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Dangerous Incompetence

By Cindy Sheehan

George Bush has been an incompetent failure his entire life. Fortunately, for humanity, he was just partying his way through school, running companies into the ground and being an alcoholic and cocaine abuser for most of that time and his incompetence was limited to hurting the people who worked for him and his own family. The people in his life who were hurt by his incompetence probably have been able to "get on" with their lives. Now, though, his incompetence affects the world and is responsible for so many deaths and so much destruction. How many of us did not foresee the mess he would make of the world when he was selected the first time? We saw what he had done to Texas. How many of us marvelled and were so discouraged and amazed when he was "re-elected" the second time? We saw what he had done to the world. Dangerous incomptence should never be rewarded, let alone be rewarded so handsomely as in George's case.

The Camp Casey movement has been struggling with how best we can help the government ravaged people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We sent a bus load of supplies into Covington, La., which is a poor, African-American town across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans. I had the privilege of visiting Covington with my friends, Buddy and Annie Spell last July. It was a community filled with love and laughter.

The Bring Them Home Now Tour bus that went into Covington is the VFP Impeachment Tour bus that I rode in and out of Crawford on. They took about 10,000 pounds of leftover Camp Casey supplies and we had 2 trucks filled to the brim with leftover water that we got into Covington. The tour bus also has satellite so it is the only communications that Covington has with the outside world now.

This is an email that our tour received from Gordon who is one of the bus drivers who bravely drove to Covington . I left it intact without editing:

I can't recommend coming here but, if you must, we do need help! During the
>day we are going out into the community with water and baby supplies lunch
>foods. But, there has been an attack on the Armory and the cops are scared.
>We have move into Covington middle school and we are giving the red cross
>our assistance with medical supplies and food services. Until we arrived,
>they only had MRE's. They just brought in 5 new borns babies from the
>hospital as they are expecting more casualties, We brought in a generator
>and solar powered lights, no power, no phone service here, our satellite
>link is the only connection to the outside. The Marshal Law enforcement
>that will be coming to New Orleans with the Army, could create mass panic.
>that will lead to more refugees, we have twenty right now and room for 100.
>Don't come here unless your are prepared to work!.
> I should say, stay out on the road and raise money for the relief effort.
> But make up your own minds.
> We need to keep the public aware of what is going on here and all over
> I you want to help go an established refugee camp and provide your
> internet access to document who it there and what they plan to do to the
> website. Use your satellites access to maximize the story of the relief
> effort!
> Gordon

There it is.

I think we should finish the tour so we can talk about what an abject failure this administration is. The unnecessary tragedy in New Orleans is directly related to the unnecessary tragedy in Iraq: Unnecessary being the operative word.

Innocent people are dying daily in this world. In the crush of the hurricane story, the fact that 950 people (mostly women and children) were trampled to death in Iraq was buried in the back sections. Those are 950 people who would still be alive if George Bush were not president. 950 people in Iraq and how many thousands in the Gulf States died while the emperor strummed a guitar and knocked a golf ball around? Additonally, eight of our brave and wonderful soldiers have been needlessly killed in Iraq since Monday.

I really believe that George and his band of incompetent and dangerous thugs need to resign. It would be the only honorable and competent thing to do. But wait….

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At the Crawford Peace House, I was told that young George would take frogs, put a stick of explosives down their throat, light the explosives, throw the frog in the air and watch it burst.

Serial killers start out torturing and murdering animals. Then they eventually go on to murdering people---exactly what george has done in Iraq, with our service people, and the people of New Orleans.

Don't exaggerate, please. He used firecrackers to blow up frogs. At college he used red hot coat hanger ends to brand pledges just above their buttocks. As governor he smirked about people on death row and refused them clemency. He made a joke about not finding WMDs under his Oval Office desk. After 9/11/01 he said "Bring 'em on!" and strutted on the deck of a warship under a banner that will make historians laugh. His administration squandered our taxes on the illegal and bloody war on Iraq that could have beefed up levees around New Orleans. Only now has he finally admitted that the war on Iraq is to control the world's largest petroleum sources in the Middle East. But he did not use bombs to blow up frogs!

They said explosives, aren't firecrackers explosives? Isn't that why they are illegal? Oh, and where did it say he used BOMBS to blow them up? A little touchy aren't we?

What in the world are you talking about?

This group is for hooking up with other people that are going to go or want to go to Washington DC for the September 24th 25th and 26th anti-war, bring the troops home, impeach Bush demonstration.

UPDATED transportation and lodging info
for the Sept 24th demonstration in DC transportation and lodging info
for the Sept 24th demonstration in DC

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition : (Lots of busses from most states)

United for Peace and Justice, transportation and lodging:

Toops Out Now Coalition:

Get on a bus from your city -- organizing centers and buses listed at:

BUY YOUR BUS TICKET ONLINE for 7 New York Metro Area locations including Jersey City and Long Island City, and Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, and Buffalo, at:

New Democracy Rising Peace Train:



Assorted bus lines for individual, groups, or charter:

Assorted airlines:

American Automobile Association (AAA):

Rental car info:

For more information on the bus going from Gainesville, contact Bill Gilbert or David Henderson at or

Hotels in DC:

Getting around in DC metro map system:

This costs lots of bucks to set up folks, so when you go to the ANSWER site or TROOPS OUT NOW, or any of them , consider giving them some money, there are cost of leasing the busses, and port-o-lets (don't want this without them) and everything.

Thanks for all that everyone is doing, contact me with any questions.


"First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.
And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me."

---Martin Neimoller

Ride sharing, caravans, busses, trains, whatever.



Post if you have something organized, or if you want to organize, or if you know of something, or if you need a ride.

Or if you have or need lodging while there.

"Shock and Awe"!

George Bush is a MURDER!


I was just watching former presidents Clinton and Bush Sr being interviewed separately (for a change) on CNN.

Clinton admitted that the government 'failed the people.' He said that after we rescue any remaining survivors (so as to not fail them a second time,) there should be some sort of 'Katrina Commission' to look into the failures that occurred.

Then... Bush Sr. And lo and behold, first words out of his mouth were 'we have to stop playing the blame game'.

Excuse me... did you say... the 'blame game'?

That is astounding.

Sir... read my lips... this is no game. As many as 10,000 dead. 5 days before anyone showed up other than a few Coast Guard choppers. 2 days before Junior broke off his vacation. 7 days before the Marines stormed the beaches (or what was left of them) in Biloxi.

Blame game? Buddy, we haven't even STARTED the blame game yet.

You seem to forget... we were all watching this time. This isn't like the coffins returning from Iraq, where you can just keep the press photographers from taking pictures, keep us all happily numb out here in our suburban reverie. We watched. We were horrified. We are still horrified. We are weeping.

I'm sorry, but you're just not going to be able to sanitize this one, it reeks as badly as the sewage floating in the streets of new orleans.

"... a little piece of you, a little piece in me, will die... for this is not america... " - David Bowie

How could Bush Sr. say such a thing when it is his son that has played the blame game from day one and still plays that game? His son blamed Clinton at one point and now he's asking him to help. Now he's blaming the Heads of States. I think the whole Bush clan is nuts.

When the Republican Spin Machine gets done with this, it will show Bush anguishing on day one of this tragedy, and everyone ELSE at fault for any delay in resque!

I agree and it has already started.

For those of you who do not know it FEMA has been a department of Homeland Security since 2003, therefore Mike Brown, Director of FEMA, takes his orders from Michael Chernoff, GW's good friend who he appointed as head of Homeland Security after much dispute about his lack of disaster, etc., experience. I rest my case.

Is this so-called Cindy Sheehan website a propaganda tool by the Republican party? Based on the absolutely crazy, satirically comical statements by "Cindy Sheehan", it seems that someone is posting contrived quotes on behalf of the Democratic party to make the left wing view look completly foolish. Whoever is responsible, the end result is the same. I'm just waiting for the quote, blaming Bush for the "sexist" blue color of the sky, and the tortured logic that follows. After hearing her putting blame on a person for a HURRICANE, nothing else could be beyond imagination! I must say that it is entertaining, though! Go Cindy, Go Cindy!

fuck you.

What? Can't get a real or intelligent thought in your head? Why are you wasting our time and space on this website with that response? You could at least let us know who you are cursing at and why. This is why our Country is in the Toliet! You and your pals can't have a thought that goes past a simple vulgar F.U.

I think this comment was submitted by GW himself! Unintelligent, not creative, if he doesn't have a speech writer it is just more fluff and cliche.

Good spelling.

... is a total idiot; almost as disgusting as michael moore. on 2nd thought idiot is too nice a word. just seeing her name out there anymore turns my stomach; who does she think she is? i've lost a son and nothing in this world is more devastating, but i do not blame someone else as she does. what a disgrace to the world these people have done to our country. and now, to 'blame' george bush for a hurricane? omg... you have to be kidding me... while i do not agree with bush on everything he has done, come on now??????? you really are an idiot cindy, and m/moore - i about puke whenever i even see your face anymore.

I don't think Cindy is blaming GW for the Huricane, however, I can see her point about the lack of federal response in the days following the disaster. To blame one man is wrong, but after finding out this morning, that the man in charge of homeland security is a good friend of the president, and his career prior to now had not had anything to do with handling disasters! This all goes back to the wrong choices being made by the wrong person. I too donot understand how someone with a record like Bush had for his first term could be re-elected. People around the world thought we were seeing different news coverage than they were. I only hope that those wwho elected him to the presidency for two terms, will be happy when their children have to suffer for their mistakes.

You don't care that the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with our security? It was planned long before 9/11. If you don't believe that, you are pitifully ignorant of facts that people overseas who get news that Fox doesn't carry recognize., And if you blame people who have a legitimate claim based on facts,you are a real enemy of this democracy.

The fact that your beloved Bush does not recognize global warming and has encouraged his industrial friends to continue their pollution does put some blame for this and the next and the next devestating hurricanes partly at his doorstep. And the total incompetance of him and his administration to take any action for two days does make him a little culpable for the loss of life.

Wake up. Read. Learn. Before we lose this deomcracy and the planet.

If you don't support Cindy, why in the hell are you polluting this website with your ignorant viewpoint? Leave this to the real Americans.

I don't mind the contrast of opinion.
Pollution or not, our fellow Americans deserve to be heard - it heats up the discussion.

Oh Babs! How Republican you sound! People don't cause hurricanes dear, nature does(nature doesnt pick and choose who it will take care of, thats what Bush and his group of incompetent fools do)! Unless of course you beleive all those naysayers about global warning, then I guess in a round about way, people do have a hand in the severity of storms...but, oh wait, Bush with all his knowledge and infinite wisdom doesn't believe in global warning, so I'm sure you'll follow Bush blindly, as all good republicans must do. Tell me, do you all take an oath of allegience to the republican party, no matter what? I can think of no other reason to keep supporting this jerk who finds it more important to be out golfing, than busting his butt to help those who were and still are in need. I'm sorry, I keep forgetting, George doesn't believe in poor black people either. I sure wouldn't want to be George when it comes time to explain his actions to his God. What a guy!!!

I'm constantly amazed to see how some people can read something and come out with an exact opposite meaning from what was said if they want to spin the meaning differently from their pre-conceived notion. Re-read what Cindy said and there is no way you can say she said Bush caused the hurricane. She would have to be a lunatic to say that and she is no lunatic. Cindy is right on target. Everything Bush has done starting with his own businesses which failed, including the unnecessary war in Iraq, his letting Osama Bin Laden escape, his failure to perceive the impending 9/11 attack in spite of ample evidence that it was coming, to his handling of the New Orleans disaster has been a complete fiasco. He insists on seeing things the way he wants to see them instead of as they really are. Approaching them from an unrealistic concept, he comes up with unrealistic solutions. He is still the "spoiled frat boy" that never grew up. He is so incompetent that if he hadn't been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he would probably be begging on the street.

Would you like GW better if he were born into a poor family like Kerry, Clinton and Kennedy?

If the war in Iraq was "unnecessary", why did Kerry support it?

Didn't Clinton let Osama Bin Laden go when he had him?

Clinton comes from working-class people. What's your point?

Kerry and all of congress supported the false reports they were given. Again, what's your point?

Clinton never "had" Bin Laden, but he didn't go after him, you are correct. But again, your point? Tell me why do you think he "had" Bin Laden? Heck, GW had Bin Laden's family and let them go and that's a fact,Jack. Go back in history to the 60's,70's, and 80's with airliner hijacking, military installations bombed, embassy bombings, etc. We've been getting warnings for almost 50 years and no administratin took action until we experienced 9/11, then they went after the wrong guy. Maybe, just maybe until 9/11 no one in this country whether a citizen or the government thought anyone would ever dare attack us on our land. Maybe, just maybe, we considered ourselves much more important than we were. Now we know we can be attacked and we probably will be again and that scares the heck out of me having to rely on religious fanatics and incompetents. And don't quote the bible to me. I don't profess to be a christian. I don't have to abide by bible scripture. You Christians do and people like me watch everything you do. You can spout all the scriptures you want but your actions tell me what you are and that goes for your president.

Please pay close attention to the responses made by Bush supporters. They are only focused on (1)discrediting anyone who opposes this administration and (2) making excuses for GWB's behavior. That's all they do. I have not seen one of them say anything sensitive about these poor people in the gulf states who have suffered such a catastrophe. Shame on them.
And please note that I am saying this about the Right-wingers who are mainly the religious segment of the GOP. There do exist moderate Republicans who do not agree with this administration, but like the good Christians out there they too remain silent. It is this silent majority that could make a difference, but they aren't. Shame on them,too. 78 million registered voters did not bother to vote in this past election. Shame on them, too.
Half of the citizens of this country have let themselves be fooled by buying into government and religious illusions. The first being that we are and always have been a "Christian nation". Tell the Native American this and see their reaction. They are only one victim of this illusion. Read AND study the Christian Bible it will enlighten you. Read and study United States history. It too will enlighten you. Then there is the illusion of safety/security. Do I need to say more in light of rescue response to this hurricane. Get yourselves prepared for disasters and talk to people who have survived them. They know what needs to be done, not government officals sitting thousands of miles away. Then there is the illusion that to critize the government is being unpatriotic. Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence it will truly enlighten you. It is very patriotic to critize an out-of-control government. Don't put these things off. Do them now, to wait is to self-destruct.
Here is a great pocket sized book you can easily read and understand The Pocket Patriot ISBN 1-58173-317-8 it contains The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I think I paid $5 or $6 dollars but they are probably cheaper on Amazon. I think you know how to get ahold of a Bible and research history.
We are never going to get anywhere until we become knowledgable of who we are and why this country was established in the first place.
These are our (we the people) tools to fight this wrong and eradicate these illusions.
In the meantime we have a right, God-given and Constitution-given, to oppose the tyranny of oppression. That's what we are you know, oppressed by tyrants. If anyone out there doesn't think that the lack of adequate and/or existing health care, gasoline prices, higher consumer prices, sending manufacturing and other jobs out of the country, ridiculously low minimum wage, higher insurance costs, higher taxes, etc., etc., etc., isn't oppressing then they must be a Neo-con.
Here's is another thought. We all know the news media is biased, both ways. So why in the world would a liberal watch FOX news, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and give them the RATINGS. Ratings is what keeps them on the air. Then there's Anderson Cooper and so on and so on. You know the ones. Turn these people off. Now I know that this stuff goes two ways (before some Neo-Con reminds me) but believe me they don't have any more time than us to watch TV and in reality they probably have less. We work ourselves to death just trying to survive. They work themselves to death for material things and status/power. They are more driven to acquire that almighty dollar.
People we need to start thinking and acting smarter and more informed. Just engaging in pissing battles with the Righ-wingers is not going to get us anywhere. They do this stuff to distract us and it works a lot of the time. Shun them, ignore them, turn your back on them, walk away from them, refuse to answer them, block them out. Pray for them and yourself. God does answer prayers.
Just some food for thought.

Sorry my message didn't have my name on it. I don't like anonymous

You had more to say than most others here.

However, you TOO need to use your spell checker. It tends to undermine your illusion of competence.

Your conclusion is right-on..... pray.

I would add that we all need to pray for His will to be done in America rather than our own agendas. Further, Scripture instructs us to pray for our leaders. It doesn't say that we have to agree with them, just to pray for them. Scripture also tells us to pray for our enemies.

So, if you consider President Bush your enemy, you have two reasons to pray for him.

Dear fellow Democrats,
We seem to have a Neo-Con in our presence who equates spelling with competency,but fails to identify the alleged spelling error,if it even exists. They comment under the name "anonymous". How brave. This confirms what I said about them engaging us in pissing battles to distract us from the issues.
They tend to embellish on what we say, read messages into our words that aren't there and nit-pit at such inconsequential things as spelling and then they spout the Bible in a vague and general term as if they are experts and ever more, maybe to convince that they are "Christians".
Life doesn't get any better than this. They really can't keep their mouths shut. They are as transparent as I told you they were.
Thank you "Anonymous". I rest my case.

Barbara, I honor you and your son who gave his life for America.

Mrs. Sheehan is an embarrassment to her deceased son, who volunteered to serve and also gave his life for his country. Nobody forced him to join.

I can’t believe that she is capable of writing what has been reported as coming from her. I don’t believe that she is educated enough to write this way nor could she be personally aware of many issues purported to be criticized by her.

She says that Bush “has been an incompetent failure his entire life

don't talk about Cindy like that, she is a brave wonderful

Hey there anonymous....babs didn't say anything about losing her son in any "noble" sacrifice for his country...for all we know, he was driving drunk and took out a young family with him. you can "honor" her all you want, but get the facts first (oh wait, you people don't like facts).

Send more of your own children out to die in this corrupt,illegal and immoral war. Do not expect others to be as stupid and blind as you.
What a great person you are because you are not complaining. Just what the right wants... you to be quiet and eat your pain. If you had half the brain that Michael Moore has, you would see what an incompetent bush is.
If you voted for bush and supported his policies then the blood of every American killed and every Iraqi killed is on your head. Now the deaths of every American in the gulf area is also on your head because you supported polices that allowed this cretin pretender to cut funding to FEMA. If you you knew this you suck! If you did not know this then you are an irresponsible, uninformed citizen who does not deserve to vote! Take your pick... evil or stupid!
It's because of idiots like you that people die for nothing. You supported this with your gross ignorance and do not even know that the bush admin. is attacking disabled veterans. What is it going to take for you to wake up and see you are being screwed?
People like you love to be abused. It's what bushco needs and you are there for him.
Keep your desire or need to be abused to yourself.
People like you, drowning in your own bile and bitterness are not a reflection of Christian values but of the Anti-Christ, named bush. You make me vomit.
Speak for yourself and live with your own mistakes.
Do some research. Read, learn something or go over and fight yourself. Idiot!!!

You show yourself as a Born Again; cruel and a disgrace to this country. Who are you to make these horrendous comments to a woman you do not know and certainly do not understand, that she has a question that millions of people want an answer to. I guess you are the priviledged one who thinks you know all, but actually knows nothing.

One of the things Republicans hate about big government is the poor management and incompetent bureaucratic operations.

George W. Bush, the Republican choice, is the perfect example of all that Republicans dislike about government -- incompetence, short-sightedness, eonomic irresponsibility, and ignorance. But we'll survive3 him, as we've survived one of the worst presidents in US history, Ronny baby.

This person wants to talk about ignorance? How blind the mice are that follow Bush! It's the aftermath and lack of response he is being blamed for, not the hurricane. Typical though, you pay more then double the gas price you did pre-Bush, over two thousand american soldiers are dead in a needless war in Iraq (I'm quite sure no relatives of yours!) and thousands of AMERICANS in THIS COUNTRY die while the presidents plays golf! There is no penetrating a skulls as thick as your! Thank God he can't run again! The damage he and his world power cronies have inflicted on us will be decades in recovery (if ever).
J.Willett, Miami

Side note: We reiceved aid faster in the Southern tip of Florida after Andrew , when there was no so called disaster plan or Homeland security, then the people on the gulf coast have.

Let's remember how the ignorant and blind Germans followed Hitler also!

The President can't come into a state with massive relief without being asked. It is my understanding that the governor didn't ask soon enough.

Nobody's denying that it took too long.

it is a matter of record - on the LA. state website that gov. blanco declared a state of emergency - thereby asking for help on 8/26/2005. turn of your fox news and pay attention to what is really going on.

Well, this is the best of your ridiculous comments. An invitation was required??? Well my governor didn't invite the president to visit my state but he showed up anyway. What is this double standards? or just plain stupidity? Since when does the President of the United States require an invitation to go anywhere in this country and especially to the people and comfort them. Who are you? Everytime you open your mouth you insert your foot. Or you open your mouth just enough to have to shift feet.
Who's your script writer, Karl Rove? Or do you really do this all on your own?

Your are an idiot.

Ponce and Responce. Learn to spell before you call anyone an idiot ...retart.

Hey anonymous,
what is a "retart". Could you mean "retard" Did you use your spell checker?

It seems like people calling others names should at least check their spelling to sound somewhat credible.

The word “your

Cindy Sheehan is an American Citizen who has the right to critize, complain and/or protest with whatever she disagrees. But, first and foremost she is a grieving mother who has lost her son to a senseless war. Further, even if it were not a "senseless" war to lose a child is the most horrendous thing a parent can experience. If you can't show compassion and understanding to a grieving mother, and you can't show compassion and sensitivity to the victims of this hurricane, and you can only spout erroneous bible information, what then is your problem? Have you ever read " A child learns what it is taught?" Who in Gods name made you so cold, smug and self-righteous?
GW should have been right there within 24 hours of the hurricane to assure the people that he would get them help. Instead, he had to be forced by public outrage to do the right thing. This man claims to be a Christian and he did not immediately go to comfort hurting people. Excuse me but that's what is at the heart of all this. Christian or not the lack of compassion and action is inexcusable in any human being let alone a president and world leader, but it makes it more dastardly that he calls himself a Christian. Actions speak louder than words. Talk is cheap. Get the idea.

Don't despair. You will come to consciousness in your own time. Fortunately for you, God does not wear a wristwatch.

Your email is so sad. Cindy Sheehan isn't blaming the President for the Hurricane...she's blaming him for not responding immediately to the needs of those people. Do you think if this storm and devastation had hit Kennebunkport, and there were hundreds of white people standing on roofs waiting to be rescued, that they would have had to wait 6 days? In this very important time, we must try to connect with one another. If you have no pity for Sheehan who lost her son in an unecessary war, and no pity for those poor people in New Orleans whose lives have been devastated, I have plenty of pity left for you.

Rowen Horner.
Anyone who was paying attention knew (NOT YOU) that N.Orleans was vulnerable to a hurricane. Surely our elected officials knew but chose to pay off their budies. IT'S NOT THE WEATHER EVENT YOU FOOL; IT IS THE WAY THE BUSHCO ADMIN. CUT THE FUNDS TO WHAT WAS INEVITABLE. THEN TOOK FOREVER TO GET HIS ACT TOGEHTER.
When the BLUE sky disappears you will know that global warming is real but you probably do not believe in science.

Rowen Horner.
Anyone who was paying attention knew (NOT YOU) that N.Orleans was vulnerable to a hurricane. Surely our elected officials knew but chose to pay off their budies. IT'S NOT THE WEATHER EVENT YOU FOOL; IT IS THE WAY THE BUSHCO ADMIN. CUT THE FUNDS TO WHAT WAS INEVITABLE. THEN TOOK FOREVER TO GET HIS ACT TOGEHTER.
When the BLUE sky disappears you will know that global warming is real but you probably do not believe in science.

"Daddy, what was the world like when you were in college?"

"Oh God. I guess that I have to tell all that again."

"Did something bad happen?"

"You can't even begin to imagine how bad it was. Having stolen the election in 2000, George W. Bush used September 11, 2001, as an excuse to invade Iraq. When evidence showed that Saddam Hussein wasn't involved with al Qaida (and also didn't have any WMDs), Bush switched the excuse to human rights. What a joke that was! He continued supporting the despotic Saudi royal family because they gave him all the oil that he wanted, which of course contributed to global warming."

"And what was all that about New Orleans?"

"Because Bush sent the National Guard to Iraq to fight that illegal immoral war, there was no one to help the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city."

"What about the economic state of affairs?"

"That lunatic looted the treasury so that his fat cat cronies could have tax cuts. Well, that all lead us from a record surplus to record deficits. This of course meant less money for schools and social services. To add insult to injury, Bush sought to eliminate Social Security and the Estate Tax."

"Criminy! He makes Nixon look like a saint!"

"I couldn't have said it better myself. But what can you expect from a man whose family traded with the Nazis? I've never heard anything good about him. Whether it's his cruel streak from his youth, his deregulation in Texas, or everything that he did as president, George W. Bush was the Devil himself."

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