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Surveillance without warrant

The honorable Senator 8/15/
US Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator

I'm writing you to oppose the newly passed law (Passed in Senate on Aug. 3, signed by Bush on Aug. 5) which gives government expanded surveillance authority without court approval.

I urge you to re-consider the law because of the following reason:

1. The proposed bill is a violation of the Constitution and an affront to our civil rights as US citizens. It especially damaged the Fourth Amendment which protecting people from unreasonable search and arrest.

It's easy for coruptive police to manipulate a "terrorist suspect" to e-mail, or dialogue in an internet forum, to frame innocent people. (In Miame terror cell case of 2006, a FBI informant had instructed the cell member to attack FBI office ).

2. There is no reason to say old FISA rule doesn't work. Under which the government can do eavesdropping any time when it requires. Even if it's in emergence, they can wiretap first and submit an application to court later. Nothing hinder their surveillance work.

A surveillance without warrant means a blank check to the secret police. It opens the door to a fascist country.

3. Surveillance not only means eavesdropping, it also means harassment. FBI, DEA are notorious for abusing power. They harass, plant and frame case. There is lack of a surveillance on these so said "law enforcement". The new law gives them further more room for abusing power. It is an attack on the principle of Check and Balance.

4. A negative side of this law from my personal experience. I posted a lot in internet web forum. I used to reveal the dark side of the government, especially about the law enforcement. I suffered continuous harassment from the Feds cyberspace team. Recently I was blocked from three web sites. (two of them are media's web site)

(1) On Aug. 1, blocked to enter " " by technical problem.
(2) On Aug. 4, banned to enter ""
(3) On Aug. 5, banned to enter ""

Since my posting were all of political opinion, there was no reason to ban me accessing the site. The ban is so thorough that I couldn't complain nor read. I allege it was from surveillance team not from the web site. I think it was done when Feds (FBI, DEA) has been inspired and encouraged by the would passing new surveillance law.

In conclusion, I urge you to re-consider the new intelligence surveillance law, at least do some amendment to limit the unrestricted power of law enforcement. I also urge you to investigate the abusing in internet communication caused by the Feds (FBI, DEA). (see below)


Kat Hak Sung


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You were banned from Shoutwire's forums because it looked like you were trying to use the forums as a backup for the hundreds of pages you've written. Now if you had been there to participate instead of just using the forums as your own personal storage space you wouldn't have been thrown out. As for the other sites I don't know why they banned you, but I would guess it was for the same reason.
You are correct that the illegal surveillance violates the law of the land in the U.S.,however, the real reason the government cons do the surveillance is never discussed.

The government cons claim the surveillance is necessary to catch and watch foreign spies and terrorists who want to hurt us, so they use this lame excuse to zap us with infra red, microwave, radar, sonar,infra red laser, and all kinds of crap.

The problem related directly to this is the glut of unwelcome immigrants, some of whom are illegal, and dual nationality persons who have swarmed into the U.S.. Ted Kennedy and others will surely go square to hell for the wholesale giveaway of our U.S. citizenship. By packing the U.S. with too many people to be able to give everyone their legal rights, they must police the hell out of communities and vital areas in order to try and keep a lid on things. This is the reason for the Real I.D. Act which is a failure, of course, but also for introducing draconian I.D. and other restrictive laws.


In addition, there are reportedly black marketed nuclear 'triggers' placed around some U.S. cities which may be detonated, illegally, of course, based on vague threats from rogue criminal elements within the U.S., so there are authorities constantly searching for the nuclear radiation trace trails to these devices which really do probably exist.

So in summary, you have a tremendous over-glut of people here in U.S. already, with more pouring in constantly, due to unguarded borders, particularly our southern border with Mexico, and the government con is just now addressing this issue with fences, etc., while we already here get microwaved to hell instead of the border jumpers getting microwaved with surveillance. That's how exactly stupid and CHICKEN SHIT OUR U.S. SO-CALLED LAW-ENFORCEMENT IS.
However, the law enforcement is apparently directed by policies derived from the United Nations community action type programs. Some of these are evidently very involved with spying and radiating those of us who know too much about what is really going on. The U.N. wants generic stupids for a society. For example, if Hillary Clinton is elected she will try to pass legislation requiring all U.S. Citizens to purchase health insurance from international corporations, thus guaranteeing that if you haven't had your I.D. and credit information stolen yet, you may in such a BilHillary future, due to your information being place on zillions more worldwide databases.
By the way, someone told me Hillary was/is on the board or panel which voted to give the big supertanker contract to Northrop Grumman instead of Boeing which may mean the loss of Billions of U.S. Job dollars! The German or other foreign co. who builds the Superbus, I think, got the contract. Anyone hear if this is accurate? If so, Hillary is a traitor of the worst kind. She doesn't care about the welfare of U.S. Citizens, only her pocketbook enrichment!

A more plausible explanation of the incessant demand the government 'Candidates For The Con'(see for the illegal surveillance of, even innocent innocuous persons and groups is the development of the W. House Enemies List and the maintenance of the RED-BLUE LISTS which I wrote about in the special 'Bonus Information' section of 'Candidates For The Con' on Hillary and the W.House basement bunker & Waco Holocaust, etc.,and the RED LIST.

To be able to execute an operation of the magnitude of the 9/11 WTC-PENTAGON ATTACKS, it must certainly require a software of the PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information Systems, etc.) capability, hooked directly into a massive collection of real time surveillance readings on population as a whole, as well as surveillance real time data on certain knowledgeable persons and experts.
In other words, those who are government officers, engineers, security experts, etc., certain military leaders, etc., must be accounted for in real time, or else it may be a 'no-go' like a canceled space shot.

So, to address your concern on the surveillance without warrant, be assured the 'Candidates For The Con' are definitely interested in stealing however much money is in your bank account, too, if it gets to be a sizable enough balance, especially with Bush family member, Marv(Marvin?) Bush and his Choicepoint data-mining software which also helped steal the election.
By computing thousands, perhaps millions of factors with their eleven acres of underground computers at Ft. Meade, Maryland, the 'CON' can determine just what it can and may not be able to get away with.
The surveillance is not necessarily to keep us safe and not legal. joe martin, editor of

You said: "1. The proposed bill is a violation of the Constitution and an affront to our civil rights as US citizens."

I will agree with "violation of our Constitutionally mandated civil privilages, or violation of our Constitutionally mandated civil liberties but not violation of our civil rights. That is a misnomer reference to the first ten amendments.

If you read our Constitution and Declaration of Independence very carefully, you will discover it specifically says "our rights are/were endowed by our creator" and expressed in our "Declaration of Independence" and not written anywhere within the text of the Constitution itself and that the commonly used name "Bill of Rights" was based on James Madison's "Virginia Declaration of Rights."

You will also note that nowhere in the Constitution are the first ten amendments referred to as "A" or "The" "Bill of Rights" and if it isn't written specifically in the Constitution it just ain't so no matter what it is commonly called.

Go to this website for a first reference, there are several others:

Then scroll down to:

The Amendments Note

The following are the Amendments to the Constitution. The first ten Amendments collectively are "commonly known" as the Bill of Rights. History

Then go to this website and read "The Declaration of Independence":

Not trying to bust your bubble...just bringing out a few factual points. Call it what you wish.

I would remind you though, that anything any congress put in the Constitution, including amendements, can be removed aka repealed by another congress with majority of states backing; just like the bible thumping evangelical neocons are trying to get rid of Roe vs Wade by revision or outright repeal of the 14th Amendement right now. And lets not forget the liberal gun control freaks that would have congress repeal the 2nd Amendment if they had their way and disarm U S Citizens.

Fortunately, thusfar, both those attempts have been thwarted.


The political party I belong to is the entire body politic of the United States of America and our Constitution that I support without bias which neither states or implies any allegiance with any other socalled organized political party.

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