living beings must answer on the last great day. Then we all shall be free of you neo cons because on you judgment day, you will not be among those of us who have attempted to preserve, protect and defend the heart of this nation. I hope you enjoy your neo con paradise in HELL! GOD KNOWS YOU ALL WILL DESERVE IT!

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