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Gallup Refuses To Run Poll Asking Americans If Bush Should Be Impeached
Greg Szymanski

Gallup Refuses To Run Poll Asking Americans If Bush Should Be Impeached
Independent democrats say Gallup's response is dishonest and the company is using a double standard when considering the nationwide poll run during the Clinton presidency.

September 2, 2005

Behind the scenes, independent Democrats who are not “bought and paid off


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Who will be first to stand up and exlaim IMPEACH! RESIGN!! Just GET OUT!! America is waiting for a leader.

like a Liberty Bell !

Yank, e-mail me directly sometime at I would like to exchange thoughts and ideas with you. As usual, you are right on you money about what must happen to Busg and cronies.

I also think all juducial appointees should be suspended and re-appointed and run through a new confirmation process once impeachment takes place. This also means Roberts appointment must be nullified until the clouds/storm over Bush & Co'c. head is resolved.

Discussion begins!


I suspect the real reason for not wanting to ask the "hypothetical questions" is that private polls paid for by the politicians themselves have already provided the "hypothetical answers" and it's not to their liking. Impeaching this president in the run-up to the next congressional elections might tend to provoke some other unwelcome questions about "gang associations". We mustn't encourage the peasants to think too deeply.

If Gallup needs impeachment to be talked about in the public domain, then by God it's time for us to speak about it publicly -- we need the authors of sites like,, and to begin sponsoring petitions, asking for their loyal readers to take action, to write their local news stations and national media to broadcast that there is dissent, that amidst the nationwide anger that is being vocalized now, anger over the failures of the President and his administration , there are the beginnings of a solution: IMPEACHMENT. Millions of Americans are tired of this administration’s lies and excuses, of their tax cuts for the rich, of their favoring big business and oil companies, of a crippled economy and terminal deficit, of their evasiveness to answer even the simplest questions surrounding the failures of 9/11, of their lies that ushered us into the Iraq war, of their failure to take responsibility or action involving the outing of a covert CIA agent, and now the thousands of deaths that are taking place in Louisiana and Mississippi -- and the Administrations constant act that things are okay and going to get better, despite not having any sort of plan, despite all of the expert testimony and first hand accounts that things here and abroad are in fact getting worse. This IS the Bush Administration and things are NOT going to get better. As his approval rating drops lower and lower under 50%, as more and more people disapprove of his handling of the economy, the war, national security -- now is the time to realistically consider impeachment, and it starts right HERE, right NOW. The Administrators of this and like-minded sites need to bring this call to the millions that rely on their sites for real news and information, and those readers must take action -- contacting their local media, contacting their local politicians, calling out to their friends and families and neighbors and anyone else who will listen: the word is impeachment. I have read articles from true Americans over the past few days: articles by people like Derrick Z. Jackson, Maureen Dowd and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., speaking with more honesty and candor than anyone has dared in a long time. I have watched as Republicans and Democrats alike have come together to condemn the administration’s handling of this tragedy, the shock and disgust of what they have seen enough to overcome rivaling ideologies. I have seen softball journalists turn vicious and uncompromising in their search for answers in the face of this tragedy, and even FOX news reporters turn on their anchors for trying to spin this disaster in the President’s favor. This is not the cry of an out-of-touch far left group, this is not even a partisan issue anymore – this is about that man in charge of this country failing his country, failing his citizens, and never, NEVER taking responsibility for his actions. More than ever the citizens of this country feel disillusioned, betrayed, and disgusted with what our highest leaders have done to this country. It is time to start writing letters, it is time -- for Gallup’s sake, and our own -- we make impeachment discussed in the public domain.

This is the straw that broke the camel's back! We have endured all manner of appalling behavior and criminality from this administration. If the American people are worth a damn, they will unite to rid themselves of the scourge of this criminal administration. There is ample legal and constitutional grounds to impeach and even imprison Bush and his top aides. The time for political correctness is long gone, this is a time of political action to save our endangered nation. Forget the media, congress, and the so-called right. This is an issue affecting all of us who care about this nation. We have to unite like never before against all those who would seek to protect Bush and his gang of criminals. It time to unleach the full fury of the people to impeach!

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