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Democracy Now: John Conyers on Downing Street Minutes


* The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington, Conyers Blasts "Deafening Sound of Silence" *

We speak with Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) who is convening a public hearing tomorrow in Washington on the so-called Downing Street Memo and other newly released documents that he says show the Bush administration's "efforts to cook the books on pre-war intelligence." We also speak with former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.



Thurs, June 16:

* The Merger of Big Oil and the White House. We'll look at Philip Cooney who
just resigned as chief of staff for President Bush's environmental policy
council just two days after it was revealed that he had edited government
scientific reports in order to downplay the effects of global warming. He
has just been hired by oil giant ExxonMobil. We'll speak with the
prize-winning New York Times science reporter who broke the story.

* A look at the upcoming presidential elections in Iran.

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* Amy Goodman in Fort Worth, TX: Thurs, June 16 *

TIME: 2:15 PM
23rd Annual NAHJ Convention and Media & Career Expo
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Fight the Power: Reclaiming Our Nation's Media Policies
Fort Worth Convention Center

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* Amy Goodman in Croton-on-Hudson, NY: Sat, June 18 *

TIME: 1:50 PM
Clearwater Festival
Croton Point Park

Advance discount tickets can be ordered online at
or by calling 800-67-SLOOP.
Day-of tickets at the gate: $45.

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