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'My Pet Goat'--The Sequel

'My Pet Goat'--The Sequel

This time, during a catastrophe, the president did not merely dither for seven minutes, but for three days, and his top advisors followed suit. While the media has done a good job in portraying the overall failure of leadership in this weeks hurricane's disaster, it has not focused enough on this deadly dereliction of duty.

By Greg Mitchell

(September 03, 2005) -- While a rising chorus in the press has taken the White House, FEMA and the Pentagon to task for performing miserably in their response to the human disaster on the Gulf Coast, few have focused on the most telling aspect of the entire failure. It’s not just incompetence. It’s a shameful lack of concern: The 9/11 “My Pet Goat


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Mr. Bush is a great President and he needs his rest. It is important that he gets his vacation because he works so hard. It does not matter who will die as are result of his rest. He needs his rest. He even was in a working vacation, because he is so great and works so hard for America every day. I love George W Bush. I love Big Brother too.

Remember his lacklustre response to the tsunami? The equivalent happens in America... Can anyone give a reasonable explanation for this?

What is behind this dereliction of duty? Colossal stupidity gets my vote. Let's face it, colossal stupidity got the vote last November!!!

taking over the world.

I know you've heard the stuff about PNAC taking over the world and all that crap. Don't believe it for a minute. That was mainly used to sale their policy of endless war to warmongering Americans. Their real goals are more modest. Their program is none other than to take down the U.S.A. by kicking off WWIII, and doing as much as they can for Zionism in the process. The U.S. can't even conquer Iraq, so how in the world can we be expected to conquer the entire world? What we can do is assist in our own destruction by going along with their insane plan of endless wars culminating in WWIII. This is exactly how Hitler was used in WWII. What happened to the Germans under Hitler will happen to us, if we repeat their mistake of blind obedience to an insane leadership.

This is the real reason we are in Iraq, not oil, not empire, but to kick off WWIII. If you notice after each world war, the world as we know it is reorganized in a manner laid down by international finance. The last great obstacle to their plan of an Orwellian global state, is the good ole U.S.A. we are too freedom minded and all that, at least we used to be, before the so-called conservatives started creating unthinking Zombies. If we continue creating these zombies and going along with the phoney "War on Terror" we will consign ourselves to a bleak Orwellian future! This is why it is imperative for average Americans to understand the true nature of the Bush regime and why it must be stopped. The U.S. can only be saved if enough of us know the truth, not the B.S. we get everyday on TV.

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