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Help New Orleans; Bush Won't Do It

Hurricane Katrina exposed an uncaring face of a government that does not believe in its basic role. Americans are expressing our shock and disgust with an Administration that failed to adequately mobilize to help the largely poor and minority communities of the Gulf Coast. We strongly protest this Administration's shortchanging of Homeland Security and disaster preparedness needs while lavishing tax breaks on a select few.

We write to ask your help for ACORN, a group that that needs your help now so that they can provide critical help to those in need and continue to hold public officials accountable. The ACORN national headquarters in New Orleans has succumbed to the flood waters and many ACORN family members throughout New Orleans have been displaced.

If you are able, please contribute to the ACORN Hurricane Recovery Fund by clicking here:

ACORN is not a relief organization -- they are a national community organization headquartered in New Orleans that fights to defend the social and economic rights of low and moderate income families -- those impacted most severely by the recent destruction. Your tax-deductible donation will help ACORN:

Establish a temporary headquarters in Baton Rouge and reopen their New Orleans office as soon as possible;
Service housing and credit needs of impacted communities;
Organize individuals to ensure that low-income neighborhoods and families have a voice that will challenge public officials to treat all people fairly and get relief and rebuilding aid to the people who need it most.

In addition to ACORN, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to one of the other groups working to support victims of the hurricane:

AFL-CIO's Union Community Fund - Special Hurricane Relief Fund

This fund provides direct relief to union members and their families devastated by the hurricane and coordinates local unions and labor organizations together with other relief efforts.

National Red Cross

This fund provides shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need. They also provide opportunities to volunteer.

Over the coming months and years, the nation will assess the damage and the political choices made by elected leaders in Washington, DC to routinely shortchange Homeland Security and disaster preparedness needs while lavishing tax dollars and tax breaks on a select few. Sadly, this disaster was not caused by mother nature alone. While today we must join together to help those in need, we also hope that Americans will hold politicians accountable for their devastatingly bad decisions.

Today, we ask you to please do what you can to help those suffering the ravages of Hurricane Katrina and the organizers who are working tirelessly on the ground to repair the damage.

Many thanks for all that you do,

Campaign for America's Future Team


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I would like to know what percentage of donations will actually go toward the victims/refugees, also who is responsible for the accounting of the donations and distribution.

RC has none and like 50% goes into their pocket.

Another thought is this. Get money orders/cashier checks and find someone going down to the area and have them deliver them to the victim/refugee themselves...they then get 100%.

That is what we are setting up to do and what several companies are now doing.

Please check out:

I will be heading there from California in 9 days.

I disagree with you. People should donate to maybe the vets (story in home thread) or to someone they personally know and trust. But to just donate to anyone out there is a easy way to get scammed.

Red Cross has bad rep.

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