You are herecontent / Food Drops in Aphganistan but not in New Orleans. Where are the planes?

Food Drops in Aphganistan but not in New Orleans. Where are the planes?

Putting food on a family is not rocket science.


Putting food on a family is not rocket science.

I've seen the satellite photos, and I do grasp the magnitude of this disaster. I know that roads must be cleared before quantities of aid can be brought in.

But get this- food and water don't just have to come in on trucks.

Our collective anguish and heartbreak at seeing our fellow citizens starve and dehydrate for days might have been eased in some small way if we could have seen you demand just one thing be done right away. You've done it before,

I do. You said -

"At the same time, the oppressed people of Afghanistan will know the generosity of America and our allies. As we strike military targets, we will also drop food, medicine and supplies to to the starving and suffering men and women and children of Afghanistan."


Wow, 37500 packs of food! Thats a lot.
If I had a plane, thats what I would do.
If I had an Air Force, maybe I would send more.


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How can appropriate command be exicuted when the guy with the authority of god, who can contact any millitary command in his region, and order certain millitary assets be imediatly dispatched REMAINS INSIDE HIS A/C COMMAND POST APPROX. 70 MI AWAY? DIR. BROWN CLAIMS IGNORAQNCE OF THE SITUATION AT THE DOME AND CONVENTION CENTER? Perhaps if he had done some PERSONAL ASSESSMENT'S from fly over's, he could have discovered the situation he was facing and excercised the authority he possesses and responded correctly and timly. COMMAND FROM 70 MI AWAY IS IMPOSSIBLE IF YOUR COMO WAS AS CRITICAL AS HE STATED IT WAS. A commander with any good sense will run some risk and get in to the aoa and make personal assessment of the situation. PUSSIES STAY HIDDEN IN AIR CONDITIONED COMMAND CENTER'S WITH DEFECT COMO!

A CH-47 heavy lift rotor wing platform with a 26,000 lb lift capacity, and seizure of those white plastic agriculture water tanks you see at farm supply stores cound have done the job, being lifter to the two inner city assembly points. SOMETIMES, inthe name of humanity, you got to get creative when you have a situation like this. FT RUCKER ALABAMA, THE HOME AND CENTER FOR U S ARMY AVIATION WAS NOT TOO FAR AWAR, BEING LOCATED ON THE SOUTHERN PART OF ALABAMA.
If there was some perceived risk from the ground, a creatively and intellengent move may have been to dispatch one or two APACHE GUN SHIPS TO ESCORT THIS CH-47 INTO THE DROP ZONE FOR INTIMIDATION PURPOSES WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN UNREASONABLE ,IF THAT WAS THE FEAR THAT PREVENTED THE TIMLY RESPONSE. In the name of humanity, is this too unreasonable an idea? It is certainly a tactic employed in a combat region.
Sometimes, you got to think outside the normal channel of thought and get creative when dealing with unususal circumstances. To prevent loss of life, what is too unreasonabel?

It's clear that we don't have any creative thinker's in FEMA!

There is absolutely no valid excuse whatsoever for the victims at the dome not to have had immediate access to medicine, medical care, food and water after the storm passed.

FEMA's job is to plan and prepare for these types of disasters, and a major hurricane strike in that region was known as one of the top three likely possibilities for quite some time. This was not incompetence, it was deliberate neglect, in my opinion.

The people running this operation are despicable to say the least.

WHAT YOU SAY(ABOVE) IS CERTAINLY WORTH A LOT OF MERIT. And i think ill be watching and listening for clues to substantiate what you've stated above. You know, i think im pretty on the ball in my observation's and resulting thought's. But, i was not thinkink in the terms you've described above, and now i am. Thats good, very good, in fact, what you've brought up. thank you**HUMPHREY**

As the previous poster so correctly states, the disaster in New Orleans is a deliberate but inexplicable decision by the Bush Admin to deny American citizens in dire need the full and immediate assistance of the Federal government! FEMA did not come into existence with this administration. Though the new head is a Bush appointee with no experience, I'm sure there are longtime FEMA managers still in place who knew what to do, if they were allowed to do it! Don't be fooled, this was not about incompetence! There are also questions of why the authorities at the state level are not fully engaged in relief efforts? No state national guards, no police reinforcements? There are reports that the Feds usurped state and local authority by keeping everyone paralyzed with promises of impending relief which was not immediately forthcoming!

Whatever is going on, this is not the time for phoney statements of solidarity and refraining from placing blame! What they have done here on U.S. soil, breaks all rules of American standards of common decency and sense of duty. It is criminal and they should finally be held accountable. Their stooges in congress and the media will try to spin and divert our anger, we can't let this die or be quelled. They used this tactic to consolidate their power and silence legitimate dissent in the run up to the Iraq war. Politically they have never been more vulnerable and it is high time that the full and unmitigated fury of all patriotic Americans be directed at their sorry asses!

In the spirit of Cindy Sheehan's Crawford revolt, Bush's criminal behavior in office has given us two potent weapons to wield against him: The War and New Orleans. Both are intimately intertwined and form a political dagger of great power! This dagger must be driven into the heart of this criminal administration and any who dare try to protect them. A call for impeachment must now ring out across this land, a call that must not be halted by congressional whitewashing or media diversions. This call must be sustained against all opposition by a united public until the scourge of the Bush administratin has been cleansed from our government.

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